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Monday, September 20, 2010


Monday, September 20, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you are here again at the Luminous Cross and you are fortunate to experience this miracle. As you look at the Luminous Cross in back of the altar, this should remind you how I desire a large crucifix on the main altar. Seeing My crucifix shows you how much I love all of you by My death on the cross. You also are seeing a tabernacle in the middle behind the altar as I also desire, because I should be the center of attention. I have left you My Real Presence in My tabernacle, and I am the Guest that makes your churches holy. These are old traditions which I have given you sufficient reason for being there. The shape of this Luminous Cross is the same appearance that you will see in the sky over every refuge, and this will remain in the sky until My Comet of Chastisement comes that will end the tribulation. Rejoice in My protection and know that I will come to vanquish all of the evil ones into hell.”

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday, September 19, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen fields of white crosses at military cemeteries where many have died from wars. In this vision of a church and a field of white crosses, you are seeing a battle of good and evil where there will be a substantial number of martyrs for the faith during the tribulation. I have told you before that the evil ones will be targeting religious and patriotic people, and especially your leaders. The evil ones are already preparing red and blue lists of people that they want to eliminate both before and after martial law is declared. Hundreds of detention center death camps are being manned by United Nations troops where many will be martyred by being gassed, or killed by Guillotine followed by being cremated. I am also having My faithful refuge leaders build havens that will be protected by My angels. As the evil ones prepare their death camps, so My faithful are preparing interim and final refuges where My angels will lead My faithful to safety. Fear not if you are called to be a martyr rather than renounce your faith in Me. My martyrs will all become instant saints and I will ease their pain. The faithful, who are not martyred, will be led and protected at My refuges. So do not worry about what will happen in the tribulation because I will protect the souls of My faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am reaffirming that these grounds are holy and this is truly a refuge where visions and messages have been given. As the time of tribulation draws near, many people are preparing refuges of protection and I am calling them in their hearts to provide for My faithful remnant. I have given you messages before how many miracles will be performed at My refuges in order to feed you and shelter you from the evil ones who want to kill My faithful. On refuges that have plenty of acreage, I will multiply the buildings so My people will have sufficient accommodations to live. On refuges that have a small amount of land, I will have My angels build high buildings that look like this pagoda in the vision. When you see these miracles, you will more fully believe in My power, My grace, and My mercy. Give praise and thanks to Me that I am always at your side to guide you in life and protect your souls. This blessing of My refuges of protection is like I protected My people from the Egyptian armies. During the tribulation of the modern day Exodus, My angels will protect My faithful from the army of the Antichrist, who is also trying to kill you and take your souls. Have no fear, but trust in Me as I bring My peace into your heart and soul every day. My love goes out to all of My faithful, and those, who are providing refuges for My faithful, will receive a great reward in heaven.”



Over the years, I’ve often heard Christians refer to ”the seven-year trib” (as in “seven year tribulation”). Indeed, I’ve heard it repeated so often that it has virtually risen to the status of a dogma in modern Christendom. Is this term even in the Bible? Will the Great Tribulation really be a seven-year event? This blog is dedicated to responding to those questions.

To begin with, the term “seven-year tribulation” does not occur in the Bible. Most assuredly, there is a “great tribulation” period mentioned in the Bible. Jesus Christ/Yahshua refers to this time in Matthew 24:21 as occurring at the very end of this age, but he does not link any specific length of time to this “tribulation” period in Matthew 24:21-22. Where then, does modern Christendom derive the idea that the “great tribulation” will be a seven-year period of time? The seventy-week prophecy of Daniel 9:20-27 refers to 69 prophetic weeks being passed before the Messiah “shall confirm the covenant with many for one week.” A “week” is seven days so some believe that the 70th prophetic week designates the final seven years at the end of our age. That seems to me to be a very plausible interpretation. However, that scripture makes no statement that the “great tribulation” is synonymous with the entire final seven-year period. Daniel 9:27 refers to the “sacrifice and oblation” stopping “in the midst of the week” and then it refers to the abomination of desolation which is mentioned in other biblical prophecies. This blog will not address the abomination of desolation as this blog is focused on the length of the great tribulation period.

The language of Daniel 9:27 strongly indicates that the final half of the last seven-years of this age will be much more sinister than the initial first half. This indicates that for the first three and one-half years of the final seven year period of time, “sacrifices and oblations” are apparently being offered at a dedicated Temple site as they are suddenly stopped “in the midst of the week.” This prophetic verse indicates that the first half of the final seven-years of our age will be much more benign than the last three and one-half years. The fact that “sacrifices and oblations” are being offered (presumably) through the first half of this seven-year period of time reveals a certain degree of religious tolerance as these must refer to Jewish sacrifices being offered at a dedicated Temple site. Matthew 24:23-27 supports such a view as Jesus Christ herein warned that the antichrist system will (at least initially) be so deceptive that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” If even the very elect are almost deceived by the final antichrist system, there has to be a period of time where the global deception “looks so good” that many Christians (even the “very elect”) will find it attractive. This also fits with I Thessalonians 5:3 that there will be a period acclaimed by many to be a time of “peace and safety” which will occur just prior to a time of “sudden destruction” coming upon the earth.

If the last three and one-half years of our age are the time of heightened danger, does this have other biblical support? It certainly does. Revelation 13:1-7 prophesies that when the beast system takes authority over the earth, it will last “forty and two months” (verse 5). Forty two months is equivalent to three and one-half years. However, the beast and antichrist system will not have undisputed sway over the earth during that final three and one-half years. Revelation 11 contains a prophecy about the Two Witnesses, two great prophets of God who will be mightily empowered by God at the end of this age. Indeed, their ministry will last 1260 days (verse 3) which is also the equivalent of three and one-half years. The Two Witnesses will be Divinely empowered to plague the earth (ruled by the beast) with droughts, turning waters into blood and whatever other plagues “as often as they will” (verse 6). So even though the beast power will exercise political/economic dominance over the world’s nations, the nations of the earth and the beast itself will be subject to being plagued by the Two Witnesses for a considerably overlapping period of time. It is clear that the Two Witnesses and the beast power have overlapping periods of time as the beast power kills the Two Witnesses after their ministry of 1260 days (Revelation 11:7). Revelation 16:3-10 describe a period of time when great plagues (including water being turned to blood) will befall the nations and even strike the very “seat of the beast” himself. These plagues may be instigated by the Two Witnesses as their ministry parallels that of the beast’s reign.

There is no scripture in the Bible, however, which directly connects the “Great Tribulation” with either the 42 months of the beast’s reign or the 1260 days of the Two Witnesses’ ministry. Let’s look at Matthew 24:21′s reference to the “great tribulation” and see what it does address. Matthew 24: 21-22 says the “great tribulation” is, specifically, a time of unprecedented danger on the earth during which “there should no flesh be saved” unless Divine intervention occurred. Verse 22 foretells that “except those days be shortened,” all flesh would go extinct. Therefore, the Great Tribulation is limited to a time of exceptional global danger at the end of our age when ”all flesh” on the earth faces mass extinction. Personally, I think the eruption of World War III (the global Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39, also called the battle of “Armageddon” in Revelation 16:12-18) is most likely to be the event which brings mankind to the brink of global extinction. Notice the same prophetic phrase “It is done” occurs in both Revelation 16:17 and Ezekiel 39:8, confirming these are parallel prophecies addressing the very same end-of-the-age period of time.

There are so many exotic weapons which could be unleashed by both sides of the Gog-Magog war that it could easily bring mankind to the brink of extinction. These new categories of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) include Chinese nanotechnology weaponry, invisibility weapons, HAARP and Scalar weapons, weather-modification weapons, chemical/bacteriological weapons, plasma and quantum weaponry, new space-based weapons platforms, etc. I have previously blogged on the Chinese nanotechnology and invisibility weaponry as well as the HAARP weapon which was apparently tested/used off Norway’s northern coast last winter and the new American X-37B spacecraft with secret capabilities. Even if nuclear weapons are banished someday (a possibility which would convince a gullible global populace that “peace and safety” had arrived), there are plenty of types of WMD already in existence or being developed which could eliminate “all flesh” from the earth. This time of global warfare that threatens the extinction of “all flesh” would meet Jesus Christ’s criteria in Matthew 24:21-22 for the great tribulation. This being the case, the unleashing of all these new high-tech weapons could jeopardize all flesh on earth within days (or even hours). Therefore, I think that the “great tribulation” occurs at the very climax of the final seven-year period of time which concludes our age before Jesus Christ returns. It may last a very short time.

Jesus Christ warned in Matthew 24:22 that the onset of the great tribulation’s threat to render all flesh extinct will cause “those days…to be shortened.” What “days” was he referring to? The 1260 “days” of the Two Witnesses’ ministry? The final “days” of the Beast’s 42 month reign? The three and one-half “days” during which the bodies of the Two Witnesses lie dead and unburied (Revelation 11:11)? We don’t know which periods of prophetic time Jesus Christ was addressing in his statement. What does seem evident, however, is that Jesus Christ is foretelling us that prophetic periods of “days” will have to be “shortened” to prevent mankind from going extinct prior to various prophetic periods of “days” running their full course. That means Christ will be coming earlier than certain prophecies would indicate. This is entirely consistent with the parable of Matthew 25:1-13 wherein Christ warned his latter-day followers that his return will occur sooner than any of them expect at the end of our age.

So how long do I think the “great tribulation” will last? By definition, it occurs only at the very climax of this age when “all flesh” faces imminent extinction. This period of time may be mere days or even hours. When the “great tribulation” conditions come to pass (when all flesh faces extinction), Jesus Christ has to return to stop it from occurring and in Matthew 24:22, he says he will.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010: (Sunday Mass)
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you another indication of the graces going forth to everyone in My Warning experience. In this coming supernatural intervention, everyone will be given an opportunity to see their sins, repent, and then change their lives. You will all come to Me as a great Light, and I will show you a life review of your sins, with a focus on your unforgiven sins. The graces and My mercy flow out to you from My Divine Mercy which is why the Warning is such a blessing for all sinners. This experience will be a small taste of heaven and all sinners will appreciate how much they offend Me with their sins, and even their indifference to My love. This desire for repentance and Confession will be burning in your souls so much that you will have a need to want to change your life when you return into your body. This whole Warning experience will be out of body and outside of time. Give thanks and praise to Me for bathing you in My grace and mercy.”

Friday, September 17, 2010


Friday, September 17, 2010: (St. Robert Bellarmine)
Jesus said: “My people, as with today’s saint, My disciples need to protect My Church from false teachings as New Age. The missionaries worked to convert the Indians and save their souls. My disciples also are blessed with My gift of salvation by My death on the cross. You all need to be witnesses of My love and teach the people the faith that I taught My apostles. Seek to save souls through a good example of a holy life. By your evangelization efforts you can bring souls to Me, instead of them being lost to Satan. At times you pray for souls, but in this vision that represents fasting, you can add fasting from food and desserts as part of your suffering to save souls, especially in your own family. Together with not eating between meals, you could fast at least one or two meals on Wednesday and Friday. When you offer up prayer and fasting for souls, it is more powerful than prayer alone.”

Jesus said: “My people, this image, that showed Me walking, means that I want you to walk with Me in My footsteps as you can grow in your spiritual life. Also, I experienced your pain in criticisms, persecution, and even when some are martyred for their faith in Me. I walk with all of you through your life’s trials, so call on My help so your life’s suffering will be more bearable.”

