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Survey: 1 in 8 Americans Switched Out of Christianity


About one out of every eight adults is an “ex-Christian,” a new survey reveals.

These include those who left the Protestant or Catholic tradition that they were a part of as a child and who now report being atheist, agnostic or some other faith, according to the Barna Group.

Meanwhile, those who switched from a non-Christian faith or non-belief (from their childhood) to Christianity as an adult represent three percent of the American population.

Findings are based on telephone interviews derived from a random sample of 2,004 adults in the U.S. The interviews were conducted in the fall of 2008 and summer of 2009. Participants were asked to identify their childhood faith and their current faith allegiance.

A second survey asked respondents if they had ever “changed to a different faith or significantly changed their faith views” or if they were “the same faith today as they were as a child.”

According to the Christian research group, the most common reasons for leaving Christianity included life experiences, such as gaining new knowledge or education; feeling disillusioned with church and religion; feeling the church is hypocritical; having negative experiences in churches; being in disagreement with Christianity about specific issues such as homosexuality, abortion or birth control; feeling the church is too authoritarian; wanting to express their faith outside of church; and searching for a new faith or wanting to experience other religions.

The top motivations for becoming a Christian, meanwhile, were going through difficult life events; getting older and seeing life differently; wanting to connect with a church and grow spiritually; discovering Christ; or wanting to know what was in the Bible.

The median age at which respondents changed their faith was 22. Sixty-eight percent of respondents had a major faith change before the age of 30.

David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group and director of the research, emphasized the importance of "staying in tune with people’s questions and doubts."

"Clergy are typically older than those going through significant questions about their faith and are less likely to have personally experienced a period of major faith re-orientation themselves," he noted. "What's more, not every person goes through a crisis of faith, so individuals who are going through spiritual transitions often go unnoticed."

Overall, the Barna Group, based in Ventura, Calif. found that less than a quarter (23 percent) of respondents switched faith traditions – including those who switched between Catholicism and Protestantism but not including those who changed from one Protestant denomination to another.

Twelve percent of adults shifted affiliations within the Protestant tradition.

"The study underscores that the spiritual allegiances of childhood are remarkably sustainable in our society." said Kinnaman. "[T]he most common faith journey that people take is to form spiritual commitments as children and teenagers that typically last for the duration of their life."


Blindness caused by pride



Sun, 2010-08-22


Sharon Fitzpatrick

Blindness caused by pride

Message to Sharon Fitzpatrick
August 22nd, 2010

My Dear Dear Precious Little Children,

It Is The Day Of The Lord.
How Blessed Are You Who Keep It Holy.
This Day You Give Over To God, That Much Grace Is Earned And Received Not Only For Yourselves, But For All The World.

The Souls Of So Many Lie In Death.
There Is NO Life Within Them.

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Prophetic Voices - Blindness caused by pride

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Great numbers will SNAP !



Wed, 2010-08-25


Marie Philippines

Great numbers will SNAP

Message Thru Marie
August 25th, 2010

Subject: re: snap !

Recall my message earlier about people's minds snapping with the word snap - when I was watching the bus hostage in the news, I kept hearing 'snap'
This is an example only of one situation where the person snapped.
I know from the news, he was not bent on killing anyone, then he snapped.
As more people are not grounded in a deep faith in our Lord, with mounting pressures, the snap will occur.
Unusual snappings, that didn't used to occur, will continue to occur.

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Prophetic Voices - Great numbers will SNAP !

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The Palestinian resistance in Nilin: "Once winter's over, the sun will shine"


When Israel's construction of the wall began in their village May 2008, the people of the occupied West Bank town of Nilin embarked on a campaign of unarmed grassroots resistance against the theft of their land. They have followed a philosophy of direct action, cutting through the electronic fence and razor wire on an almost weekly basis until Israel added 20-foot-high concrete slabs to the barrier, which protesters managed to topple. The people of Nilin have paid a high price for their struggle for their rights -- five villagers were killed in the first year of protest -- and they have shown no signs of stopping. Jody McIntyre interviewed Mohammed Amireh, a leader of the Nilin Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements for The Electronic Intifada.


The Miracle of Padre Junipero, by Bret Harte


[Blessed Junipero Serra]
This is the tale that the Chronicle
Tells of the wonderful miracle
Wrought by the pious Padre Serro,
The very reverend Junipero.

The heathen stood on his ancient mound,
Looking over the desert bound
Into the distant, hazy South,
Over the dusty and broad champaign,
Where, with many a gaping mouth
And fissure, cracked by the fervid drouth,
For seven months had the wasted plain
Known no moisture of dew or rain.
The wells were empty and choked with sand;
The rivers had perished from the land;
Only the sea-fogs to and fro
Slipped like ghosts of the streams below.
Deep in its bed lay the river’s bones,
Bleaching in pebbles and milk-white stones,
And tracked o’er the desert faint and far,
Its ribs shone bright on each sandy bar.

Thus they stood as the sun went down
Over the foot-hills bare and brown;
Thus they looked to the South, wherefrom
The pale-face medicine-man should come,
Not in anger or in strife,
But to bring - so ran the tale -
The welcome springs of eternal life,
The living waters that should not fail.

Said one, “He will come like Manitou,
Unseen, unheard, in the falling dew.”
Said another, “He will come full soon
Out of the round-faced watery moon.”
And another said, “He is here!” and lo,
Faltering, staggering, feeble and slow,
Out from the desert’s blinding heat
The Padre dropped at the heathen’s feet.

They stood and gazed for a little space
Down on his pallid and careworn face,
And a smile of scorn went round the band
As they touched alternate with foot and hand
This mortal waif, that the outer space
Of dim mysterious sky and sand
Flung with so little of Christian grace
Down on their barren, sterile strand.

Said one to him: “It seems thy God
Is a very pitiful kind of God:
He could not shield thine aching eyes
From the blowing desert sands that rise,
Nor turn aside from thy old gray head
The glittering blade that is brandished
By the sun He set in the heavens high;
He could not moisten thy lips when dry;
The desert fire is in thy brain;
Thy limbs are racked with the fever-pain.
If this be the grace He showeth thee
Who art His servant, what may we,
Strange to His ways and His commands,
Seek at His unforgiving hands?”

“Drink but this cup,” said the Padre, straight,
“And thou shalt know whose mercy bore
These aching limbs to your heathen door,
And purged my soul of its gross estate.
Drink in His name, and thou shalt see
The hidden depths of this mystery.
Drink!” and he held the cup. One blow
From the heathen dashed to the ground below
The sacred cup that the Padre bore,
And the thirsty soil drank the precious store
Of sacramental and holy wine,
That emblem and consecrated sign
And blessed symbol of blood divine.

Then, says the legend (and they who doubt
The same as heretics be accurst),
From the dry and feverish soil leaped out
A living fountain; a well-spring burst
Over the dusty and broad champaign,
Over the sandy and sterile plain,
Till the granite ribs and the milk-white stones
That lay in the valley - the scattered bones -
Moved in the river and lived again!

Such was the wonderful miracle
Wrought by the cup of wine that fell
From the hands of the pious Padre Serro,
The very reverend Junipero.

- Bret Harte


SNAP - Many will SNAP !



Thu, 2010-08-26


Marie Philippines

SNAP - Many will SNAP !

Message Thru Marie
August 26th, 2010

What secrets were sealed before in my children's hearts, were secrets held between Father and child.
Secrets were shared between us so my children could take part in my suffering this heavy cross.

I showed you earlier again the word SNAP !
I let you feel incidents were SNAP would be occurring MORE REGULARLY as though it were the norm.

Now, my secrets are opening up.
Now my secrets are opening.

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Prophetic Voices - SNAP - Many will SNAP !

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More People Flee Homes as Volcano Erupts in Indonesia


The number of evacuees in volcano eruption in Indonesia climbed to over 21,000 on Monday and was expected to rise, spokesman of National Disaster Management Agency Priyadi Kardono said. The rise of over 9,000 evacuees from that on Sunday has caused overload on shelters, the spokesman said. Some of the evacuees have suffered from diseases, he said. "The problems at the shelters now is overload and it may become severer as the people keep flocking on the refugee centers. Besides some of the evacuees have got disease, most of them have respiratory problem," Priyadi told Xinhua by phone.

