Monday, 2 August 2010

Global Catastrophe Alert


We don`t normally mention Astrology on Clive Maund because although Clive Maund has a good working knowledge of Astrology and has used it for many years in his personal life and found it most helpful, applying it to markets is another ball game and requires a special talent. So we have stuck to Technical Analysis and left applying Astrology to the markets to others. However, the planetary alignment that is set to reach maximum intensity during the next two weeks is of such immense power and has such major implications, that we would be foolish to ignore it. To those reading this who would scoff at applying Astrology to the markets and world affairs I would merely point out two undeniable facts. One is that the widely known Arch Crawford, who uses Astrology extensively amongst other tools to make his predictions in his Crawford Perspectives, was ranked #1 Stock Market Timer for the period October 1 2007 through October 31, 2009, and you don't do that by coincidence. Second...

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