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Saint Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria


[Saint Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria]Saint Eulogius was a Syrian by birth, and while young embraced the monastic state in that country. The Eutychian heresy had thrown the Churches of Syria and Egypt into much confusion, and a great part of the monks of Syria were at that time become remarkable for their loose morals and errors against faith. Eulogius learned from the fall of others to stand more watchfully and firmly upon his guard, and was not less distinguished by the innocence and sanctity of his manners than by the purity of his doctrine. Having, by an enlarged pursuit of learning, attained to a great variety of useful knowledge in the different branches of literature, he set himself to the study of divinity in the sacred sources of that science, which are the Holy Scriptures, the tradition of the Church as explained in its councils, and the approved writings of its eminent pastors. In the great dangers and necessities of the Church he was drawn out of his solitude, and made priest of Antioch by the patriarch Saint Anastasius. Upon the death of John, the Patriarch of Alexandria, Saint Eulogius was raised to that patriarchal dignity toward the close of the year 583. About two years after his promotion, our Saint was obliged to make a journey to Constantinople, in order to concert measures concerning certain affairs of his Church. He met at court Saint Gregory the Great, and contracted with him a holy friendship, so that, from that time, they seemed to be one heart and one soul. Among the letters of Saint Gregory, we have several extant which he wrote to our Saint St. Eulogius composed many excellent works against different heresies, and died in the year 606.

Reflection - We admire the great actions and the glorious triumph of the Saints; yet it is not so much in these that their sanctity consisted, as in the constant habitual heroic disposition of their souls. There is no one who does not sometimes do good actions ; but he can never be called virtuous who does well only by humor, or by fits and starts, not by steady habits.

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A Party of Americans




Being in the “Future” business has its advantages if one is a usually accurate forecaster. You can write dozens of blog articles about tomorrow’s trends, place them into a “block stock” file and launch them sometimes up to a few years after they were written. If one is good at catching prophetic trends then the article will read fresh. Writing about today’s interests a few years earlier allows me the time and energy to dedicate to write and complete a couple of new eBooks. One is an almanac of prophecies for the coming year of 2011; the planned release for Predictions for 2011 is this Thanksgiving weekend or 1 December 2010. The second is a book about what may be the new millennium we missed in 2000, because “perhaps” the Mayan Calendar, which is rebooting its five-millennium-lasting “Long Count”, is a more accurate count of the true turn of the millennium in 2012. That eBook will be posted on Hogueprophecy Sales in early February 2011. I’ll make that deadline if my stock of blogs written a year or more ago can do my talking from the past for me in the present.

What follows are two introductions for such an article. The first written one year and four months ago and the second written today (28 September 2010) sets up today’s topic about the future of third party movements in America. It was written in the first days of January 2008.


Introduction One (19 May 2009)

2008CovLargerI wrote [The Party of Americans essay] in January 2008 for Predictions for 2008. It wasn’t the first time I posted articles about a new concept of a third party rebellion against the Democratic-Republican Party Duopoly. So many breathtaking things happened since I wrote this at the beginning of the Presidential Primary Election Season in 08. The national elections later that November brought on a core shift in American politics. Now it seems that change is even set to upend the duopoly transforming it into a Democratic Party monopoly, what with the Republican Party melting down, shedding its moderates — some of these like Senator Arlen Specter switching parties. The Republican Party becomes more hard-right wing and unelectable in the process.

I want to frame the article below with a few observations from today (19 May 2009).

There is still a silent majority of Americans who do not have a watchful eye or a voice reporting their political aspiration inside the bubble world of political commentators on CNN, MSNBC and FOX. Although many of these independents voted for Obama, a monopoly of power in the hands of the Democratic Party in the coming years could lead that party so far left that a rebellion of the independent moderate majority could still be waiting to happen as early as the mid-term elections of 2010. Eventually the Duopoly will be challenged because these non-aligned Americans won’t go back to the Republican’s either as long as they venture deeper into the political wilderness of the extreme right. Here’s the article:

Introduction Two (from today: 28 September 2010)

The duopoly is indeed set for a period of upheaval come this midterm election of 2010 and what I’ve said above about a Republican Party turning more right-wing and unelectable, I contend, will still be the outcome. Not in 2010 but in 2012. What has changed from May 2009 to today, is that the American people may chose to vote in a mandate of anger this coming November and reap the consequences. There could be two years of a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and perhaps even the Senate that could see the GOP devour itself and its political credibility in the coming two years with infighting with its Tea Party members for supremacy. The latter faction cannot — will not — compromise and find common ground, thus reaping a political whirlwind that will give Barack Obama his second term in office.

As Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand.” A House of Representatives under the control of Lincoln’s present-day Republican Party injected with the intolerant anger of its Tea Party wing will not stand after the turmoil of the coming two years.

This timeline above is not the only one set before the American voting public, as I explained back in a blog posted in July: Uranus in Retrograde: A Chaos We can believe in? I will speak more on these two futures as we get closer to Election Day.

What is more important for today as the country ramps up for a wild political ride of last ditch campaigning in October is what I wrote back in January 2008. My “Party of Americans” essay came into the world a few days before the New Hampshire primary — the first of many Democratic and Republican primaries engaged that set in motion a process. Campaign promises kept and unkept in 2008 set in motion a four-year process that by the national elections of 2012 that may evolve third party movements coming out of the Tea Party’s current destructive, chaotically reactive, downright anger-driven and irrational political platform. The ungovernable US Congress of the next two years may create a climate in the land for something far more radical than extreme politics.

Can you imagine a shift from polarity to solidarity? Can you imagine a third party movement that seeks a balanced, middle-way solution for America’s many issues?

The following was written after the “oracle” brought before my inner eye a seemingly impossible, far off future that it presaged campaigns in 2008 for better or worse would set in motion.


A Party of Americans (January 2008)

A revolution is looming in the American body politic in 2008. It’s not a revolution of centrists; it’s a revolution of balancers, of reckoners. It will not come from a grass roots movement, because the current two-party grip on American politics wears Dumbo-publican and Donkey-cratic masks over a political mafia of the elected governing of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists and for the lobbyists.

The people are steadily losing their representative democracy to a new plutocracy — an elite governing class of special interests. Though a vast majority of Americans ache for a refreshing change in their democratic misfortunes, they may have to wait for a rebellion of the electors within the plutocracy because the electorate as of yet has no powerful voice or means to stage an effective third party or independent rebellion. The Republican and Democratic Parties run the 50 state governments that make the ballot access rules. Third parties and individuals running as independents often are forced to jump through hoops of extra criteria to get their name on the ballot. In many states, there are registration fees and Herculean petition requirements. Republicans and Democratic candidates don’t have to jump over these obstacles to get on the ballot, but you, Independent candidate, might have to find hundreds of thousands to sign a petition just to get on one state ballot and there’s more than a dozen other states requiring the same.

Those who are already entrenched in the system are the only ones who can break free of it. They’ve got to have some Charles Dickensian, Scrooge moment. See the light. Foresee the dire state of the future of America revealed by the angel of Christmas Future playing Politic’s Future before “Bah! Humbuggering” the body politic with a political duopoly. And when enough Republican or Democratic political scrooges turn their hearts away from Lobbyism to Populism again, you will see the next great party born in the coming 36 years.

I call it the American Party.

It is not politically Left. It is not Right. It is not spendthrift or greedy, Green or Libertarian. Its party platform is about fair and balanced government finding common ground amongst all Americans. In the end, despite their many differences, this country has ever been a party of Americans.

What do Americans all share in common?

A love of country, freedom of speech and religious belief. A fairness in rights given and access to fair wages and opportunities. Generally, Americans are fiscally conservative yet socially tolerant. Change allied with merit and practical reality. Whatever the differences in religious beliefs, the American Party follows the golden rule: “Do unto other Americans as you would have them do unto you.”

The American Party can be born overnight when a dozen Republican and Democratic Senators with 20 to 30 members of the House of Representatives pledge to abandon the duopoly and special interest groups that got them into office. The government will not function unless the Left and the Right come in from the extremes of ideology, making fair and equitable compromises to gain the American Party’s voting block to break deadlocks and to move forward. Special interests may have gotten them there, but once elected they could serve out their terms winning a majority of American voters over to their cause with the merits of progressive legislation that brings the government back to one that is of, by and for the American people. If this handful of legislators succeeds in making real change, the people will vote them back into office regardless of what Lobbyism dictates.

The American Party could begin with a conversion of just one man or woman who oversees the Executive Branch of the government. The political climate in Washington DC could see partisan passions evaporate overnight if neither party had the president in their political pocket. A consensus-oriented American Party President in the White House forces the two parties to work out compromises because he or she will veto anything too ideologically extreme or dictated by special interests.


The prophetic narrative in my annual almanacs is a continual flow of predictions (such as above) that often enlarge upon the vision of tomorrow’s events beyond the mere temporal straight-jacket of the year in question. Indeed many of the predictions set for each year tend to be more like a birthday point of forecast trends that may surface in the year in question yet evolve for many years to come, such as the account above of third party movements.

cover20091cover2010That is why I recommend you consider reading Predictions for 2008 and Predictions for 2009 as well as reading Predictions for 2010 if you haven’t already done so. Even though 2010 is drawing to its close, much of what I wrote for its, well as books on 09 and 08, looks far into the future of the next ten to twenty years. I also cover issues and prophecies not seen in the blog postings.

No need to wait for what’s going to happen in 2012. We are in times of upheaval and revolution right here and now.

John Hogue

(28 September 2010)

A New McCarthyism Coming




The other day I received what one reader, Georgia, says was a thorough spanking as punishment for my pun-ishment in my biblical satire of the last blog: 2012, Willie Horton Hears a Hooey.

From the letter’s I’m getting since I posted the great GOP Prophet “Horton” on 19 September, most of you enjoyed the biblical romp and thought it funny. And even though you’ll find in my satire that I equally and playfully savaged my politically Left, Right and my extreme Right Wing readers, one grumpy group of mostly Caucasian men and women, forty-something and older, were quite p. o-ed. Nearly all those who took offense or hated my satire belong to the Tea Party movement. What follows is my answer to Georgia’s critique and her Tea Party Prophecy. (Please note that I have left her punctuation mistakes and misspellings as they are. That seems to be another common problem with most of my Tea Party commentors. They don’t correct their mistakes… English mistakes, I mean.)

Good Lord, I have never read such drivel in ny life as your take on “donkeycrats” and “pink elephants” ad nauseum. And I do enjoy satire as well as recognize what it is but your dissertations went far beyond reason and ended up being thrown in the trash bin by me.

Correction. You seem to enjoy satire as long as it isn’t clowning around with your cherished political and religious point of view.

I think you enjoy throwing around linguistic acrobatics as i have accused you of before.

I do. I had a great time writing it. And I have had a good and healthy laugh at myself every time I read it.

I have a sense of humor.

A lot of you who are into prophecy are a very anal and serious lot. Seriousness is a sickness often misinterpreted as sincerity. Sincerity is a gravitas that can laugh.

So stop trying so hard to impress us with your VAST vocabulary. You sound silly I realize you are very intelligent (true) and exceptionally good at prognosis so don’t think I am dissing you.

I intended to sound silly. I’m not afraid to show my vulnerability, my silliness. I am not a serious man. Moreover, if you can recognize my exceptionally good prognosis of future trends, just remember that it is my capacity to be silly and non-serious that makes that possible. I aim to be remembered as a wise old clown.

Having thoroughly spanked you I wish to give my own prognostication:

I’ve just checked my bottom and it isn’t red. Chuckle…

I think what Georgia is saying is significant, even if she may be unaware of what she’s exposed. Here it is:


The tea party is going to effect a rout this November, and probably will kick out most all if not all incumbents and then embark on a crusade to investigate Obama and his nefarious schemes and his entire administration of crooks and I would not be surprised if they impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors for refusing to secure our borders among many other crimes. What is coming is not merely a political earthquake — its going to be outright anihilation and wipe out from the bottom up to the inside out Its going to “fundamentally transform America” back into w3hat it REALLY WAS AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE and most assuredly NOT what Obama has arrogantly thought he could so. What a fool he is. He certainly does not know the Amercan people because not only is he not going to do what he set out to do, what he tried to do is going to be his demise.