Guest Post: The Age of Mammon


Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

The Age of Mammon

“Financiers – like bank robbers – do not create wealth. They merely distribute it. While the mob may idolize holdup men in good times, in the bad times it lynches them. What they will do to the new money men when their blood is up, we wait eagerly to find out.” - Mobs, Messiahs and Markets

As our economy hurtles towards its meeting with destiny, the political class seeks to assign blame on their enemies for this Greater Depression. The Republicans would like you to believe that Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank and their Community Reinvest Act caused the collapse of our financial system. Democrats want you to believe that George Bush and his band of unregulated free market capitalists created a financial disaster of epic proportions. The truth is that America has been captured by a financial class that makes no distinction between parties. These barbarians have sucked the life out of a once productive nation by raping and pillaging with impunity while enriching only them. They live in 20,000 square foot $10 million mansions in Greenwich, CT and in $3 million dollar penthouses on Central Park West.

These are the robber barons that represent the Age of Mammon. The greed, avarice, gluttony and acute materialism of these American traitors has not been seen in this country since the 1920′s. The hedge fund managers and Wall Street bank executives that occupy the mansions and penthouses evidently don’t find much time to read the bible in their downtime from raping and pillaging the wealth of the middle class. There are cocktail parties and $5,000 a plate political “fundraisers” to attend. You can’t be cheap when buying off your protection in Washington DC.

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Mammon.Matthew 6:19-21,24

It seems that Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, may have been overstating the case in saying his firm doing God’s work. With his $67.9 million compensation in 2007 and payment of $20.2 billion to his co-conspirators, Blankfein appears to be a proverbial camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle. This compensation was paid in the year before the financial collapse brought on by the criminal actions of Lloyd and his fellow henchmen. After having his firm bailed out by the American middle class taxpayer at the behest of his fellow Goldman alumni Hank Paulson, Lloyd practiced his version of austerity by cutting compensation for his flock to only $16.2 billion ($500,000 per employee) in 2009. I’m all for people making as much money as they can for doing a good job. But, I ask you – What benefits have Goldman Sachs, the other Wall Street banks, and hedge funds provided for America?

Never have so few, done so little, and made so much, while screwing so many.

In 2005, the top 25 hedge fund managers “earned” $9 billion, or an average of $360 million. One year after a financial collapse caused by the financial innovations peddled by Wall Street, the top 25 hedge fund managers paid themselves $25 billion, or an average of $1 billion a piece. For some perspective, there were 7 million unemployed Americans in 2006. Today there are 14.6 million unemployed Americans. While the country plunges deeper into Depression, the barbarians pick up the pace of their plundering and looting of the remaining wealth of the nation. Bill Bonner and Lila Rajiva pointed out a basic truth in 2007, before the financial collapse.

“On the Forbes list of rich people, you will find hedge fund managers in droves, but no one who made his money as a hedge fund client.” - Mobs, Messiahs and Markets

Ask the clients of Bernie Madoff how they are doing.

1920′s Redux

The parallels between the period leading up to the Great Depression and our current situation leading to a Greater Depression are revealing. When you examine the facts without looking through the prism of party politics it becomes clear that when the wealth and power of the country are overly concentrated in the clutches of the top 1% wealthiest Americans, financial collapse and depression follow. This concentration of income and wealth did not cause the Stock Market Crash of 1929 or the financial system implosion in 2008, but they were a symptom of a sick system of warped incentives. The top 1% of income earners were raking in 24% of all the income in America in 1928. After World War II until 1980, the top 1% of income earners consistently took home between 9% and 11% of all income in the country. During the 1950′s and 1960′s when Americans made tremendous strides in their standard of living, the top 1% were earning 10% of all income. A hard working high school graduate could rise into the middle class, owning a home and a car.

From 1980 onward, the top 1% wealthiest Americans have progressively taken home a greater and greater percentage of all income. It peaked at 22% in 1999 at the height of the internet scam. Wall Street peddled IPOs of worthless companies to delusional investors and siphoned off billions in fees and profits. The rich cut back on their embezzling of our national wealth for a year and then resumed despoiling our economic system by taking advantage of the Federal Reserve created housing boom. By 2007, the top 1% again was taking home 24% of the national income, just as they did in 1928. When the wealth of the country is captured by a small group of ruling elite through fraudulent means, collapse and crisis becomes imminent. We have experienced the collapse, while the crisis deepens.

It’s Good To Be the King

The Wall Street oligarchs were able to accumulate an ever increasing portion of corporate profits by inventing securitization, interest-rate swaps, and credit-default swaps which swelled the volume of transactions that bankers could make money on. These products were originally introduced as a means for corporations to hedge their risks. Wall Street shysters chose to use their “creative” financial products to build the biggest gambling casino in the history of the world. They functioned as the house, siphoning off billions in profits, but then got caught up in the hysteria and placed billions of bets themselves. This resulted in the financial industry generating 41% of all business profits in 2007. From World War II through 1980, financial industry profits ranged between 10% and 15%. Simon Johnson explains the despicable hijacking that has taken place since then.

From 1973 to 1985, the financial sector never earned more than 16 percent of domestic corporate profits. In 1986, that figure reached 19 percent. In the 1990s, it oscillated between 21 percent and 30 percent, higher than it had ever been in the postwar period. This decade, it reached 41 percent. Pay rose just as dramatically. From 1948 to 1982, average compensation in the financial sector ranged between 99 percent and 108 percent of the average for all domestic private industries. From 1983, it shot upward, reaching 181 percent in 2007.

The original robber barons amassed huge personal fortunes, typically through the use of anti-competitive business practices. These well known titans of industry included Henry Ford, Andrew Carnage, John D. Rockefeller, and JP Morgan. They may have practiced questionable business ethics, but they did create wealth while benefitting the country as a whole. They introduced the automobile, provided the nation with steel, produced the oil that powered our economy, and brought order to industrial chaos of the day. It seems their fortunes were built by creating rather than destroying.

The disgustingly rich Wall Street wheeler dealers who live in Greenwich CT and NYC and summer in the Hamptons have created nothing. Their immense wealth has been created through draining the economic system of its lifeblood. Their financial innovations have created no lasting benefit for our society. Wall Street knowingly created no documentation (liar loans) mortgage loans, Option ARM loans, and subprime loans. You do not create products that beg for fraud unless you want fraud. The packaging of these fraudulent mortgages into CDOs and CDSs by Wall Street’s crime machine benefitted Wall Street only. Those who got the loans defaulted, lost the homes, and had their credit ruined. Wall Street financiers have lured the American public into debt with easy credit and a marketing machine geared to convince the average Joe that he could live just like the rich. Simon Johnson explained the phenomena in a recent article.

“Excessive consumer debt is an outcome of prolonged inequality – in trying to remain middle class, too many people borrowed too much, while unscrupulous lenders were only too willing to take advantage of such people.”

You Call This Capitalism?

Capitalism is supposed to be an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit; decisions regarding supply, demand, price, distribution, and investments are not made by the government; Profit is distributed to owners who invest in businesses, and wages are paid to workers employed by businesses. The American economy is in no way a free market capitalistic system. It has become a oligarchic consumer capitalist society that is manipulated, in a deliberate and coordinated way, on a very large scale, through mass-marketing techniques, to the advantage of Wall Street and mega-corporations.

When you hear the Wall Street class on CNBC argue against tax increases for the rich, they hark to the fact that small businesses would be hurt most by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. There are 6 million small businesses in the US, with 90% of them employing less than 20 employees. These are not the rich. The vast majority of these businesses earn less than $1 million per year. There are only about 134,000 people in America who make on average $2.5 million per year. There are another 600,000 people who make on average $760,000 per year. Out of a workforce of 150 million, less than 1 million rake in over $750,000 per year. These are not small businesses. They are the Wall Street elite, corporate CEOs and the privileged classes that control the power in NYC and Washington DC.

The following charts clearly show that perverse incentives in the US financial system have allowed corporate executives to reap ungodly pay packages, while the middle class workers who do the day after day heavy lifting in corporations have been treated like dogs. Considering the S&P 500, which measures the stock returns of the 500 largest companies in the U.S., has returned 0% for the last 12 years, the CEOs of these companies would slightly embarrassed paying themselves 300 times as much as their average workers. Not in the age of mammon. Big time CEOs are rock stars. Outrageous pay packages are a medal of honor in a world where humility and honor don’t exist.

