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Sunday, 26 September 2010

It is NOW the dawn of a New Time



Wed, 2010-09-22


Sharon Fitzpatrick

It is NOW the Dawn of a New Time

Message to Sharon Fitzpatrick
September 22nd, 2010

It Is THE DAWN OF A NEW TIME And Souls Must Be Made Ready.
ONLY The Priests Can Rescue The Sinners And Bring Them Into The Heart Of Jesus.
ONLY The Priests Can Give Nourishment To Those Souls Starved Of Spiritual Food.
ONLY The Priests Can Bring Comfort To The Dying, Giving Them The Right To Enter Into Heaven.
It Is The Priest Who Rescues The Souls And Brings Them To The Awakening Of God’s Grace.

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Prophetic Voices - It is NOW the Dawn of a New Time

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