Dear readers, stare into the face of the kind of hysterical and amassing anger that is indeed on the march. American fascism looks like this, writes like this, threatens like this. Look what my satire has exposed for you to see? Humor has the power to expose a humorless and hateful mindset.

My goal by writing my last blog of puns is accomplished. It has helped expose the political savagery that may lead to a mandate this November of manic and irrational anger, full of its own sweeping slogans and fury signifying no practical solutions, overtaking the House and the Senate.

Take Georgia sincerely. She is giving honest voice here to what many in the Tea Party movement authentically feel and intend to accomplish: a tear-it-all-down mentality with little thought to the aftermath or consequences. The movement is being overtaken by a real sense of collective anger. The anger of the mob.

I say they are right to be angry about how the leadership in Washington from White House to Capitol Building is getting farther out of touch with the problems of regular citizens. The danger is ever present that rightful public anger can be directed by cynical forces into a mob to affect a destructive outcome. It’s like the anger we saw in the 1960s during the civil rights struggle when enraged people in the ghettos rioted against perceived and authentic injustices only to burn down their own neighborhoods in a mass, mindless catharsis.

Washington DC has become a ghetto, impoverished by partisanship. You can throw the bums out, but what do you put in their place? An angry mob of legislators is still a mob. You can riot in the inner city of our political discourse but what do you do with the burned out hole the day after the Watts riot in Wattsington DC?

Irrationally angry people power taking over Congress and its committees could bring back McCarthyism — this time a grass roots Aquarian Age version of a political witch hunt. A new Tea Party dominant Congress may have more than one Senator McCarthy setting up a committee to expose un-American activities in a new purge of public servants and citizens.

GlenBeckFistsClench“We’ll take our country back!” Sarah Palin and Glen Beck pronounce often, fists clenched, banging podium or TV anchor’s desk with a virulence directed against any civil opposition to their view of what is American being some kind of disease that needs elimination from the public discourse. Georgia in her prophecy elaborated in strident upper case that the Tea Party will, “‘fundamentally transform America’ back into what it REALLY WAS AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE.” More than implying with her threats of impeachment of Obama that it most assuredly will NOT include a large portion of Americans who support his policies. The opposition will not merely be voted out. He, and they will be impeached.

“Its going to be outright annihilation!” enthuses Georgia, “[A] wipe out from the bottom up to the inside out.”

This future could happen.


First Obama is branded Socialist, but it won't end there. Next will be George Washington. After that, you perhaps, if you are not uber-American enough?

First Obama is branded Socialist, but it won't end there. Next will be George Washington. After that, you perhaps, if you are not uber-American enough?

If you want it to happen, march in goose step to your ballot box with her and take back the House and Senate in November. Give the American Flag the old Boy Scout salute and cry in rhythmic chants “Hail Victory! Hail Victory!” at your American flag draped party rallies in stadiums teaming with serried ranks of true Americans.

Deutschland Erwache!

America has Awakened!

Now let’s get to business. Purge Washington of all the sub-Americans.

Do you think it will stop in Washington, my readers?

Do you want to prevent that future?

It will take another movement. One that finds a more measured way to put your above-it-all passive-aggressive president, lobby-bought-off Congress and their two-party duopoly in their places — serving you and not the special interests of big money. Otherwise, hysterical anger will overtake the body politic of America and be used ultimately as a destructive force. In the name of constitutional reform the corporate class will use your amassed anger to destroy those things in the government and the constitution that inhibit their ambition which is to turn this North America nation into a South American CEOlygarcy.

Georgia, your prophecy, if fulfilled, will have an unintended consequence: Your anger will be exploited to make America even less recognizable to you than it is now. America won’t be taken back, it will be taken away from you.

People are rightfully angry. Big governments, big banks and corporate handlers who hold their leashes have had their bailouts, kept their jobs, been rewarded record breaking bonuses for bringing on the worst recession since the 1930s. They still have their heath care. Their homes. Their 41Ks.

What about most of you? Are “you” out of the recession yet?

Not me.

People with politically Left, Right or Centrist views are growing more desperate. They don’t have a lot of options. And those corporatists who are bankrolling a lot of the Tea Party candidates are ensnaring these mostly good people into another system of control. These big money folks are riding atop your rightful collective anger but they are spurring and whipping you hard to charge hell for leather into the mouth of a political future that is extreme and ultimately fascist.

The big money boys want to use the Tea Party not to reform government but skin it alive. They want to use your vote of anger as a destructive force to establish their dominion in government’s place.

Over the decades I’ve offered a view quite unpopular in free market worshiping America fighting an economic and political struggle against communism during the Cold War. Democracy is not a friend of big business. Fascism or a capitalistically tolerant Communism is. The economic explosion of growth in China vindicates this view.

Look at China. Look at their booming economy under a Communist totalitarian regime. The good Tea Party people are being used by those in a cynical CEOlygarcy to deconstruct American democracy for their own profit, not yours.

Democracy by its nature is too citizen motivated. It has watchdogs. It has dissenting views requiring compromises. It can if it chooses to do so reform banks, break up anti-trust monopolies.

The big money men in Germany during the early 1930s pulled political strings to make Adolf Hitler Chancellor of Germany in a coalition government. When he used that post to launch his dictatorship, German economists got filthy rich putting Hitler’s Third Reich back to work to prepare for a Second World War.

With that said, the consciousness of CEOs and what they supply can be changed by what the people dictate with their demands.

Who builds their empires but you? Who buys their products but you? You have this power over them. You need to claim it, use it; otherwise, in the void of your unintelligent, unengaged behavior — filling the gulf of your unconscious habit to be manipulated and accept disempowerment — is the darkly motivated members of the CEOlygarcy who dictate to you what they will supply and tell you what you will demand in your products, your lives, your government.

If you no longer buy what they’re selling, they’ll have to change their mindset to stay in business. If you demand a better world, they will have to supply it.

That is why the people of America need to withdraw from balancing on the sharp edged extremes of the political left and the right to find common ground and common shared purpose. Stray on the sharp extremes too long and see yourselves sliced deeper into division and painful political dismemberment. To assuage this pain, you might do what the Germans did in the 1930s. You too may seek a dictatorial solution to national disorder.

A third party movement is absolutely needed to break “PolitiCorp” CEO control of the Democrat-Republican Party duopoly overlording and dividing political concord in the United States. It’s not the current Tea Party. That’s only a shaky start of this ultimately positive process.

I foresee a Party of Americans that seeks to look beyond their differences and find shared purpose and values — thus acting on these, finding a happy balance between individual freedom and community needs. Only such a Third Party movement has a chance to avert America’s flirtation with fascism.

John Hogue

(24 September 2010)

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Saint Cloud, Confessor


[Saint Cloud, Confessor]Saint Cloud is the first and most illustrious Saint among the princes of the royal family of the first race in France. He was son of Chlodomir, King of Orleans, the eldest son of Saint Clotilda, and was born 522. He was scarce three years old when his father was killed in Burgundy; but his grandmother Clotilda brought up him and his two brothers at Paris, and loved them extremely. Their ambitious uncles divided the kingdom of Orleans between them, and stabbed with their own hands two of their nephews. Cloud, by a special providence, was saved from the massacre, and, renouncing the world, devoted himself to the service of God in a monastic state. After a time he put himself under the discipline of Saint Severinus, a holy recluse who lived near Paris, from whose hands he received the monastic habit. Wishing to live unknown to the world, he withdrew secretly into Provence, but his hermitage being made public, he returned to Paris, and was received with the greatest joy imaginable. At the earnest request of the people, he was ordained priest by Eusebius, Bishop of Paris, in 551, and served that Church some time in the functions of the sacred ministry. He afterward retired to Saint Cloud, two leagues below Paris, where he built a monastery. Here he assembled many pious men, who fled out of the world for fear of losing their souls in it. Saint Cloud was regarded by them as their superior, and he animated them to all virtue both by word and example. He was indefatigable in instructing and exhorting the people of the neighboring country, and piously ended his days about the year 560.

Reflection - Let us remember that “the just shall live forevermore; they shall receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown of beauty at the Hand of the Lord.”

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin


[The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin]The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary announced joy and the near approach of salvation to the lost world. Mary was brought forth in the world not like other children of Adam, infected with the loathsome contagion of sin, but pure, holy, beautiful, and glorious, adorned with all the most precious graces which became her who was chosen to be the Mother of God. She appeared indeed in the weak state of our mortality; but in the eyes of Heaven she already transcended the highest seraph in purity, brightness, and the richest ornaments of grace. If we celebrate the birthdays of the great ones of this earth, how ought we to rejoice in that of the Virgin Mary, presenting to God the best homage of our praises and thanksgiving for the great mercies He has shown in her, and imploring her mediation with her Son in our behalf! Christ will not reject the supplications of His mother, whom He was pleased to obey whilst on earth. Her love, care, and tenderness for Him, the title and qualities which she bears, the charity and graces with which she is adorned, and the crown of glory with which she is honored, must incline Him readily to receive her recommendations and petitions.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thursday, September 16, 2010: (St. Cornelius & St. Cyprian)
Jesus said: “My people, why do you have continuous wars that are based on greed? You should search and pray for peace in the world. This fighting over land causes the loss of much life. In the end it is the one world people who profit from selling arms to both sides of your conflicts, even until today. You have also seen many visions of earthquakes along the coast of California, and you are here on the fault line at this mission. The messages on San Francisco have talked of the many sins of the flesh that will cause massive earthquakes that will send this city into the sea. I use natural disasters as punishment in some cases, and this is one of them. Be prepared for some serious earthquakes in this area so there will be fewer people who will die.”

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel you are seeing My mercy of forgiveness on even the most grievous of sinners. The woman at Simon’s house kissed My feet and washed them with her tears. Then she anointed My feet with expensive ointment for My funeral. After, I forgave her sins and told her to go in peace. Those, who were self-righteous, were questioning how I could forgive sins. My disciples know that I forgive sins through the priest in Confession. Even the worst of sinners, I will forgive, if they are repentant of their sins. All of you have an opportunity to be forgiven, so receive Me in Confession at least monthly. I love all of you and I want all souls to be saved. So come to Me out of love so you can be perfected for heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you more floods that will be occurring as you see more natural disasters. In some areas of continuous low pressure, rainstorms will cause heavy downpours and could cause floods in some areas. Where you have a low or high pressure for extended days, then you will be experiencing HAARP machine induced weather that could cause these floods. Such microwave interference is being used purposely to cause a declaration of emergency as practice for your coming national martial law. Such a martial law will be declared from a combination of bank bankruptcies, a pandemic virus, and false terrorist acts. As a result of this martial law, you will see mandatory chips in the body and the authorities will shut down your electricity in order to limit your travel. The one world people want to control your bodies so you can be their slaves. So refuse to take any chips in your body, even if the evil ones threaten to kill you. When these things happen, call on Me to have your guardian angels lead you to My refuges of protection.”

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Wednesday, September 15, 2010: (Our Lady of Sorrows)
Our Lady said: “My dear children, I am your Holy Mother and I truly care for my children. Just as you mothers care for your children, so I love all of you and I do not want to see one of your souls lost. I place my mantle of protection over all of my children to protect you from physical injury. I remind you how I placed my mantle between your bus and the military trucks in Venezuela to prevent an accidental crash at night. I also protect you from evil demons, and I help you to avoid their evil temptations. I guide you and encourage you to pray my rosary and wear my brown scapular. I also console you in your pain of sickness and when you lose your loved ones. I join your pain with my sorrows as I watched my Son die. As you offer up your pain with Jesus on the cross, I am with you also. This life is truly a valley of tears, but you can call on me and my Son to give you the strength to endure all of your daily trials. Whenever you are sad, I am standing by you as I suffered in sadness. Continue to pray your rosaries for all those who are suffering on earth and in purgatory.”