The Depression that currently is engulfing the nation was 30 years in the making. The criminal Wall Street financiers are the modern day John Dilingers. They have mastered the art of stealing from the masses while convincing these same people that they should admire them because they are rich. This is the oddity about Americans as pointed out by Bill Bonner and Lila Rajiva.

“The poor genuinely believe the rich are better than they are. They are smarter and better educated. The poor even support low tax rates for the rich, as long as they have a lurking chance of joining them.” - Mobs, Messiahs and Markets

The truth is that the poor have no chance of joining the the rich. The game is rigged. The poor have admired the rich for decades. But, hard times have arrived. And they are about to get harder. The rich have armed guards to keep the poor at bay. They will need an army of guards before this crisis subsides.

Leonard Cohen sums it up perfectly in his song Everybody Knows:

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died


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Islamophobia and Nostradamus


Ottoman Cavalry and its elite Janissaries (center). The Islamic terror of Nostradamus' Christendom.

Ottoman Cavalry and its elite Janissaries (center). The Islamic terror of Nostradamus' Christendom.

Twentieth-century America had its national fits of “red” Bolshevik scares. The worst promoted in the late 1940s early 1950s by US Senator Joseph McCarthy’s inspired witch hunt under the congressional auspices freely effected mostly by innuendo a pogrom against communists in the Hollywood movie and television industry. The Soviet Union in the 1960s fell sway to a red scare in yellow peril when Russian Marxists differed with Mao and Red China’s Confucian model. The Soviet scare was a collectively Russian throwback to the 1300’s when Mongol Hordes conquered and subjugated European Russia for centuries. The new “yellow peril” had become Mao Zedong’s Red China with newly acquired atomic bombs in 1964. Border clashes on the Chinese-East Siberian Soviet frontiers nearly lead to all-out nuclear war in 1969.

From Red to Islamic scares, we in the West know the jihadist jitters well but nothing like in Nostradamus’ day. I believe the great 16th-century prophet from Provence suffered at times from seeing his world through a conditioned socio-political and religious filter of fear of an Islamic peril. Like all collectivized scares, red, yellow or Islamic, they are founded on some fact. Communism made it clear it wanted to spread all over the world and take down the capitalist imperial countries and their middle-class bourgeoisie. Russia, ever successful in overthrowing invasions from the West always easily fell to invasions from the East. The rise of a nuclear, belligerent and massively populated red giant in the East frightened the Politburo in Moscow. Scenarios for preemptive, unilateral nuclear war with the People’s Republic of China in the late-1960s were seriously considered. The odds were 2 to 1 that it could happen. Jeane Dixon foresaw it. Richard Nixon (a secret client) prevented it in the early 1970s with his brilliant gamble of trilateral diplomacy.

Nostradamus in the mid-16th century lived in a Christian Europe seriously divided by the Protestant Reformation at a time when the Islamic Ottoman Empire was at its peak of power. Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was Islam’s Alexander the Great, gobbling up Mediterranean outposts of Christendom and Christian kingdoms in Eastern Europe. More than once he threatened to sack Vienna, capital of the Holy Roman Empire, with his vast armies. The coast of Nostradamus’ native Provence was frequently raided by the 16th-century terrorists of his day. Rather than hijack planes and set off truck bombs, these Barbary Corsairs hijacked Christian ships and sacked coastal towns in South France.

It was enough to make Nostradamus fall into fits of prophetic hyperbole about Muslims conquering Europe no less ginned up than McCarthy’s prophecies of imminent communist takeover of Hollywood and the world, or the Soviet Politburo’s forecast of Red turning pale yellow perilous if Mao’s China kept going against the Marxist-Leninist path.

Nothing masks a prophetic bias better in a prophet then an accurate vision of threat in the future. For example, the vision of Century 1 Quatrain 56 had elements that were definitely fulfilled:

Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change,
Horreurs extremes & vindications:
Que si la lune conduicte par son ange,
Le Ciel s’approche des inclinations.

You will see, sooner and later, great changes made,
Extreme horrors and vengeances:
For as the moon (of Islam) is thus led by its angel,
The heavens draw near to the reckoning.

Gabreel (Gabriel) is the avenging angel of the Christian and the Islamic Apocalypse. Nostradamus often uses the scales of Justice as a symbol for democracy. In this verse, the French inclinations can mean reckoning and balance as in Justice’s scales.

Another reoccurring theme is terror coming out of the heavens. In my book on Mabus, I wrote a whole chapter explaining how Nostradamus’ famous “1999″ prophecy (10 Q72) could describe the terror of the Middle Eastern Antichrist coming from the skies (the heavens). I have wrestled as far back as the mid-1980s in articles with a theme. Back in 1995, I proposed in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (published in 1997) that the Great king of terror from the skies (10 Q72) would descend on the Western democratic powers, as early as July of 1999 or no later than 2001.

The quatrain indexing may target the year 1956, which witnessed the first successful victory of Pan-Arab Nationalism against the West during the Suez Canal incident, when Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and forced French and British forces to withdraw.

The West waging a struggle with Muslim jihadist is an accurate prediction but there are other quatrains where Nostradamus may have misread his visions because of his own primal fear of militant Islam colored in the real threats to Christendom of his own times.

For example, we have 1 Q71:

La tour marine trois fois prise & reprise,
Par Hespagnols, Barbares, Ligurins:
Marseille & Aix, Arles par ceux de Pise,
Vast, feu, fer, pillé Auignon des Thurins.

The marine tower three times seized and recaptured,
By Spaniards, Barbary raiders, and Ligurians:
Marseilles and Aix, Arles by those of Pisa,
Devastation, fire, steel, Avignon pillaged by the Turinese.

I wrote the following interpretation for Nostradamus the Complete Prophecies:

Prophetic bias may have caused Nostradamus to interpret Allied Landings on the French Riviera in August 1944 as a future Islamic invasion.

Prophetic bias may have caused Nostradamus to interpret Allied Landings on the French Riviera in August 1944 as a future Islamic invasion.

“The prophet saw Spain and Genoa, allied with the Turks and Barbary Corsairs, embarked on an expedition against Provence. I don’t doubt he peered through the mists and shadows of his vapor-beclouded bowl of water and saw ships invading the Riviera, or Italian troops plundering Avignon. But at what time? I think Nostradamus would sometimes misread the images when coming out of a trance. The process of moving from a subjective experience to objective writing made it easy for his mind to cloak what he experienced in more familiar garb. He probably saw an invasion of southern France but projected Muslims, Genovese, and Spaniards onto a vision that more adequately describes Provence during its occupation by the Axis and during the Allied landings of World War II. The Italians pillaging Avignon were not Turinese mercenaries but Mussolini’s Italians, who marched through Avignon, Aix, and Arles in November of 1942 to assist German troops in occupying Vichy-controlled southern France. For the next year the Italians occupied the French Alpine regions as far west as the Rhône River and as far south as Avignon. Later, in August 1944, the Allied invasion fleet did set sail from bases in Italy. One could say by synecdoche that they are those of Pisa. Marseilles in particular, Aix, and Arles endured vicious street fighting or devastation, fire and steel, during the Allied invasion.”

This accurate prophecy may suffer from Nostradamus Islamophobia.

Keep the above preamble in mind while I share an interchange I had with “Laura” on Islamic perils and Caucasian population declines back on 30 April 2009.

Just watched a YOU TUBE video about the decline of western culture because of very low birth rates.

You mean, the birthrates of Caucasians in Europe.

According to this, Western Europe, Britain, Canada and the US are already past the point of no return…

Caucasians, yes, but America expects to replenish its population with new immigration. It will certainly change the nature of Western Culture. Indeed the world is changing from national-oriented and regional cultures towards a global culture. The spread of immigrants is the key.

And that, with the much higher rate of Muslim births, Muslims will dominate the populations of those places in around 2050. What does Hogue see?

Nostradamus kept talking about an invasion of Europe by a Muslim horde. I think he misread his prophecies and mistook the appearance of Muslims and Mosques in future cities of France as some post-occupation vision.