Jesus said: “My people, there truly are storm clouds coming as trouble in your government and trouble in your banking system. Many actions by your government have caused an increased deficit in your National Debt in an attempt to bail out your big banks. Now you are facing a possible tax increase and Health Care increases that could cause another recession to get worse. Some changes in the control of Congress will occur in your upcoming elections. Your President will use his veto more to keep his programs in place. Dissatisfaction with your economy could worsen if more foreclosures and bank failures continue. The longer your unemployment rate stays high and workers stop receiving any help, the more chance you will have for crime increases and possible riots. Pray for those who are unemployed to get jobs, and pray for your economy to keep from falling back into recession.”

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Tuesday, September 14, 2010: (The Triumph of the Cross)
Jesus said: “My people, be grateful that I have died on the cross for all of mankind. I have won the victory over sin and death, and it is by My Blood that all of you are saved. It is your individual choice to accept or reject My salvation of your sins. At every Mass you have the opportunity to receive My Real Presence in Holy Communion. Remember in St. John’s Gospel when I said that only those who receive My Body and Blood will have eternal life. Every day I ask My faithful to take up his or her cross and follow Me. Offer up your trials and pains of the day as you share them with My pain on the cross. Give praise and thanks to Me for My gift of faith and My gift of eternal life in My Eucharist. Treasure the cross that I give you because it is by My testing that you are purified and refined like silver so you are prepared to enter heaven. Just as Moses raised up the bronze serpent, so I was raised up on the cross, and you are all healed by My Blood sacrifice. Also, at My refuges when you look on My luminous cross, you will be healed of all of your infirmities.”

Monday, September 13, 2010


Monday, September 13, 2010: (St. John Chrystostom)
Jesus said: “My people, when you restore My churches, you are not only keeping historical buildings in repair, but you are helping to preserve the faith. These old missions are an inspiration to My faithful that they are following in My footsteps and keeping close to Me. These buildings are a treasure in recognizing My saints as models for your lives. The missionary efforts of the Franciscans are also an example to My faithful to work to save souls through conversion from earthly ways. Trust in Me and come to visit Me in My Blessed Sacrament.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you come into these missions, they are dark at first, especially in the dome of the vision. I have shown you My Light as I disperse the darkness in this mission. Also, when you receive Me in Holy Communion, you have My Light in you as well. This Light is the power of My Real Presence that flows into your hearts. When you experience My Real Presence, you have My love come into you sometimes as a tingling feeling. This Communion is a taste of heaven on earth. Once you have My Light in you, you can be a light for other souls to have My love and Presence in their lives. Rejoice that you can come to Me at Mass and Adoration to renew your spiritual strength, and share more Light with souls who are walking in the darkness of the world and Satan.”

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The dismal state of the new home market


The waltz of the Antichrists

La valse des Antéchrists



Gaétan Mailloux, december 2003.
Translate from my french version.

Gaétan Mailloux, Mars 2003.
French version



-1 -


Table of contents.

Table des matières.







The two Antichrists, the truth and the false


Les deux Antéchrists, le vrai et le faux


The false archaeological document


Le faux document archéologique


Christian's rapture of the , before or after tribulations?


L'enlèvement des chrétiens, avant ou après les tribulations?


The difficult revelations


Les révélations difficiles


The shroud of Turin


Le suaire de Turin








-2 - Introduction.

-2- Introduction.



Events of September 11, 2001 and a war against Iraq one revived, at some, the fear of the arrival of the Antichrist and a third world war otherwise even of the end of the world.
Ousama Ben Laden now followed Saddam Hussein and Mu'Ammar Kadhafi as pretender to the ungrateful role of Antichrist.
Yet none among them can be the real Antichrist, I give reasons of it to the medicated chapter of antichrists.
Many wait for the end of the world and Jesus' return for soon, but lots of events can occur and can scramble cards.
Since so many years, so of false alerts one to muddle cards that the apocalypse became for many a topic of mockery.
It is necessary to remember that no one knows the date and the hour.
But we know by many signs that it is probably in this century and maybe same from here about twenty years that tribulations and Jesus' return will become a reality.
But before the arrival of the Antichrist, disturbing but distorded revelations, traps and false documents, distresses and many other things are going to shake the major part of the Christian of all denominations, so that it will put in doubt the existence of only one God and Jesus' resurrection.
The discouragement and the doubt will either choke or kill the faith of a big majority of Christians in the world, including those that are, or believe themself, or that say to be born again, they will be suck in the whirlwind of the big apostasy and risk to finish among the blind sheep that will follow the false Christ.

Les événements du 11 septembre 2001 et une guerre contre l'Irak on ravivé, chez certains, la crainte de la venue de l'Antéchrist et d'une troisième guerre mondiale sinon même de la fin du monde.
Ousama ben Laden a maintenant succédé à Saddam Hussein et Mu'Ammar Kadhafi comme prétendant au rôle ingrat d'Antéchrist.
Pourtant aucun d'entre eux ne peut être le véritable Antéchrist, j'en donne les raisons au chapitre traitant des antéchrists.
Beaucoup attendent la fin du monde et le retour de Jésus pour bientôt, mais biens des événements peuvent advenir et brouiller les cartes.
Depuis tant d'années, tellement de fausses alertes on embrouiller les cartes que l'apocalypse est devenue pour beaucoup un sujet de moquerie.
Il faut se souvenir que nul ne sait la date et l'heure.
Mais nous savons par de nombreux signes que c'est probablement dans ce siècle et peut-être même d'ici une vingtaine d'années que les tribulations et le retour de Jésus deviendra une réalité incontournable.
Mais avant l'arrivé de l'Antéchrist, des révélations troublantes mais déformer, des pièges et des faux documents, des bouleversements et bien d'autres choses vont ébranler la majeure partie des chrétiens de toutes dénominations, pour que soit mise en doute l'existence d'un seul Dieu et de la résurrection de Jésus.
Le découragement et le doute étoufferont ou même tueront la foi d'une grande majorité des chrétiens dans le monde, incluant ceux qui sont, qui se croit, ou qui se disent naître de nouveau, ils seront ainsi aspirés dans le tourbillon de la grande apostasie et risquent fortement de finir parmi les moutons aveugles qui suivront le faux Christ.



-3 -




Chapter 1

Chapitre I


The two Antichrists, the truth and the false.
The Antichrist describes in the Bible is very different than the popular imagery, that describes it like a military and mad man, a kind of war monster, an apocalyptic, or a mad politician, a man with the number 666 written on the forehead or the nape.
Several former candidates to this sad title followed each other in the past.
There was Neron, Caligula, some popes, Napoleon, Hitler, and many others.
There are now modern versions as Ousama Ben Laden that now followed to Saddam Hussein and Mu'Ammar Kadhafi as pretender to the ungrateful role of Antichrist.
Who are our three principals pretender of the Antichrist's throne?

Ousama Ben Laden

Ousama Ben Laden, now again more sadly fears and famous since September 11, 2001, was born in 1957 to Ryad in Saudi Arabia.
Son of a Yemenit family he inherited his father's fortune.
In the beginning of his academic survey he had years a dissolute life, but his meeting with a Palestinian of the name Abdullah Azzam, historic and spiritual ringleader of the Ammas group, transforms him deeply and pushes him to the deepened and obtuse reading of the Koran.
The invasion of Afghanistan by the USSR in 1979 inflames the young mind of Ben Laden and he is among the first has enroll itself against Russian.
Little by little he becomes the terrorist that one now knows.
Certain see him as the future Antichrist, I doubt it.
And now to the other candidate tour in list.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was born in 1937 in Tikrit in Iraq.
He becomes president of the republic Iraqi.
Hussein is a religious, atheistic forgery he converted in Islam to win the favour of the Moslem of his country and the remainder of Islam! In 1980 he declares the war to Iran and in 1988 intervenes a cease-fire.
In 1990 he invades and annexed Kuwait, what triggers in 1991 the war of the gulf.
HE actively sustained, but more discreetly now, the anti - American terrorism.
He was again the ideal candidate ideal for Antichrist's role.

Les deux Antéchrists, le vrai et le faux.
L'Antéchrist décrit dans la Bible est très différent de l'imagerie populaire, qui le décrit comme un Antéchrist militaire et enragée, une espèce de monstre guerrier, un politicien apocalyptique, ou même un fou avec le nombre 666 écrit sur le front ou la nuque.
Plusieurs ex-candidats à ce triste titre se sont succédé dans le passé.
Il y a eu Néron, Caligula, certains papes, Napoléon, Hitler, et bien d'autres.
Il y a maintenant des candidats versions modernes comme Ousama bien Laden qui a maintenant succédé à Saddam Hussein et Mu'Ammar Kadhafi comme prétendant au rôle ingrat d'Antéchrist.
Qui sont nos trois principaux prétendants au trône d'Antéchrist ?

Ousama ben Laden

Ousama ben Laden, maintenant encore plus tristement craint et célèbre depuis le 11 septembre 2001, est née en 1957 à Ryad en Arabie Saoudite.
Fils d'une famille Yéménite il a hérité de la fortune de son père.
Au début de ses années d'étude universitaire il mène une vie dissolue, mais sa rencontre avec un Palestinien du nom Abdullah Azzam, meneur historique et spirituel du groupe Ammas, le transforme profondément et le pousse à l'étude approfondie mais obtus du Coran.
L'invasion de l'Afghanistan par l'URSS en 1979 enflamme l'esprit dû jeune ben Laden et il est parmi les premiers a s'enrôler contre les russes.
Peu à peu il devient le terroriste que l'on connaît maintenant.
Certain le voit comme le futur Antéchrist, j'en doute, et maintenant au tour des autres candidats en liste.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein est né en 1937 à Tikrit en Irak.
Il devient président de la république Irakienne.
Hussein est un faux religieux, athée il se convertie à l'Islam pour gagner la faveur des musulmans de son pays et du reste de l'Islam! En 1980 il déclare la guerre à l'Iran et en 1988 intervient un cessez-le-feu.
En 1990 il envahit puis annexé le Koweit, ce qui déclenche en 1991 la guerre du golfe.
IL soutenait activement, mais plus discrètement maintenant, le terrorisme anti-Américain.
Avant le 11 Septembre 2001 il était encore le candidat idéal pour le rôle d'Antéchrist.



-4 -




Mu'Ammar Kadhafi

Mu'Ammar Kadhafi, which many one forgotten, was born in 1942 in Syrte in Libya.
In 1969, a free officer coup d'etat made of Kadhafi the master of Libya.
His support to the terrorist organizations to surroundings of years 80 worth him of the American reprisals and makes him known to the western world.
He was also, at this time, a candidate to Antichrist's famous role.
Well other has or still always on this list of candidates, like the pope, the president of the United States, Bill Gâte, and even the World Wide Web of the Internet, etc.
None of between them cannot be the real Antichrist.
It is necessary to forget the idea of a military Antichrist and chief of an army.
He will only be after some times, but especially not in the beginning, because all expecting a soldier or a politician dictator, in good strategist it is necessary to know that he will come under a saint's shape, the Antichrist will win this world without weapons.
In short in the beginning...for some years.
Since some years the geological and meteorological distresses are very frequent, and the global warming accelerates them.
Thus, with a war and distresses, great number of peoples would fear that it is now the end of the world.
A man is going to conquer and unify the Middle East, all will believe that he is the Antichrist, and then he will be killed or will disappear suddenly, to be replaced by the seducer, the real Antichrist that he will tell himself to be the saviour and will take control and bring the peace to strengthen his power on earth.