What you say is not going to happen to America, but has some prophetic merit about Europe. The question to ask is, what will be the nature of the new Muslim communities in Europe? Will they assimilate more completely than they do now? Will the times be different and less bitten by the bug of religious extremism in the future?

It may very well be that in 36 years, when oil is no longer the chief fuel source of the global civilization, the Middle East economies will completely collapse from the strain of population, loss of oil revenues, and the drying out of the water tables from global warming. A huge host of refugees could bear down on Europe. Not an army but an army of refugees looking for work, water and food. This is a future possibility Nostradamus may have misread because he could not see beyond his contemporary fears of the rising tide of Muslim hegemony in the Mediterranean during his lifetime.

There are other potential future destinies which once engaged will depopulate the world to such an extent that this discussion about demographic hegemony of one culture/race over another has no future.

I see coming a future reformation of the Muslim religious creed after the Ummah (community of believers) passes through what the Christian community passed through back in the 16th and 17th centuries — an era of religious civil wars. The Muslim world could avoid this tendency, if lessons are learned from the mistakes of Christians.

I foresee a far more Sufi-like and tolerant Islam 50 years hence, once the fire of intolerant fundamentalism flames out as it always does in the life cycles of religions.

John Hogue

(27 August 2010)


My Way News - Iraq on highest alert for terror attacks


My Way News - Iraq on highest alert for terror attacks
My Way News reports: "Iraq's prime minister put his nation on its highest level of alert for terror attacks, warning of plots to sow fear and chaos as the U.S. combat mission in the country formally ends on Tuesday."




While the world has its eyes fixated on Iran’s nuclear program, Egypt has also been quietly working on its own nuclear program. Why isn’t the USA or the world as worried about Egypt’s nuclear program as it is Iran’s? There is a very easy answer to that question. Egypt has not threatened to wipe any other nation off the map and had actually been working rather cooperatively with the Israelis recently. Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and it has imperialist designs on its Sunni Arab neighbors, so it is far more dangerous. Also, Iran’s leaders are adherents of a fringe Shiite sect which believes their “Hidden imam” can only come as an Islamic messiah-figure if there is a major conflagration. Egypt is a Sunni Moslem nation and it does not share Iran’s radical Shiite belief system.

The first link reports that the IAEA has discovered that Egypt has conducted a “variety of nuclear experiments for more than 20 years” without disclosing this fact to the IAEA. Reportedly, Egypt has been experimenting with uranium experiments for “20 years or more,” its plutonium experiments are “much [more] recent.” It is plutonium which is the key to making nuclear weapons, so the fact that Egypt is working with plutonium experiments argues that a nuclear weapons program is the only reason for such experiments. One can hardly blame Egypt. Seeing the Iranian Shiites working at a rapid rate to build Shiite nuclear weapons, Sunni Arab nations such as Egypt can hardly be faulted for wanting to build nuclear weapons to deter Iranian (Persian) imperialist dreams. The first link below indicates as much. The second link reports that “Cairo is now building ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.” That Egypt is already building ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads strongly infers that Egypt expects to have nuclear weapons to place on those missiles reasonably soon. Egypt and Israel are so close to each other that Egypt doesn’t need ballistic missiles to strike Israeli targets if Egypt considered Israel a threat to Egypt (short-range missiles would suffice). That Egypt is building ballistic missiles (long range weapons) for its nuclear warheads indicate that it regards Iran as its likely enemy. The second link also reports that Egypt has had plutonium-extraction or plutonium-production agreements with such nations as France, Germany, Argentina, Pakistan and Iraq in the past, and that it declined Chinese help because of an American-Canadian offer of help.

A previous blog at this website documented that Saudi Arabia may already be a nuclear power itself. That blog reported that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program was significantly financed by Saudi money, and that Saudi Arabia can lay a claim to a percentage of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal when it wishes to obtain them. If Iran declares it has nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia would have every reason to quickly claim its share of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

The world is becoming a steadily more dangerous place. As more nations build nuclear weapons, the likelihood grows that they will be used in open warfare. I Timothy 3:1 warned that “perilous times” would come in the latter days. In Matthew 24:22, Jesus Christ prophesied that the dangers would grow so great that unless he intervened in world events with his Second Coming, “there should no flesh be left alive.” If you wish to consider the various ways that “all flesh” could be wiped out on earth as mankind devises ever more destructive weaponry and technologies, I invite you to read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, available at the articles link at this website.

My thanks to a reader for tipping me off to this report.





France wants EU seat at Mideast peace talks


JPost - France wants EU seat at Mideast peace talks
The Jerusalem Post reports: "France wants the European Union to have a seat at the table during next week's start of US-backed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Washington. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said it would be 'too bad' if the EU were locked out — noting the bloc's political involvement in the region and its role as a top contributor of financial aid to the Palestinians."


Friday, 27 August 2010

US: California scientist reports delta-shaped UFO blocked out stars


A California scientist and licensed pilot reports a silent, "triangular, delta-shaped pattern of four lights" that blocked out the stars on June 13, 2009, as it passed overhead, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. "It crossed from the zenith to the local skyline which here is about 30 degrees up or so as we are at the bottom of a hill where it passed out of view," the witness stated. "It flew much faster than the large jetliners which fly a similar approach path into San Jose." The sighting was most unusual due to the silence. "What really struck me about it was that it was absolutely silent, meaning it would have had to be extremely high or if a low flying aircraft be extremely quiet." The witness tried to rule out other man made objects.




The nation of Armenia has signed an agreement which strengthens its alliance with Russia. The new agreement gives Russia a very long-term presence in Armenia and it also makes “Russian troops responsible for Armenia’s national security.” Russia will be able to move arms and military equipment into Armenia apparently as it wishes.

For Russia, this means one more nation that used to be a Soviet province in the old USSR is coming back into the fold. Slowly, Russia is reassembling many of the nations that used to be in the old USSR back under its domination. Belarus is all but part of Russia now and the Ukraine has moved back into the Russian sphere of direct influence after the last Ukrainian election swept pro-Russian leaders back into power. Kazakhstan and the other Central Asian “-stan” nations are effectively under Russian domination already as part of Russia’s “Near Abroad” and they realize that their “independence” is limited by the Kremlin’s wishes. Now Armenia has effectively rejoined the Russian fold as well. As the old provinces of the USSR return to a condition of Russian domination, the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 is taking shape, and it will include most of the old Soviet states by the time this prophesied attack occurs. Russia, China and Iran dominate the Gog-Magog alliance, but its other members are becoming ever clearer.

One cannot blame Armenia for making a close military alliance with Russia. History and geography virtually force Armenia to take this action. Armenia is a small, vulnerable nation located between Azerbaijan (a Shiite Moslem nation with which it fought a war years ago) and Turkey (which once slaughtered millions of Armenians and which has also been moving closer to an alliance with Iran, the leading Shiite Moslem nation). These factors mandate that Armenia seek a militarily powerful ally. Armenia saw that NATO offered no meaningful aid to Georgia (which borders Armenia on the north) when Georgia fought a short war with Russia so there was no point in seeking American or NATO ties which would be unreliable in a future crisis. Russia was the logical choice. Russian troops could quickly be airlifted into Armenia in a crisis as Russia is very near to Armenia. Russia is also an ally of Iran, so Armenia’s alliance with Russia should restrain any Shiite Moslem aggressions from either Azerbaijan or Iran. Given the desire of Turkey to be a new assertive regional power and its history of killing many Armenians, Armenia needs Russia’s army as a security guarantee vs. Turkey. Russia benefits from this alliance too as Georgia wants to be allied to the West, but Georgia is bordered by Russia on the north and Armenia on the south. With Russia now able to move troops and military equipment into Armenia apparently at will, Russia will be in a position to invade Georgia from both the north and south at some future point and effectively reabsorb that nation into the old Soviet bloc as well. NATO is disarming and it is led by an American president who has a string of very weak performances in the geopolitical arena. NATO can be expected to do nothing whenever Russia decides to end Georgia’s independence.

Armenia has no choice but to ally itself closer to Russia. However, chalk up one more nation (Armenia) in the Gog-Magog bloc. I think the fate of a second nation (Georgia) was just sealed as well.