Mu'Ammar Kadhafi

Mu'Ammar Kadhafi, que beaucoup on oublié, est née en 1942 à Syrte en Libye.
En 1969, un coup d'état des officiers libres fait de Kadhafi le maître de la Libye.
Son soutien aux organisations terroristes au milieux des années 80 lui vaut des représailles américaines et le font connaître au monde occidental.
Il était lui aussi, à cette époque, un candidat au fameux rôle d'Antéchrist.
Bien d'autre ont ou sont toujours sur cette liste de candidats, comme le pape, le président des États-Unis, Bill Gate, et même le World Wide Web de l'Internet, etc.
Aucun d'entre-eux ne peut être le véritable Antéchrist.
Il faut se méfier de l'idée d'un Antéchrist militaire et chef d'une armée, il ne le sera qu'après quelques temps, mais surtout pas au début, car tous s'attendant à un militaire ou un politicien dictateur, en bon stratège il faut savoir qu'en venant sous la forme d'un saint, l'Antéchrist gagnera ce monde sans armes.
Enfin au début...pour quelques années.
Depuis quelques années les bouleversements géologiques et météorologiques sont très fréquents, et le réchauffement de la planète les accélère.
Ainsi, avec une guerre et des bouleversements, bien des gens craindraient que ce soit maintenant la fin du monde.
Un homme va conquérir et unifier le Moyen-Orient, tous croiront qu'il est l'Antéchrist, puis il sera tué ou disparaîtra soudainement, pour être remplacé par le séducteur, le véritable Antéchrist qui lui se dira le sauveur et prendra contrôle et amènera la paix pour ensuite consolider son pouvoir sur terre.



-5 -




The Antichrist's great power is well more in the seduction and the nice talking that in an army, the Antichrist is the one that will disown Jesus and will want to take his place, while speaking of peace, sharing and justice...he will seem light.
For the Christian he will tell himself to be the Christ, for the Buddhist he will tell himself to be the last of Buddha, for the Moslem he will tell himself to be the successor of Mohamed, and so on.
It will be a man of big charisma and as all would believe to see the end of the world, this man has a saint's pace, this false Christ, would arrive to save the world.
He would be the founder of a lie religion embroidered of some truths that would be unique and world wide.
Forget those histories and movies or the Antichrist is an admitted sorcerer with a mark of three 6 on the forehead or the nape, because such a man would not have been able to influence on a big part of the world population that would mistrust of him.
The Antichrist could even surround himself with a false Jesus, a false Buddha, a false Mohamed, or all other similar characters, so that all religions seem to be represented.
He will be a being, to saint's paces, and as a being has multiple personalities, a holy facet and a facet to hide, diabolic and egocentric.
He believe himself to be a saint who wants to save the world and to put an end to inequalities on earth, but he is just a man, not the Christ and not even a saint.

Le grand pouvoir de l'Antéchrist est bien plus dans la séduction et les belles paroles que dans une armée, l'Antéchrist est celui qui reniera Jésus et voudra prendre sa place en parlant de paix, de partage et de semblera lumière .
Pour les chrétiens, il se dira le Christ, pour les bouddhistes il se dira le dernier des Bouddhas, pour les musulmans il se dira le successeur de Mahomet, ainsi de suite.
Ce sera un homme de grand charisme et au moment où tous croiraient voir la fin du monde, cet homme a l'allure d'un saint, ce faux Christ, arriverait pour sauver le monde.
Il serait le fondateur d'une religion de mensonges enjolivés de quelques vérités qui serait unique et mondiale.
Oublier ces histoires et films ou l'Antéchrist est un sorcier avoué ou même marquer de trois 6 sur le front ou la nuque, car un tel homme aurait peut d'influence sur une grande partie de la population mondiale qui se méfierait de lui.
L'Antéchrist pourrait même s'entourer d'un faux Jésus, d'un faux Bouddha, d'un faux Mahomet, ou de tous autres personnages semblables, pour que toutes les religions semblent être représentées.
Il sera un être, aux allures de saint, et aussi un être a personnalités multiples, une facette sainte et une facette cacher, diabolique et égocentrique.
Il doit de lui-même sembler être et même se croire un saint qui veut sauver le monde et mettre fin aux inégalités sur terre.



-6 -




This false Christ, who will be the head of a small group of false masters, will seem to make or will make in all good faith, all possible but very relative effort, and this with big miracles, to change the world according to the popular ( but distorted) ideas of the justice and the sharing.
But all that with an enormous pride, and disguised blasphemy towards God and Christ.
Nearly all will see a saint there, they will follow him with joy, in any case in the beginning.
The Antichrist will be a surprise, of big miracles, big movement of crowds, big conversions, the black will seem light, the true light will be hidden and veiled by the false light.
To all it will be added a world government and only one currency.
The present technology and the Internet their will permit a narrow surveillance of our private life and opinions.
Many peoples will take the mark of the Beast to make live their family, they will say that they continue to believe in Jesus and that it is only to feed their family that they enter in the system of the beast.
This is not only a mark but also a minuscule electronic implant under the skin or in the body, they can also make it without no visible and recognizable mark, without awaken suspicions, yet the Bible is clear in the texts of the apocalypse, it is written, to don't take the mark and and enter in the world system direct by the Antichrist and the Beast, and even though it is only indirectly, they would direct nevertheless the system.
Don't believe that you are going to see a 666 on a mark or an implant and besides this is not necessarily a physical mark, because the Antichrist knows what people wait and believe about the mark, therefore in good strategist and in seducer he will make everything that is able to make something else different that what is known and waited from all.
And there are means then so that the mark or the electronic implant become well more dangerous than it will seem, they can be used jointly to the nanotechnology for the indirect control of your thoughts and to make you docile as sheep and under the Antichrist's control! The nanotechnology is a new science and technique that permit to manufacture objects of the size of a cell or same of a molecule.
Already of micro-robots that one names nano - robot and size of molecule is now functional.

Ce faux Christ, qui sera à la tête d'un petit groupe de faux maîtres, semblera faire ou fera en toute bonne foi, tout son très relatif possible et ce avec de grands miracles, pour changer la terre selon l'idée populaire, mais faussée, de la justice et du partage.
Mais tout ça teinter d'un énorme orgueil, et d'un blasphème envers Dieu et Jésus-Christ.
Presque tous y verront un saint, ils le suivront avec joie, en tout cas au début.
L'Antéchrist sera une surprise, de grands miracles, de grand mouvement de foules, de grandes conversions, le noir semblera lumière, la vraie lumière sera cachée et voilée par la fausse lumière.
À tout cela s'ajoutera un gouvernement mondial et une seule monnaie.
La technologie actuelle et l'Internet leurs permettront une surveillance étroite de notre vie privée et de nos opinions.
Biens des gens prendront la marque de la Bête pour faire vivre leur famille, ils diront qu'ils continuent de croire en Jésus et que ce n'est que pour nourrir leur famille qu'ils entrent dans le système.
Ce n'est pas seulement une marque mais aussi un minuscule implant électroniques sous la peau ou dans le corps, ils peuvent aussi le faire sans aucune marque visible et reconnaissable pour ne pas éveiller les soupçons, pourtant la Bible est claire, car dans les textes de l'apocalypse il est écrit , qu'il ne faut en aucun cas prendre la marque et entrer dans le système mondial diriger par l'Antéchrist et la Bête, et même si ce n'est qu'indirectement, ils dirigeraient quand même le système.
Ne croyez pas que vous allez voir un 666 sur une marque ou un implant et de plus ce n'est pas nécessairement une marque physique, car l'Antéchrist sait ce que les gens attendent et croient à propos de là marque, donc en bon stratège et en séducteur il fera tout ce qui peut pour faire autre chose que ce qui est connu et attendu de tous.
Et puis il y a des moyens pour que la marque ou l'implant électronique deviennent bien plus dangereux qu'ils en auront l'air, ils peuvent être utilisé conjointement à la nanotechnologie pour le contrôle indirect de vos pensées et pour vous rendre docile comme des moutons et sous le contrôle de l'Antéchrist! Le nanotechnologie est une nouvelle science et technique qui permet de fabriquer des objets ou des micros mécaniques de la taille d'une cellule ou même d'une molécule.
Déjà des micros robots que l'on nomme nano-robot et de la taille de quelques molécules sont maintenant fonctionnels.



-7 -




It will be possible to insert a large number of those nanos robots in the mark or the implant of the beast, these ways those nanos robots would go in the brain by the arteries and would generate minuscule electric stimuli that would change you progressively to brought you to be very receptive to the Antichrist's words.
To avoid taking the mark will be to make exchange of good and services between those that won't want to be in the world system and the Antichrist's religion.
At its abolition the currency of paper could be to keep and not to be put back to banks, so it would be a currencies in a parallel economic system.
You will also leave cities and gather in small comunity like the first Christian.

Il sera possible d'insérer un grand nombre de ces nanos robots dans la marque ou l'implant de la bête, de ces façons ces nano robots se rendraient au cerveau par les artères et généreraient de minuscules stimulus électriques qui vous vous changeraient progressivement pour vous amené a être très réceptif aux paroles de l'Antéchrist.
Un moyen d'éviter de prendre la marque sera de faire du "troc", c'est-à-dire des échanges de bien et services entre ceux qui ne voudront pas être dans le système mondial et la religion de l'Antéchrist.
à son abolition, la monnaie de papier pourrait être garder aux lieux d'être remis aux banques, pour servir de monnaies dans un système économique parallèle.
Vous pourrez aussi sortir des villes et vous rassembler en commune comme l'ont fait les premiers chrétiens.



Chapter 2

Chapitre II


The false archaeological document.

Le faux document archéologique.



Since the beginning Jesu had a lot of enemies, a large number of people since centuries done everything to discredit Jesus and the Bible, and this in all possible manners.
Above all the goal of Jesus' enemies is to destroy a big part of the Christian faith in the world and therefore to push them in the big apostasy.
There were all ways of assaults against the Christian faith, the extremist sects, and well of other things.
Now remains to come, the seducer (the false Christ, the Antichrist).
One of the first stages before the arrival of the false Christ is the near complete loss of the Christian faith in the world, the big apostasy, without this stage, the coming of the seducer (the antichrist) would be impossible, because he would have too many oppositions to his projects.

Depuis le tout début Jésus a eu beaucoup d'ennemis, il en est de même pour la Bible.
Un grand nombre de gens depuis des siècles ont tout fait pour discréditer Jésus et la Bible, et ce de toutes les manières possibles.
Avant tout le but des ennemies de Jésus est de détruire une grande partie de la foi chrétienne dans le monde et donc de pousser au maximum la grande apostasie.
Il y a eu toutes sortes d'assauts contre la foi chrétienne, les folies de l'inquisition, les sectes extrémistes, et bien d'autres choses.
Il reste maintenant à venir, l'arrivé du séducteur (le faux Christ, l'Antéchrist).
L'une des premières étapes avant la venue du faux Christ est la perte presque totale de la foi chrétienne dans le monde, la grande apostasie, sans cette étape, là venue du séducteur (l'antéchrist) ne serait pas possible, car il aurait trop d'oppositions a ses projets.