Drawing a Bead on 2012…August 1, 2010 Woke Us All Up


I’ve been spending a fair amount of time this week trying to reconcile three or four major viewpoints on what lays ahead using a variety of inputs. curiously, all of them seem to be pointing toward a really terrible next couple of years with the only major difference being the rate of decline and the ultimate answer to the question “How far is down?

The first thing I’ve come to terms with is how Clif’s expectation of a major ‘earthquake” around the first of August was off. Well, except it wasn’t really. You see, what we experienced on August 1 was what can only be described as as “Sunquake”…which, since it’s not a common word - or concept (yet) takes a little explaining.

The basic idea is that the Sun’s equator material spins around at a different speed than the sun’s polar material. As this stuff swirls around at however many million degrees, it has the potential to twist up the Sun’s plasma in such a way as to cause major filaments (Hyder flares) to develop. And then push ejecta out toward whatever is in the way.

Now, since we know Earth is going to be crossing the Galactic Ecliptic, shortly, we might look for other linked oddities in the “space goat farts’ part of language shift to see what else lurks…. Normally, this would not be a ‘big deal’ except there’s this interesting document floating around the ‘net titled “The coming: A Boeing Whistleblower’s Warning: Will a Massive Celectial System Change Our Solar System“.

The gist of the (97 pages worth of PDF) document is that not only has NASA already preannounced that there’s been a “Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Filed Found” (this was in late 2008) but more recently a “Giant Ribbon Discovered at the end of the Solar System” (October 2009).

But the really scary stuff is that attending this “giant ribbon” thingy is this material referred to as ‘local fluff’ has now been explained…at least sort of.

This whole region of space we’re into (and getting deeper if I follow it), has the name “Local Interstellar Cloud” (and a Wikipedia entry here) seems not to be too big a threat until….

You start to line up the rest of what’s going on which includes the August 1 Sunquake and all the research that folks like Patrick Geryl have done.

Geryl, you’ll recall, has written several books about what could happen in late 2012 including How To Survive 2012 .

A while back, an email from Geryl included this interesting note:
On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. Three days later, our planet Earth was hit with magnetic storms, yet not strong enough to dramatically disrupt life, yet strong enough to disturb certain GPS systems. Researchers had predicted the eruptions to take place around July 31st yet didn’t publish the prediction.” Now, they want to make it a point about their next calculated prediction: October 27, 2010.

Patrick Geryl wrote in his book The World Cataclysm in 2012: The Maya Countdown to the End of Our World about his discovery that the Mayas used the sunspot theory to count down to December 21, 2012. According to their calculations, the magnetic field of the sun would start changing at 10 bits of 87.45 days before the end. When subtracting 874.5 (10 times 87.45) days from December 21, 2012 we end up at July 31, 2010. On August 1st, 2010 the above mentioned complex eruption took place on the sun, indicating changes to the magnetic field of the sun. Patrick had shared this calculated prediction with few people yet not published it on his website.” (quoted with Patrick’s permission)
“So what does this lead to?” you’re wondering…

Looking at the odd language in Clif’s data from the latest www.halfpasthuman.com forward looking (long term data sets) report, reading over the development of the Local Interstellar Cloud, eyeing the August 1st Sunquake, the problems with the Earth’s magnetosphere, and all those ‘angry sun’ images which have been passed down to us from ancient times, one can come up with a postulate to table and begin to watch that might work out something like this:

September 3-4, 2010: The next round of earthquake data from Tony Ring, who’s been kind enough to share his work with us, MAY show another monthly increase in earthquake activity, continuing bothersome trends that seem to indicate a gradual (years long) increase in quakes.

October 25-28, 2010: If Clif’s data and the work Patrick has put together mesh at all with the purported “Boeing Whistleblower” data, we should see another “Sunquake” in this period. Excerpt, that it should be stronger than the last one since if the 2012 fears are real, we could see some build up of magnitudes of impacts as we get closer.

Concurrent Event: Remember our recent discussions “Down at the Wujo” where woo-woo and science come together to duke it out on the mat of reality? Well, this could mark a period when we will have another round of ‘high strangeness’ happening leading into the event. Working theory: As the Sun winds up huge energies in plasma, it can bend or twist space-time in unexpected ways which may be perceptible to humans as anomalous phenomena such as keys showing up in strange places, time jumps, and hyperchronism events.

IF we get a noticeable Sunquake in this period, then things get really, really serious for the whole of this here rock because if you add the 87.45 days of that Solar equatorial/pole difference up, and then throw out the numbers, you can see where it’s possible that we will have only nine of the 87.45 day cycles left before hitting 2012 which - by Patrick’s work, but not contradicted by the long term values in Clif’s work) be some kind of crescendo or Earth changer event. Here’s how the date would line up if the 87.45 day cycle is applied, although how accurate this is doesn’t really matter; if there’s another “Sunquake” within 4-5 days either side of the October 25 window, Mr. Ure will be quickly making plans to head “North of 40″ which is persistent in Clif’s work.

Here’s how the dates could line up:

Cycles Left Sunquake Dates
10 Sunday, August 01, 2010
9 Monday, October 25, 2010
8 Tuesday, January 18, 2011
7 Thursday, April 14, 2011
6 Friday, July 08, 2011
5 Sunday, October 02, 2011
4 Monday, December 26, 2011
3 Wednesday, March 21, 2012
2 Thursday, June 14, 2012
1 Saturday, September 08, 2012
0 Sunday, December 02, 2012

All of which might answer an interesting problem that Clif and I have kicked around: Why all the “North of 40º” references in Clif’s work? Well, if you look at the date line ups here, what you’ll notice is that many of them happen very close to the Winter Solstice. At that time, the Sun is 23.5º south of the equator, which means that the local angle to the sun at 40º north would be around 63.5º (January 21st each year) which would make the arrival of any energy from the sun have to transit a much thicker layer of atmosphere to get to the north climes.

If there’s any tie-in between the ancient stories of Atlantic or Lemuria sinking, and the periodic passing through whatever part of space we’re in, then might it be possible that the ‘angry sun’ getting twisted up and ultra-long filaments developing be part of the picture? An unqualified “Who knows for sure?”

Moreover, are there logical checks or experiments we could design? Simple task: Wait to see what happens around October 20-Nov. 1-ish. If we get a ’sunquake” in that window, then we have to proceed to the next level of planning which would be to envision what kind of energy might be released, and if it’s big and electromagnetic then we will ramp up the most aggressive EMP protection around us we can imagine.

Or, if the energy from collapsing filament(s) activity on the Sun were to send visible energy (heat) then perhaps the ‘angry sun’ might be setting up for some kind of energetic arcing to the planets, as has been postulated elsewhere. Worse: A pulse of energy great enough to touch of spontaneous fires. Although, if you live the life electric, having a huge sun-driven EMP event might be the functional equivalent…

Remember on all this stuff that just because it hasn’t happened in the written memory of humans, doesn’t me that it hasn’t happened before. So we patiently wait for the end of October to see if the speculation carries any weight.


Thursday, 26 August 2010



My Way News - Iran says it test-fires new missile
My Way News reports: "Iran said Wednesday that it has successfully test-fired an upgraded version of a short-range surface-to-surface missile [..] The new version of the missile increases the weapon's range from earlier generations, Vahidi said without providing any further details. Earlier versions of the Fateh-110, which Iran has had for several years, could strike targets up to 120 miles (193 kilometers) away."
My Way News - Iran searching for new domestic uranium deposits
My Way News reports: "Iran said Wednesday it is making the search for new uranium deposits in the country a top priority now that it has started up its first in a planned network of nuclear power plants."
My Way News - Iran says it's ready to sell arms to Lebanon
My Way News reports: "Iran is prepared to sell weapons to Lebanon if Beirut asks for help in equipping its military, Iran's defense minister said Wednesday [...] Iran is a key supporter of Hezbollah, believed to funnel it weapons and millions of dollars in funding, though Tehran denies arming the Shiite group. Hezbollah, also closely allied to Syria, boasts a heavy arsenal of rockets capable of reaching deep inside Israel."


Tuesday, August 24, 2010:


Tuesday, August 24, 2010: (St. Bartholomew)
Jesus said: “My people, on this feast day of one of My apostles, St. Bartholomew, you see in the vision how I sent out My apostles to evangelize souls in all the nations. At the same time I am sending out My messengers even today to evangelize souls and prepare them for the coming tribulation. You, My son, have been called to a mission of saving souls as well. You have responded well in giving talks all over and distributing My messages in your books, DVDs, and on the internet. I also have asked you to help distribute rosaries, brown scapulars, preparations for Confession, and Divine Mercy Chaplet leaflets. You have also been given messages to help prepare the people physically and spiritually for the coming tribulation of the Antichrist. I have asked you to warn the people not to take the mark of the beast or a computer chip in their bodies because it will control them. Also, I asked people to be able to leave for My refuges of protection at the time of My warning. My messengers cannot carry out their missions unless they lead holy lives as I have instructed them. This is why I have encouraged you to daily Mass, Adoration, frequent Confession, your three rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplet, and fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. Not everyone can follow these instructions, but those who do, will be closer to his or her Lord. God bless those messengers who are following My call.”

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Traces of a Lost Language Discovered


Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 13:56 CDT

© Jeffrey Quilter
The back side of an early 17th-century letter shows translations for numbers from Spanish to a lost language.

Sometime in the early 17th century in Northern Peru, a Spaniard jotted down some notes on the back of a letter. Four hundred years later, archaeologists dug up and studied the paper, revealing the first traces of a lost language.
"It's a little piece of paper with a big story to tell," says Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, who has conducted investigations in Peru for more than three decades, and is director of the archaeological project at Magdalena de Cao Viejo in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, where the paper was excavated in 2008. Quilter explains this simple list offers "a glimpse of the peoples of ancient and early colonial Peru who spoke a language lost to us until this discovery."
The writing is a set of translations from Spanish names of numbers (uno, dos, and tres) and Arabic numerals (4 - 10, 21, 30, 100, and 200) to the unknown language. Some of the translated numbers have never been seen before, while others may have been borrowed from Quechua or a related language. Quechua is still spoken today in Peru, along with Spanish, but in the early 17th century, many languages were spoken in the region, such as Quingnam and Pescadora. Information about them today is limited. Even so, the archaeologists were able to deduce that the lost language speakers used a decimal system like our own.
"The find is significant because it offers the first glimpse of a previously unknown language and number system," says Quilter. "It also points to the great diversity of Peru's cultural heritage in the early Colonial Period. The interactions between natives and Spanish were far more complex than previously thought."
The name of the lost language is still a mystery. The American-Peruvian research team was able to eliminate Mochica, spoken on the North Coast into the Colonial Period but now extinct, and point to Quingnam and Pescadora as possible candidates. Neither Quingnam nor Pescadora, however, have been documented beyond their names. There is even a possibility that Quingnam and Pescadora are the same language but they were identified as separate tongues in early Colonial Spanish writings, so a definitive connection remains impossible to establish.
The research is detailed in the cover story of American Anthropologist published today. Read the article, Traces of a Lost Language and Number System Discovered on the North Coast of Peru, Volume 112, Number 3, September 2010.
Watch a short video of Dr. Jeffrey Quilter about the discovery. Dr. Quilter, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs at Harvard's Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, is available for selected interviews on request.
Article Authors
Jeffrey Quilter, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Marc Zender, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Karen Spalding, Department of History, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT & Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
Régulo Franco Jordán, Fundación Wiese, Lima 27, Peru
César Gálvez Mora, National Institute of Culture, Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru
Juan Castañeda, Murga National University of Peru, Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements


Dan Stober
Standford Report
Tue, 24 Aug 2010 02:19 CDT

Peter Sturrock

© Stanford University
Peter Sturrock, professor emeritus of applied physics.

It's a mystery that presented itself unexpectedly: The radioactive decay of some elements sitting quietly in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by activities inside the sun, 93 million miles away.
Is this possible?
Researchers from Stanford and Purdue University believe it is. But their explanation of how it happens opens the door to yet another mystery.
There is even an outside chance that this unexpected effect is brought about by a previously unknown particle emitted by the sun. "That would be truly remarkable," said Peter Sturrock, Stanford professor emeritus of applied physics and an expert on the inner workings of the sun.
The story begins, in a sense, in classrooms around the world, where students are taught that the rate of decay of a specific radioactive material is a constant. This concept is relied upon, for example, when anthropologists use carbon-14 to date ancient artifacts and when doctors determine the proper dose of radioactivity to treat a cancer patient.
Random numbers
But that assumption was challenged in an unexpected way by a group of researchers from Purdue University who at the time were more interested in random numbers than nuclear decay. (Scientists use long strings of random numbers for a variety of calculations, but they are difficult to produce, since the process used to produce the numbers has an influence on the outcome.)
Ephraim Fischbach, a physics professor at Purdue, was looking into the rate of radioactive decay of several isotopes as a possible source of random numbers generated without any human input. (A lump of radioactive cesium-137, for example, may decay at a steady rate overall, but individual atoms within the lump will decay in an unpredictable, random pattern. Thus the timing of the random ticks of a Geiger counter placed near the cesium might be used to generate random numbers.)
As the researchers pored through published data on specific isotopes, they found disagreement in the measured decay rates - odd for supposed physical constants.
Checking data collected at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and the Federal Physical and Technical Institute in Germany, they came across something even more surprising: long-term observation of the decay rate of silicon-32 and radium-226 seemed to show a small seasonal variation. The decay rate was ever so slightly faster in winter than in summer.
Was this fluctuation real, or was it merely a glitch in the equipment used to measure the decay, induced by the change of seasons, with the accompanying changes in temperature and humidity?
"Everyone thought it must be due to experimental mistakes, because we're all brought up to believe that decay rates are constant," Sturrock said.
The sun speaks
On Dec 13, 2006, the sun itself provided a crucial clue, when a solar flare sent a stream of particles and radiation toward Earth. Purdue nuclear engineer Jere Jenkins, while measuring the decay rate of manganese-54, a short-lived isotope used in medical diagnostics, noticed that the rate dropped slightly during the flare, a decrease that started about a day and a half before the flare.
If this apparent relationship between flares and decay rates proves true, it could lead to a method of predicting solar flares prior to their occurrence, which could help prevent damage to satellites and electric grids, as well as save the lives of astronauts in space.
The decay-rate aberrations that Jenkins noticed occurred during the middle of the night in Indiana - meaning that something produced by the sun had traveled all the way through the Earth to reach Jenkins' detectors. What could the flare send forth that could have such an effect?
Jenkins and Fischbach guessed that the culprits in this bit of decay-rate mischief were probably solar neutrinos, the almost weightless particles famous for flying at almost the speed of light through the physical world - humans, rocks, oceans or planets - with virtually no interaction with anything.
Then, in a series of papers published in Astroparticle Physics, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research and Space Science Reviews, Jenkins, Fischbach and their colleagues showed that the observed variations in decay rates were highly unlikely to have come from environmental influences on the detection systems.
Reason for suspicion
Their findings strengthened the argument that the strange swings in decay rates were caused by neutrinos from the sun. The swings seemed to be in synch with the Earth's elliptical orbit, with the decay rates oscillating as the Earth came closer to the sun (where it would be exposed to more neutrinos) and then moving away.
So there was good reason to suspect the sun, but could it be proved?
Enter Peter Sturrock, Stanford professor emeritus of applied physics and an expert on the inner workings of the sun. While on a visit to the National Solar Observatory in Arizona, Sturrock was handed copies of the scientific journal articles written by the Purdue researchers.
Sturrock knew from long experience that the intensity of the barrage of neutrinos the sun continuously sends racing toward Earth varies on a regular basis as the sun itself revolves and shows a different face, like a slower version of the revolving light on a police car. His advice to Purdue: Look for evidence that the changes in radioactive decay on Earth vary with the rotation of the sun. "That's what I suggested. And that's what we have done."
A surprise
Going back to take another look at the decay data from the Brookhaven lab, the researchers found a recurring pattern of 33 days. It was a bit of a surprise, given that most solar observations show a pattern of about 28 days - the rotation rate of the surface of the sun.
The explanation? The core of the sun - where nuclear reactions produce neutrinos - apparently spins more slowly than the surface we see. "It may seem counter-intuitive, but it looks as if the core rotates more slowly than the rest of the sun," Sturrock said.
All of the evidence points toward a conclusion that the sun is "communicating" with radioactive isotopes on Earth, said Fischbach.
But there's one rather large question left unanswered. No one knows how neutrinos could interact with radioactive materials to change their rate of decay.
"It doesn't make sense according to conventional ideas," Fischbach said. Jenkins whimsically added, "What we're suggesting is that something that doesn't really interact with anything is changing something that can't be changed."
"It's an effect that no one yet understands," agreed Sturrock. "Theorists are starting to say, 'What's going on?' But that's what the evidence points to. It's a challenge for the physicists and a challenge for the solar people too."
If the mystery particle is not a neutrino, "It would have to be something we don't know about, an unknown particle that is also emitted by the sun and has this effect, and that would be even more remarkable," Sturrock said.