-8 -




I believe that it would be especially an archaeological discovery that will cause the rise of the big apostasy and the fall of an incredible number of Christians.
The texts would say that Jesus didn't die on the cross or is not resurrected.
A large number of people of all classes hate the idea of the resurrection of Jesus and would be the most fervid apostles of this or these false text(s), scientists would get involved in a crusade to convince people that those texts would be true.
A big apostasy would follow the text revelation, the truth of the Bible would be rejected by a greater number than now and a short time after, the false Christ would gain in strength.
One can also expect some kind of official encounter with aliens whom they would bring their doubtful version of a religion that would exclude Jesus Christ, the such being arrival on earth could cause big religious crash and the fall down of the Christian faith.
It is possible that there is not only angels elsewhere in the universe, even though there were other planets with intelligent beings, and in spite of all their marvellous technologies they would be only our neighbours, they would be created by God, and some could be even God's enemies.
I had, by the daily use of the Internet, the opportunity to talk with Internauts of the world and often they confide me of news on the various topics.
Some among them are fascinated of sciences, archaeology, history, physics, as well as the Bible.
To several opportunities of people spoke me of a underground rumor since several years.

Je crois que ce serait surtout une soit-disante découverte archéologique qui causera la montée de la grande apostasie et la chute d'un nombre incroyable de chrétiens.
Le ou les textes diraient que Jésus n'est pas mort sur la croix ou n'est pas ressuscité.
Un grand nombre de gens de toutes classes détestent l'idée de là résurrection de Jésus et serait les plus fervents apôtres de ce ou ces faux textes, des scientifiques se lancerait dans une croisade pour convaincre les gens que ces textes seraient vrais.
Une grande apostasie suivrait de peu la publication de tels textes, la vérité de la Bible serait rejetée par un plus grand nombre que maintenant et peu de temps après sont apparition, le faux Christ gagnerait en force et pouvoir.
On peut aussi s'attendre à quelques espèces de rencontres (ou soi-disantes rencontres) officiel avec des extra-terrestres qui eux amèneraient leur version douteuse d'une religion qui exclurait Jésus-Christ, la venue de tels êtres sur terre pourrait causer de grands troubles religieux et la descente en flèche de la foi chrétienne.
Il est possible qu'il n'y ait pas que des anges ailleurs dans l'univers, même s'il y avait d'autres planètes habitées d'êtres intelligents , et malgré toutes leurs merveilleuses technologies, ils ne seraient que nos voisins, eux aussi créés par Dieu, et certains pourraient même être des ennemies de Dieu.
J'ai eu de par l'utilisation quotidienne de l'Internet l'occasion de nouer des liens d'amitiés avec des Internautes de par le monde et souvent ils me confient des nouvelles ou des primeurs sur des sujets divers.
Certains d'entre eux sont passionnés de sciences.
d'archéologie, d'histoire, de physique, ainsi que de la Bible.
A plusieurs occasions des gens me parlaient d'une rumeur sourde depuis plusieurs années.



-9 -




This rumor concerns the biblical texts and a directly supposedly historic document.
History abounds of false documents, some tell themselves Essenians, there is also the gospel of Thomas that is a forgery with a strong Gnostic resonance, and then at the thirteenth century ,Tibetan monk, in answer to the arrival of Christian missionaries, had created of all pieces Jean's false gospel that was of course with strong Buddhist tendencies.
Examples of these kinds are not always rare and continuous same in our time.
But until now it was very imperfect forgeries and sometimes coarse, but that one will be sharpness and a perfection that will hurl down the great apostasy.
I already suspected that something as a false archaeological discovery or a false old document would come to give a very big stroke sooner or later against the Christian faith in the world.
The document or artefact would say or would suggest strongly that Jesus is not resurrected.
Some various science people and specialties have, since decades, to look for, by all means that they could pay for themselves, found or counterfeit one or of documents that would imitate the style and the writing of one of apostles and that would say that Jesus is not resurrected.
The key test that should pass the document will be the one to the carbon 14.
Although since good numbers of years some put back in question the precision of the famous test to the carbon 14, that is to eyes of too many people the supreme test, this test is taken again very seriously.
Although most people believe that word papyrus is to describe an Egyptian document, the papyrus was used at the time of Jesus in Middle East.

Cette rumeur concerne directement les textes bibliques et un soi-disant document historique.
L'histoire foisonne de faux documents, certains se disent Esséniens, il y a aussi l'évangile de Thomas qui est un faux à forte résonance gnostique, et puis au treizième siècle des moines tibétains, en réponse à l'arrivé de missionnaires chrétiens, avait créé de toutes pièces un faux évangile de Jean qui était bien sûr à fortes tendances bouddhiste.
Les exemples de ces genres ne sont pas rares et continus toujours mêmes en notre époque.
Mais jusqu'à maintenant c'était des faux très imparfait et parfois grossier, mais celui-là sera d'une finesse et d'une perfection qui précipitera la grande apostasie.
Je soupçonnais déjà que quelque chose comme une fausse découverte archéologique ou un faux document ancien viendrait tôt ou tard donner un très grand coup contre la foi chrétienne dans le monde.
Le dit document ou même un artefact dirait ou suggérerait fortement que Jésus n'est pas ressuscité.
Certaines gens de diverses sciences et spécialités ont, depuis des décennies, chercher, par tous les moyens qu'ils pouvaient se payer, a trouvé ou contrefaire un ou des documents qui imiteraient le style et l'écriture d'un des apôtres et qui dirait que Jésus n'est pas ressuscité.
Le test clé que devra passer le document sera celui au carbone 14.
Bien que depuis bons nombres d'années certains remettent en question la précision du fameux test au carbone 14, qui est aux yeux de trop de gens le test suprême, ce test est encore pris très au sérieux.
Bien que la plupart des gens croient que le mot papyrus est pour décrire un document égyptien, le papyrus était encore utilisé au Moyen-Orient à l'époque de Jésus.



-10 -




The parchment in goat skin was another material for the writing, and for the shorter texts they used ostrasases that were merely fragments of potteries.
I don't believe that the public will make a difference there anyway to the apparition of the false document.
There are two possibilities mainly.
The first is old and far from us.
It would be the result of a man's hate that would have lived at the time of Jesus.
This man would have become friends with a friend or a disciple of apostles.
HE could spy on their life and gestures and could choose an apostle easily accessible.
He would have stolen the papyrus and ink, as well as a text wrote by this apostle.
Once the all in hand and with a good knowledge of life and Jesus' words this man was able to either to make it of himself or to ask have a forger, because there were already forgers at this time.
The remainder is easy imagined.
Then he would hide this text in a remote place that would become one day an archaeological site, the text would be discovered nowadays among other documents and consider as authentic.
The other method is modern.
Because if no serious and practically perfect false text would have been made in the days of Jesus, the technology and the modern science, permit to make a false archaeological document that would pass the test of the carbon 14 dating, of exam to ultraviolet, of stylistic analyses and graphologic of the text and all other tests to which it would be submitted.

Le parchemin en peau de chèvre était un autre matériau pour l'écriture, et pour les textes plus courts ils utilisaient des ostrasas qui étaient simplement des fragments de poteries.
Je ne crois pas que le grand public y fera une différence de toute façon à l'apparition du faux document.
Il y a principalement deux possibilités.
La première est ancienne et loin de nous.
Elle serait le résultat de la haine d'un homme qui aurait vécu à l'époque de Jésus.
Cet homme se serait lié d'amitié avec un ami ou disciple des apôtres.
IL pouvait ainsi épier les faits et gestes des ceux-ci et choisir un apôtre facilement accessible.
Il aurait volé du papyrus et de l'encre, ainsi qu'un texte écrit de la main de cet apôtre.
Une fois le tout en main et avec une bonne connaissance de la vie et des paroles de Jésus cet homme pouvait soit le faire de lui-même ou demander a un faussaire, car il y avait déjà des faussaires à cette époque.
Le reste est facile a imaginé.
Puis il cacherait ce texte dans un endroit retirer qui deviendrait un jour un site archéologique, le texte, seul ou parmi d'autres documents, serait découvert de nos jours et considérer comme authentique.
L'autre méthode est moderne.
Car si aucun faux texte sérieux et pratiquement parfait n'aurait été fait du temps de Jésus, la technologie et la science moderne, permettent, biens qu'avec grandes difficultés, de faire un faux document archéologique qui passerait le test de datations au carbone 14, d'examen aux ultraviolets, d'analyses stylistiques et graphologiques du texte et tous autres tests auxquels il serait soumis.
Grossièrement, voici comment on peut procéder.



-11 -




They would find a documents from the time of Jesus and a region where one used the same type of papyrus that the one that was use by apostles.
IT is preferable to find one that is virgin and has being protected from light and the ambient air, because the color changes after 2000 years of oxidization to air.
For ink, if it is impossible to find an intact time ink not damaged by age and the oxygen of air, it is necessary to dilute ink on a papyrus of that time, but without changing the quantity of present carbon 14 isotopes in that ink, because the dating would be at the time non compliant with Jesus time.
Other problem would be to surmounted, but the science and money helping, they would succeed.
And they would find a forger of genius and send him in museum in Rome to study the canonical texts known and written of the apostle hand.
Then they would place this text in a hidden place that is an archaeological site or that will be discovered and of it will become one, discreetly they would direct an inocent archaeologists toward this site, so, the text, only or would be discovered one day among other documents or the other and considered like authentic.
A creation in laboratory can be perfected practically but a text writes by a forger of Jesus' time is very superior, and then this is not a simple theories, because such a forgery will be one of the reason of the downfall of a great part of the Christian faith.
The majority of people in the world won't give themselves the trouble to try to know the bottom and the truth of such a document and they will be content with the news of it in the evening the narration of the discovery of a sensational document without putting in doubt any affirmations of scientists that will speak about it.

Vous trouver dès documents de l'époque de Jésus et d'une région où l'on utilisait le même type de papyrus que celui utiliser par les apôtres.
IL est préférable d'en trouver qui soient vierges et a l'abri de la lumière et de l'air ambiant, car la couleur change après 2000 ans d'oxydation à l'air.
Pour l'encre, s'il est impossible de trouver une encre d'époque intacte et non dégrader par l'âge et l'oxygène de l'air, il faut diluer l'encre sur un papyrus d'époque, mais sans changer la quantité des isotopes de carbone 14 présents dans l'encre, car la datation serait non conforme à l'époque de Jésus.
Biens d'autres problèmes seraient a surmonté mais la science et l'argent aidant, ils réussiraient.
Une fois le tout terminer vous trouver un faussaire de génie et l'envoyer étudier les textes canoniques connus et écrit de la main d'apôtres.
Puis ils placeraient ce texte dans un endroit caché qui est un site archéologique ou qui sera découvert et en deviendra un, discrètement ils dirigeraient par personne interposer des archéologues vers ce site, ainsi, le texte, seul ou parmi d'autres documents, serait découvert un jour ou l'autre et considéré comme authentiques.
Une création en laboratoire peut être pratiquement parfait mais une texte écrit par un faussaire de l'époque de Jésus est très supérieur, et puis ce n'est pas de simples théories, car un tel faux sera là probable cause de l'écroulement d'une grande partie de la foi chrétienne.
La majorité des gens dans le monde ne se donneront pas la peine de chercher à connaître le fond et le vrai d'un tel document et ils se contenteront d'écouter aux nouvelles du soir le récit de la découverte d'un document sensationnel sans mettre en doute les affirmations des scientifiques qui en parleront à tous et à tout-venant.



-12 -




The nonconformist researchers who will want to say the truth will be separated and discreetly force to silence.
This false document could be a part of events that could occur to push the great apostasy in depth.
When the Christian would be reduced to a weak number, all kind of big natural disasters, of big wars, of false Christs, would not be interpreted according to texts of the apocalypse but according to various other texts, a certain number of people would preach prophecies from Nostradamus, others would speak of the big cosmic masters or Mother Nature.
So all those succession of events could occur henceforth and could prepare the Antichrist's arrival.