The Path of Trust, Part 4: A Gratefulness No-Knowing




First, a few words about “the Great Lie.”

Hitler in Mein Kampf freely shares his secrets on how he would seduce a people to adopt his intolerant vision with their eyes wide open. Keep your propaganda simple, and if the lie is brazen — lie big, because as Hitler accurately forecast, “Only a big lie succeeds in politics!”

Hitler before he committed suicide in his bunker in 1945 foresaw the return of Fascism. If that was more than the vain hope of a dying madman it will succeed because people of the present and the near future adopt his fundamental political device.

Tell a lie as the truth and keep telling it until it becomes a hypnotic suggestion.

Tell a lie like Newt Gingrich let slip in an interview on Fox last week that all Muslims are synonymous with Nazis, or foment and follow that popular right wing suggestion that “Obama is a Muslim.”

Tell these lies frequently and with time we will see more and more people believe it as we are seeing today in America. Use then this rote lie to undermine fact, undermine truth. Undermine the world.


The above was a hard thing to say but it must be said. Said and balanced by alternatives. Bitter beginnings are a blessing, because they can lead to sweet endings.

I offer the final installment of the Path of Trust Series, taken from my book Messiahs. I have only altered the opening (see brackets) to cover an important milestone approaching in my spiritual life.

[October 15 is not only Nietzsche's birthday but it is my birthday. My second birthday, actually. A new birth. On that day, seven weeks and four days from this posting it will be 30 years-and-counting that I met Osho in India. I've been testing his] experiments, and I haven’t really figured out anything. In the beginning I had many questions. When my master responded, he didn’t answer them as such; it was as if he made my questions vanish. Over time the clouds of questions slowly disappeared and left behind just a sky made of answer.

Not all of his hypotheses agreed with me, but that was not a problem. My master always encouraged me to follow my own way, to celebrate being as equally unique a human being as he was. If something didn’t work, it only meant that we still needed to find techniques in meditation or therapies that harmonized with my individuality. The essential hypothesis he suggested to me was that ultimately existence itself is the teacher.

Life is the master.

When I also discovered this through my own experimentation, I began to see the master’s sutures of insight slowly become my own.

Thus I begin to understand the second step a disciple takes with a master. You begin to experience union with him or her. In the beginning you fall into a rhythm with the master as your most cherished beloved, but it is not a romantic affair of soul mates. The one-on-one coupling I’ve shared with women in this life, as rich and fulfilling as it has been, is nothing compared to the disciple-master relationship. It is one-ego-on-no-ego. It is one I-diot in love with a Nobody. It is a one-on-zero affair. You are somebody. You are trying to be something whereas the master is a no-thing being. And there’s the mysterious paradox. He is full of this emptiness, he is a monsoon cloud bursting with rain, and like rain his emptiness nourishes a thirsty soul. Even the pitter-patter of his showers on the roof of your resistance is comforting to you.

Osho at 21 shortly after his enlighenment.

Osho at 21 shortly after his enlighenment.

The master is an empty void that has a bright awareness about it. You feel that he has arrived. Yet he is a vacant, non-present presence. A body walks up to you and talks to you. A man dances with you but even though the body is total and animated in its moves, it appears just as empty as a corpse. You dance with him and become aware that this corpse is far more alive than you. It is as if the sky decided one day to hide inside the shell of a human body so it could relate to you and love you. The only hint of the sky’s masquerade is the bright and penetrating emptiness of his eyes.

You find yourself falling in love with zero. It is like the legend of the great lovers, Tristan and Isolde. They adored each other with such intensity that they both disappeared into that love. They became so aware of love that they became love. Love liberated them from being egos, from being limited in time or confined in sexually identified minds and bodies. They became love’s eternity, love’s endless sky. In the same way, staying close to a master you begin to disappear into his state of union and non-separation. Tasting his no-thing-ness, your starved soul begins to become wet with his nectar. Once this has happened, once the master gets his emptiness under your skin, his physical existence becomes irrelevant. The sky was not the body. It was just visiting you. You are not the body either. In those moments when the master merged with you, he showed you that you are also the sky hiding behind form.

To merge with a master is called Satsang. There is no appropriate translation in any Western language for this Sanskrit word. I can say this, from my own experience: Satsang happens when you come close to a master, so close that his emptiness helps you to dissolve into “it.” Suddenly, unexpectedly, you disappear into his whole in the clouds. The mind and all its thoughts fall away; the emotions and all their turbulence of hurts and expectations vanishes. You become light and lightning-bright with the same focusless attention of the master. Satsang is a coupling. He has disappeared and so have you. For a moment there is no master, no disciple. No-thing.

OshoWhiteCapAt this juncture prose must be left behind. The language of books is a language of the clouds, of the idiots; its expression is extraordinary. Language separates, distinguishes. Words and sentences are like Tristan-and-Isolde egos before they dissolved into no-ego. Language dissects the flower of a master-disciple union into its parts. Language divides and dismantles the mystic flower of Satsang until it lies in pieces on the floor, killed. The only way to understand what I’m saying is to find a master, sit with him or her and disappear into his love and awareness.

A look with no intention.
A robe of green, fluttering,
Like a poplar tree sage in a desert.

A moonlight leaf,
Causing the cockerel to purr in the almond tree.
The hum held in your hands,
The eyes wide open gazing backwards
At something beyond the seen:

The one you recognize in me.

A rocking moves my frame from nowhere,
And meeting draws closed our eyes.
And you never saw me.
And I never saw you.

So that we could re-member.

OshoEyesClosedThrough moments of Satsang with my master I have tasted the essence of the Apocalypse [Revelation] of the Awakened Ones. As far as I understand it, this is one of their secrets: No messiah as such is coming to save us. The savior sleeps within each of us.

Worship not the awakened mystics. Understand them as the reflections of your own divine potential. Their physical sojourn on this earth is an invitation to ignite the fire of your sleeping consciousness. To indicate this truth, they led you from the periphery of the outer apocalypse to the untapped majesty hiding within self.

Messiahs, pp. 222-223

John Hogue

(23 August 2010)

PS — Osho is gone from his body just over 20 years now. In that passing was a last barrier removed. Now, like this morning, sitting behind my house on an incomparable late summer day, I experience no barrier, no loss, no limit. The Zero I knew embodied that even then was already “gone” is already not-there-ing with me now. You too can have this experience. It is never too early or too late because this very special love is beyond time. If you feel a calling, I can provide directions on the way. Just Contact Me.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Soon precursors to Warning



Wed, 2010-08-11


Carol Ameche

Soon precursors to Warning

Internal locution to Carol Ameche at Adoration:
August 11th, 2010


"My dear one, rejoice !
The days hurry by to aid jangled and weary nerves, made so by so much waiting and the need to continue to surrender to more waiting in the Father's Will.
Offer loneliness and what you see as inactivity to Me, and I will replace it with a feeling of joy and new energy.

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Prophetic Voices - Soon presursors to Warning

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This blog posting is for the purpose of addressing a particular biblical subject rather than passing on informational links with prophetic implications. Long-time readers of this blog know that I periodically address economic/monetary news that indicates the prophesied fall of “Babylon the Great” is drawing nearer. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that an end-time “globalist” economic/monetary system will collapse, followed by a new globalist “beast” system. The current globalist economic system almost did collapse in September, 2008, so the world has been warned that such a global collapse could occur quite suddenly, given the right crisis.

Babylon the Great is described in Revelation 18:3 as an unholy alliance of the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders) and the “merchants of the earth” (the multinational corporations) who exploit the nations in order to lavish themselves with wealth. That describes with remarkable accuracy the “status quo” of how modern globalist corporations and governments function, so this prophecy has come true. The US dollar is the lynchpin of the current Babylon the Great system and the US Federal Reserve Board is the entity which is currently debauching the US dollar in an unprecedented manner as it (and the US government) try to bail out the Wall Street banks and other money-lending entities.

Given that the US dollar and the US Federal Reserve Board system are based in America, it is evident that America is the current headquarters of Babylon the Great. Given that Babylon the Great’s system is prophesied to fall, it begs the question: When it falls, will the USA fall with it?

While there is no way that the collapse of an American-based money-system and global commercial order will not be traumatic for Americans, there is a prophecy which argues that the USA itself will survive the collapse of Babylon the Great. Genesis 48-49 contains a prophecy about the destinies of all the tribes of Israel in the latter days. The tribe of Joseph was subdivided into the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48:8-22) and Jacob (later re-named “Israel”) gave the birthright blessings of Abraham to these two tribes. Ephraim was prophesied to become a company (or grouping) of nations in the latter days while Manasseh was prophesied to become a single great nation (verses 19). Together, these tribes were to become a “multitude” in the earth so they must be found among the larger, more prominent nations of the globe. The name of Isaac was prophesied to follow the birthright descendants of Abraham (Genesis 21:12) and Genesis 48:16 records that Isaac’s name was stamped permanently afterward on the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. After the ten tribes of Israel were exiled into Asia, the Persians called them the “Saka,” the Greeks called them the “Sacae,” and the Romans later called them the “Saxons.” All these names are forms of the name of the Hebrew patriarch, Isaac.” The modern Anglo-Saxons are well-known as the English-speaking nations. The USA is the single great nation of Manasseh and the British nations are the “company of nations” of Ephraim prophesied in Genesis 48:19. This prophecy has been completely fulfilled in our modern times, as the Creator God himself makes sure his biblical prophecies get fulfilled (Isaiah 41:21-26).

Genesis 49 includes prophecies for each of the tribes of Israel in the latter days, and a detailed description of these tribal locations in the modern world is contained in my book, Israel’s Tribes Today (see “books” link of this website). The destinies of Ephraim and Manasseh will be so closely linked in the latter days that Genesis 49 simply addresses their fates together under their common name as the tribe of “Joseph” in verse 22-26. These nations are destined to have considerable wealth and national blessings, and this prophecy has certainly come to pass as well. However, notice the language of verses 22-26. It prophesies that the latter day nations of Ephraim and Manasseh will be hated and “shot at” and “grieved” by archers (enemies). The same Creator God who inspired Revelation 17-18 also inspired Genesis 48-49, and while Babylon the Great (a globalist system dominating the nations) is destined to collapse, there is no prophecy in Genesis 48-49 that either Ephraim or Manasseh will collapse in the latter days. Indeed, Genesis 49:24-25 prophesies that God will “help” and “make strong” the tribes of Joseph in the latter days when they are attacked and grieved.

The prophecy of Genesis 49 gives us hope that the modern Anglo-Saxon nations will be sustained as independent, functioning nations in the latter days by God. Unquestionably, the collapse of Babylon the Great’s system will cause major hardship and dislocation for these (and many other) nations, but Genesis 49′s prophecy would seem to contradict those modern “Jeremiahs” who say the USA will collapse and fall when Babylon the Great’s system collapses. I don’t see any such message in prophecy when I compare Revelation 17-18 and Genesis 48-49. That should give us all some hope.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Indigenous Prophecy - America is dying from within


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The rich have more money but the poor are rich in heart: study


The world could one day be an economically equal place, if the lower-income population have anything to do with it. In an interesting yet disheartening series of socioeconomic experiments, led by a team of UC Berkeley researchers, the findings are that those on the lower-income levels are more likely to give and be charitable than their higher paid counterparts. In one experiment in particular, led by doctoral student, Paul Piff and his researchers, participants completed a questionnaire reporting their socioeconomic status and a few days later were provided with $10 to share anonymously. The findings concluded the more generous of the income brackets were on the lower-income scale. A recent national survey reiterates the results, revealing lower-income people give more of their hard-earned money to charity than the wealthy. At a time when the richest one percent of Americans own more than the bottom 90 percent combined, Piff and his colleagues' findings are more than a little timely. "Our data suggests that an ironic and self-perpetuating dynamic may in part explain this trend," the study researchers write, to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. "Whereas lower-class individuals may give more of their resources away, upper-class individuals may tend to preserve and hold onto their wealth. This differential pattern of giving versus saving among upper--and lower-- class people could serve to exacerbate economic inequality in society."


No more will there be evil nor evildoers



Sat, 2010-08-07


Sharon Fitzpatrick

No more will there be evil nor evildoers

Message to Sharon Fitzpatrick
August 7th,2010

My Precious Children,

My Children, The Power Of Prayer You Have Experienced.
Yet I Tell You The POWER OF GOD SHALL COME UPON THE EARTH In Such A Way, That No Man Will Say They Have Experienced It In This Degree.

You Have Seen The Power Of God Over And Over In This Evil World.
You Have Witnessed It In Your Lives.
But What Is To Come, Shall Be So Grand, That No Man Has Ever Witnessed Such Love, Such Mercy.

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Prophetic Voices - No more will there be evil nor evildoers

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An ancient underground city in modern Iran has been discovered, and it is dated to the ancient time of the Medes or Parthians. If the ancient Medes built it, it would have been usable afterwards by the Parthians for almost a half millennium as the Parthians conquered the territory of the Medes and ruled it for centuries. The full size of the underground city has not yet been determined as the original entrance has not yet been found. This allows for the possibility that this small city may have originally been connected to other underground “shelter” cities.

The link below opines that it may have been built as an emergency shelter to hide from warfare. That is entirely possible, and would be a logical reason for building such an underground city. The link reports that holes were carved into walls to place light fixtures and a crib has been located as well. This clearly infers that this underground structure was intended to support human life and people of many age groups. However, this underground city was found on the eastern slopes of the Zagros Mountains. It is highly unlikely this was built as a shelter from war by the Parthians as the many Parthian-Roman wars were fought on the western side of the Zagros Mountains on the Mesopotamian plains and westward (modern Iraq, Turkey or Jordan).

There is one other plausible explanation for the underground city. It may have been (or later became) a leper colony. Ancient practice included quarantining lepers into their own “colonies,” and Leviticus 13:4-5, 31, 46 include instructions to quarantine lepers and have them dwell “outside the camp” away from where uninfected people lived. The movie, Ben Hur, includes scenes showing a leper colony in the 1st century AD that was built into a mountainside cave. The Parthians were Israelites who had been exiled into Asia, but who, centuries later, built an empire which ruled over the regions and peoples of the previous empires of Assyria, Babylon and Persia. This fulfilled a prophecy in Isaiah 14:2 that the exiled Israelites would, indeed, eventually rule over the empires which had taken them into exile or had held them captive. The exiled Israelites (from the ten tribes of Israel) would surely have continued their cultural practice of quarantining lepers to stop the spread of the disease during the Parthian period as well. An underground city physically apart from normal above-ground cities would have made an ideal location for a leper colony.

The entire fascinating (and largely ignored) history of the Parthian Empire can be discovered in my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. Parthia was an ancient empire which was the equal of the Roman Empire and they were rivals for centuries. The Romans wrote an immense amount of material about the Parthians, but that wealth of historical information has been all but censored out of history text books. I wonder why? Could it be because if Parthia’s history was examined in any depth, its Israelite/Hebrew roots would be clearly seen and the Bible’s accuracy and its Divine authorship would be made evident? You can be sure the evolutionists do not want those truths to see the light of day.

This book can be ordered on-line from the publisher’s website, bibleblessings.net, or directly from me at Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735. Single copies are $20 plus $5 shipping fees for a total of $25. If ordered from me, I accept personal checks and money orders. If you read this book, you will read the Roman accounts about Parthia and you will understand what really happened to the ten tribes of Israel after their exile. Hosea 1:10 prophesied that God would vastly increase the populations of the ten tribes of Israel after they went into captivity. As those who read my book realize, God kept his promise.