Les chercheurs dissidents qui voudront dire la vérité seront écartés et discrètement forcer au silence.
Ce faux document pourrait être qu'une partie des événements qui pourrait se produire pour pousser à fond la grande apostasie.
Quand les vrais chrétiens seront réduits à un faible nombre, tout espèces de grandes catastrophes naturelles, de grandes guerres, de faux Christs, ne serait presque plus interprété selon les textes de l'apocalypse mais selon divers autres textes, un certain nombre de gens prêcheraient les prophéties piéger de Nostradamus, d'autres parleraient des grands maîtres cosmiques ou simplement de mère nature.
Ainsi toute une succession d'événements pourrait désormais se produire et préparer la venue de l'Antéchrist.


Chapter 3

Chapitre III



The rapture of the Christian, before or after tribulations?

L'enlèvement des chrétiens, avant ou après les tribulations ?



Since good number of years the idea of an rapture of the Christian before the big tribulations became very popular.

Depuis bon nombre d'années l'idée d'un enlèvement des chrétiens avant les grandes tribulations est devenues très populaires.


-13 -




Most say that all the Christian whose faith is without compromise (according to their criteria's) will be removed before the tribulations.
We will be on time of tribulations, apostasy and persecutions, the only lightses that will carry the light of the faith.
We will be workers of God, small and big, that will help brought back the faith to the Christian in those time of doubt.
Why do we want to desert God's fields ? We all have a big test of the faith to pass, tribulations are this test, God will watch over us.
Be on your guards at less and lent not too much serious those that only swear by a rapture before tribulations.
To keep in head that you can be on earth in these uneasy times and that it is not better to make of the rapture a doctrine, because what the state of your faith will be, if in spite of all your hopes to be removed you are still on earth in the time of the great tribulations? Here are some biblical chapters that sustain my to say all the same; (Version Louis Segond) (I underlined in capital the meaningful parts of verses.

Certains ne comptent dans le lot de l'enlèvement que les 144,000 élue, d'autre disent que ce n'est que "Leur" groupe (secte) qui sera enlever, les plus généreux disent que tout les chrétiens dont la foi est sans compromis (selon leurs critères) seront enlevé.
Nous serons dans les temps de tribulations, d'apostasie et de persécutions, les seuls phares qui porteront la lumière de la foi.
Nous serons les ouvriers, petits et grands, qui aideront a ramené la foi chez les chrétiens troubler et dans le doute, et bien d'autres petits et grands travaux pour la foi demandent notre présence.
Pourquoi voulons-nous déserter les champs de Dieu ? Nous avons tout une grande épreuve de la foi à passer, les tribulations sont cette épreuve, Dieu veillera sur nous.
A tout le moins, soyez sur vos gardes et ne prêté pas trop de sérieux ceux qui ne jurent que par un enlèvement avant les tribulations.
Garder en tête que vous pouvez être encore sur terre en ces temps troublés et qu'il vaut mieux ne pas faire de l'enlèvement une doctrine, car quel sera l'état de votre foi en Dieu si malgré tout vos espoirs d'être enlevé vous êtes toujours sur terre en ces moments troublés?? Voici tout de même quelques chapitres bibliques qui soutiennent mes dire; (Version Louis Segond) (J'ai souligné en majuscule les parties significatives des versets.



-14 -




Math. 24:13 " but the one that will persevere until THE END will be saved ".

Mathieu. 24:13 "Mais celui qui persévérera JUSQU'à LA FIN sera sauvé.



Math. 24:15 " it is why, when you will see the abomination of the desolation, of which spoke the Daniel prophet, established in holy place,--That the one that reads makes attention!-- "
(Note; to see the abomination of the desolation it is necessary to be on earth during the great tribulations, otherwise why warn us? because that also concerns the elected.)

Mathieu. 24:15 "c'est pourquoi, lorsque vous verrez l'abomination de la désolation, dont a parlé le prophète Daniel, établi en lieu saint, --Que celui qui lit fasse attention!--"
note; pour voir l'abomination de la désolation, il faut être sûr terre durant les grandes tribulations, sinon pourquoi nous en avertir, car ça concerne aussi les élus.)



Math. 24:22 " and, if these days were not abridged, no one would be saved; but, BECAUSE OF THE ELECTED those days will be abridged ".
(Note: Because of the elected., therefore the elected won't be removed before tribulations, otherwise why God would shorten this time because of the elected? You don't made an important thing that of shorten those days if the elected has already left the earth.)

Mathieu. 24:22 "Et, si ces jours n'étaient abrégés, personne ne serait sauvé; mais, A CAUSE DES ELUS, ces jours seront abrégés.
(Note: A cause des élus., donc les élus ne seront pas enlevés avant les tribulations, sinon pourquoi Dieu écourterait celle-ci à cause des élus? Vous ne faite une chose aussi importante que d'abrégés ces jours pour des élus qui sont déjà partis de la terre.)



1 Thess. 4:13 We don't want, brothers, that you are in the ignorance about those that sleep, so that you were not distressed as the others that don't have a hope.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:13 Nous ne voulons pas, frères, que vous soyez dans l'ignorance au sujet de ceux qui dorment, afin que vous ne vous affligiez pas comme les autres qui n'ont point d'espérance.



1 Thess. 4:14 So, if we believe that Jesus died and that he is revived, also believe that God will bring back by Jesus and with him those that died.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:14 Car, si nous croyons que Jésus est mort et qu'il est ressuscité, croyons aussi que Dieu ramènera par Jésus et avec lui ceux qui sont morts.



1 Thess. 4:15 Has, indeed, what we declare you according to the speech of the Lord: us them living, remained for the advent of the Lord, we won't precede those that died.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:15 Voici, en effet, ce que nous vous déclarons d'après la parole du Seigneur: nous les vivants, restés pour l'avènement du Seigneur, nous ne devancerons pas ceux qui sont morts.



1 Thess. 4:16 Because the Lord himself, to a given signal, to the voice of an archangel, and will come down from the sky to the sound of God's trumpet, and deaths in Christ will first revive.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:16 Car le Seigneur lui-même, à un signal donné, à la voix d'un archange, et au son de la trompette de Dieu, descendra du ciel, et les morts en Christ ressusciteront premièrement.



1 Thess. 4:17 Then, us them living, that will have remained, we will be together all removed with them on clouds, to the meeting of the Lord in airs, and so we will always be with the Lord.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:17 Ensuite, nous les vivants, qui seront restés, nous serons tous ensemble enlevés avec eux sur des nuées, à la rencontre du Seigneur dans les airs, et ainsi nous serons toujours avec le Seigneur.



1 Thess. 4:18 Comfort you therefore one another by these words.

1 THESSALONICIENS 4:18 Consolez-vous donc les uns les autres par ces paroles.



2 Thess.2:1 For what concerns the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ AND OUR MEETING WITH HIM we pray you, brothers,

2 Thessaloniciens 2:1 Pour ce qui concerne l'avènement de notre Seigneur Jésus Christ ET NOTRE REUNION AVEC LUI, nous vous prions, frères,



2 Thess.2:2 not to let shake you easily in your common sense, and not to let disturb you very well by some inspirations, either by some speech, or by some letter that one would tell to come from us, as if the day of the Lord was already there.

2 Thessaloniciens 2:2 de ne pas vous laisser facilement ébranler dans votre bon sens, et de ne pas vous laisser troubler soit par quelques inspirations, soit par quelque parole, ou par quelque lettre qu'on dirait venir de nous, comme si le jour du Seigneur était déjà là.



2 Thess.2:3 that no one seduces you of no manners; because it is necessary that the apostasy arrived before, and that that one saw to appear the man of the sin, the son of the perdition...

2 Thessaloniciens 2:3 Que personne ne vous séduise d'aucunes manières; car il faut que l'apostasie soit arrivée auparavant, et que qu'on ait vu paraître l'homme du péché, le fils de la perdition...

-15 -




(Note "; for hundred that concern the advent of our Lord Jesus Christ AND OUR MEETING WITH HIM... , ...because it is necessary that the apostasy arrived BEFORE, and that that one saw to appear the man of the sin, the son of the perdition... , ... to see it is necessary that one is again on earth when the Antichrist will take the power, and one cannot seduce people already removed to be united with Jesus.)

(Note; " Pour cent qui concerne l'avènement de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ ET NOTRE REUNION AVEC LUI... , il faut que l'apostasie soit arrivée auparavant, et que qu'on ait vu paraître l'homme du péché, le fils de la perdition... , ... pour le voir il faut que l'on soit encore sur terre quand l'Antéchrist prendra le pouvoir, et l'on ne peut séduire de gens déjà enlevés pour être réunis avec Jésus.)



I don't want to do a war of chapter and biblical verses to know that is right, the rapture became the doctrine and the pill that healed of the tribulation fear, if there is not this famous rapture so therefore losses will be very heavy among the Christian, that for greatly won't have wanted to ever take too seriously these times of tests, too some to be not there present.
What subtle trap that to inspire this rapture doctrine with lots of book and video or either televised, to a very large number of Christian, to lull them and to falled them in great numbers, the day come of tribulations, the Devil, that is the great seducer already rubs his hands of contentment of it.
Years to come will be crucial for all Christian, some either their denomination, that they are evangelists, Catholic, Protestant, Mormons, etc., the relative tranquillity that they will live for some years that will precede tribulations, will already awaken some small doubt and insidious questions in the head of those that waited for Jesus' return for very soon, and traps, lies and false historic documents will be a very bad surprised for those that wait blindly for a rapture before tribulations.

Nul besoin de faire une guerre de chapitre et versets bibliques pour savoir qui a raison, l'enlèvement est devenu la doctrine et la pilule qui guéris de la peur des tribulations, si donc il n'y a pas ce fameux enlèvement les pertes seront très lourdes parmi les chrétiens, qui pour beaucoup n'auront jamais voulu prendre trop au sérieux ces temps d'épreuves, trop certaines de ne pas y être présentes.
Quel piège subtil que d'inspirer cette doctrine à grand renfort de livre et de document vidéo ou télévisé, à un très grand nombre de chrétiens, pour les endormir et les voir tomber, en aussi grand nombre, le jour venu des tribulations, le Diable, qui est le grand séducteur s'en frotte déjà les mains de contentement.
Les années à venir seront cruciales pour tous les chrétiens, quelque soit leur dénomination, qu'ils soient évangélistes, catholique, protestants, Mormons, etc., la relative tranquillité qu'ils vivront pour les quelques années qui précéderont les tribulations, éveilleront déjà quelque petit doute et questionnements insidieux dans la tête de ceux qui attendaient le retour de Jésus pour très bientôt, et les pièges, mensonges et faux documents historiques seront un bien mauvaise surprise pour ceux qui attendent aveuglément un enlèvement avant les tribulations.



-16 -




Jesus' " words doesn't mean one day at a time " that it is necessary to deny all prudences and providences, be " soft as lambs but wise as foxes " said Paul the apostle.
It is necessary to never accept a peace and a society that would disown Jesus Christ.
References, quotes and biblical excerpts are the from the Bible Version Louis Segond as well as Darby.
For all definitions and other biblical references I used; The Biblical Dictionary for all, of the Edition L.L.BS.


Les paroles de Jésus "Un jour à la fois" ne signifient pas qu'il faut nier toutes prudences et prévoyances, "Soyez doux comme des agneaux mais fin comme des renards" a dit Paul.
Il faut garder à l'esprit que quelques soit les événements a venir, il ne faut jamais accepter une paix et une société qui renierait Jésus Christ.
Les références, citations et extraits bibliques sont de la Bible Version Louis Segond ainsi que Darby.
Pour toutes définitions et autres références bibliques j'ai utilisé ; Le Dictionnaire Biblique pour tous, des Editions L.L.B.


Chapter 4

Chapitre IV


The difficult revelations.

Les révélations difficiles.



So, in the years to come, would came to shake worlds, irrefutable but difficult fact and revelations, that no one could put in doubt and even the Christian, they would be used by people that would make an unhealthy use of it and against the christians.
The Antichrist will use in his way some truths and revelations that could come in the next decades, but he will exaggerate and will distort (to amplify them) points that will SEEM to deny Jesus' resurrection.

Si, dans les années a venir, des révélations et des faits irréfutables, que nul ne pourrait mettre en doute, venaient secouer le monde et surtout les chrétiens , elles seraient utilisées par des gens qui en feraient un usage malsain.
Meme avant la venue de l'Antéchrist, ils utiliseront à leurs façon des vérités et révélations qui pourrait venir dans les décennies à venir, mais ils exagéreront et déformeront les points qui sembleront nier la résurrection de Jésus.


-17 -




Chapter 5

Chapitre V



The shroud of Turin

Le suaire de Turin


It is necessary to pass the too narrow way of worship without reserve, of that that the Christ himself would have considered as idolatry.
To consider the shroud like an incontestable historic proof created for us by Jesus Himself.
This relic must only constitute another historic proof and archaeological stake to our disposition to attest the truth of Jesus' resurrection.
The (holy) shroud of Turin is contested again, either in its authenticity is in its utility.
More and more proofs show that it is authentic, but lot of Christian see it as if all physical proofs of the resurrection were an insult to their eyes.
The Christ made the picture of the shroud for reasons that are certainly important, God doesn't make anything uselessly.
Here are some proofs of the authenticity of the shroud of Turin: The Doctor Avinoam Danin, a botanist of the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, demonstrates that the body of crucified has been covered of plants and flowers before being enveloped in cloth (the shroud) and that the picture of plants and grains of pollen only corresponded to those of a species growing in Palestine at the time of Jesus Christ.
Dmitri Kouznetsov, a Russian biochemist, completed three years of study on properties on the cloth of the Shroud.
According to Kouznetsov, the carbon 14 tests of 1988 is erroneous, the targeting was wrongly done.
He says that his alculations demonstrate to him that the age of the cloth of the Saint Shroud would be of more than 1800 years, and would date therefore of Jesus' time.

Il faut dépasser le cadre trop étroit d'une adoration sans réserve, de ce que le Christ lui-même aurait considéré comme de l'idolâtrie.
Pour considérer le suaire comme une preuve historique incontestable créée pour nous par Jésus.
Cette relique ne doit constituer qu'une autre preuve historique et archéologique mise à notre disposition pour attester de la vérité de la résurrection de Jésus.
Le (saint) suaire de Turin est encore contesté, soit dans son authenticité soit dans son utilité.
De plus en plus de preuves montrent qu'il est authentique, mais biens des chrétiens le boudent comme si toutes preuves physiques de la résurrection étaient une insulte à leurs yeux.
Le Christ a fait l'image du suaire pour des raisons qui Lui sont certainement importantes, Dieu ne fait rien inutilement.
Voici quelques preuves de l'authenticité du suaire de Turin: Le Docteur Avinoam Danin, un botaniste de l'université hébraïque de Jérusalem, démontre que le corps du crucifié a été couvert de plantes et de fleurs avant d'être enveloppé dans le tissu ou l'image s'est former, et que l'image des plantes et des grains de pollen correspondait seulement à ceux d'une espèce poussant en Terre Sainte à l'époque du Christ.
Dmitri Kouznetsov, un biochimiste Russe, a complété trois années d'études sur les propriétés du tissu du Suaire.
Selon Kouznetsov, les tests au carbone 14 de 1988 sont erronés.
Il dit que ces propres calculs lui démontrent que l'âge du tissu du Saint Suaire serait de plus de 1800 ans, et daterait donc de l'époque de Jésus.



-18 -




The X rays reveal that the picture is not painted, nor drawn ", but the linen underwent a light irradiation of 45 microns of depth and the picture is in three dimensions.
In 1992, the Center of Nuclear studies of Grenoble demonstrates that image on the shroud is provoked by a bombardment of protons.
Our body is composed to 60% of water, this liquid can free cores of deuterium, that, possess the particularity to break itself under the effect of a certain energy while freeing a proton and a neutron.
Of the same stroke neutrons freed by the deuterium have the property to enrich the cloth of linen in carbon 14, distorting results of the C-14 tests of 1988 thus while giving one date well younger than actually.
It is confirmed by the center of Saclay and the university of Toronto to Canada.
The dose of neutrons corresponds precisely to the one of protons capable to oxidize the linen.
It is explaining the formation of the picture and a mistake of the 13 century dating.
Jesus, in His resurrection, freed a great energy, freeing protons and neutrons that formed the picture on the shroud and have enriches carbon 14.
As Jesus, immobile extent, turned into energy, during the formation of are His new bodies of resurrection, the shroud descended slowly through this body of energy before His final formation in revived body.
That explains that bloodstains on the shroud formed themselves without distortions nor rip, proving that this cloth has not been removed from the body of Jesus in a normal way.

Les rayons X révèlent que l'image n'est "ni peinte, ni dessinée", mais le lin a subi une légère irradiation de 45 microns de profondeur et l'image est en trois dimensions.
En 1992, le Centre d'Etudes Nucléaires de Grenoble démontre que les tâches du linceul sont provoquées par un bombardement de protons.
Notre corps est composé à 60% d'eau, liquide pouvant libérer des noyaux de deutérium, qui, sous l'effet d'une certaine énergie, possède la particularité de se casser en libérant un proton et un neutron.
Du même coup, les neutrons libérés par le deutérium ont la propriété d'enrichir le tissu de lin en carbone 14 , faussant ainsi les résultats des tests C-14 de 1988 en donnant une date bien plus jeune qu'en réalité.
Ce fût confirmer par le centre de Saclay et l'université de Toronto au Canada.
La dose de neutrons correspond exactement à celle des protons capables d'oxyder le linge.
Cela explique la formation de l'image et une erreur de datation de 13 siècles.
Jésus, à sa résurrection, a libéré une formidable énergie, libérant des protons et de neutrons qui ont formé l'image sur le suaire et l'ont enrichit de carbone 14.
Au moment où Jésus, étendue immobile, se transformait en énergie, durant la formation de sont nouveau corps de ressusciter, le suaire descendait lentement au travers de ce corps d'énergie avant sa formation finale en corps ressuscitée.
Ce qui explique que les taches de sang sur le suaire se sont formé sans déformations ni déchirure, prouvant que ce tissu n'a pas été enlevé du corps de Jésus de façon normale.



-19 -




It's demonstrates the historic reality of the Jesus existence and good of proofs and prophecies come to confirm His resurrection.
Yet another prophecy quite unknown come to be added to all it.
In the Hindu texts of the Sahasra Namavali one can find a prophecy on the arrival and resurrection of Jesus that has been revealed to me by an old Hindu brahman converted to Jesus.

Pour finir, bien des textes démontrent la réalité historique de l'existence Jésus et bien des preuves et prophéties viennent confirmer sa résurrection.
Pourtant une autre prophétie tout à fait inconnue viens s'ajouter à tout cela.
Dans les textes Indou du Sahasra Namavali on peut trouver une surprenate prophétie sur la venue et résurrection de Jésus qui m'a été révélé par un ancien brahmane indou convertie à Jésus.



Here are the texts:

Voici les textes:



1. Ohm Shri Brahmaputraya Namaha: The one that is called Son of God.

1.Ohm Shri Brahmaputraya Namaha: Celui qui est appelé Fils de Dieu.



2. Ohm Shri Umathaya Namaha: The one that was born by the power of the mind.

2.Ohm Shri Umathaya Namaha: Celui qui est né par la puissance de L'Esprit.



3. Ohm Shri Kanni Sudhaya Namaha: The one that was born of a virgin.

3.Ohm Shri Kanni Sudhaya Namaha: Celui qui est né d'une vierge.



4. Ohm Shri Vruksha Shul Aruthaya Namaha: The one that it is offered in sacrifice on a three branches post.
(Note, it is the cross on which Jesus has been crucified of which speaks this text).

4.Ohm Shri Vruksha Shul Aruthaya Namaha: Celui qui c'est offert en sacrifice sur un poteau à trois branches.
(Note, c'est de la croix sur lequel Jésus a été crucifié dont parle ce texte).



5. Ohm Shri Mruthyum Jaya Namaha: The one that has the victory over the death.

5.Ohm Shri Mruthyum Jaya Namaha: Celui qui a la victoire sur la mort.



6. Ohm Shri Shibilistaya Namaha: The one that offered freely his flesh to be eaten by the saints (Note, reference to Jesus' speech; take, to eat, this is my body... drink all of it, because it is my blood.)

6.Ohm Shri Shibilistaya Namaha: Celui qui a offert de sont plein gré sont corps a mangé pour les saints (Note, référence à la parole de Jésus; prenez, manger, ceci est mon corps...buvez-en tous, car ceci est mon sang.)



7. Ohm Shri Maha Devaya Namaha: The one that is the Lord of lords.

7.Ohm Shri Maha Devaya Namaha: Celui qui est le Seigneur des seigneurs.



This Hindu prophecy makes very directly reference to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus as well as to His victory over the death and says He Is The Christ, because Lord of lords.

Cette prophétie Indou fait très directement référence à la crucifixion et résurrection de Jésus ainsi qu'à sa victoire sur la mort et le dit Christ, car Seigneur des seigneurs.



-20 -




All against the coming Antichrist So far I always thought that we alone, the Christians, would fight the antichrist, who is religious above all and not military.
After I have reread Theosophical texts, as well as of other texts, that are, use by the antichrist, I noted that these sects attack God before all while reducing Him to a fuzzy and impersonal force, and while saying stupidly that Lucifer is the light to follow.
Next they take it out on Jesus.
Thus therefore, with such a affirmation against God, the antichrist would be done enemies in the three monotheist religions.
Thus therefore I believe that the great apostasy will touch as much the Christians than the Jews and the Muslims, for the first very big attack against God.
The main thing are not about the Muslims having or not the same God than us, but since they believe in only one God and they reject the name of Satan and Lucifer, they would not accept a guy who are kind of a mix of Buddhism and Hinduism who say that Lucifer are your friend, and that's what the Antichrist will say.
So, only an apostasy who will touch most of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, will do, so the Antichrist can gain power, because if he can not gain power, he can not deceive Christians.
If therefore I am right, maybe that we will have to do common forehead with the Muslims and the Jews against the antichrist, the more there will be people that will oppose him and more we will be able to harm him and the system of the beast.
This is a thing on that will have to think about.
Conclusion Some either times has come, the difficult revelations, traps, truths have half to reveal, nothing must separate us of Jesus, because God has secrets well that he kept for Him and He decides alone of means that agree Him to create and to bring the universe toward Him.
Of the moment or we know with absolute certainty that Jesus is the Christ the only Christ, that some chapters of the Bible are symbolic or that certain makes is revealed in the Bible doesn't change anything to our total faith in Jesus.

Conclusion Quelques soit les temps a venir, les révélations difficiles, les pièges, les vérités a demis révéler, rien ne doit nous séparer de Jésus, car Dieu a bien des secrets qu'il a gardés pour Lui et Il décide seuls des moyens qui Lui conviennent pour créer et amener l'univers vers Lui.
Du moment ou nous savons avec absolue certitude que Jésus est le Christ le seul Christ, que certains chapitres de la Bible sont symbolique ou que certain fait ne soit révélé dans la Bible ne change rien à notre foi totale en Jésus.