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Sitchin And The Disinformation Mill


It is always a source of entertainment for me when I see someone who has read one of the Earth Chronicle books authored by Zechariah Sitchin, and in some cases those who haven’t read one, but nevertheless have an opinion about it on well, who knows, something they saw on the internet. Many of the opinions border on comic relief. When I don’t understand a subject I say so. I for instance would be lost in any analysis of cold fusion, but when it comes to the Sumerians, I do know a little about the subject.

“To begin with Zechariah Sitchin is the author of thirteen books dealing with the origins of Earth and Mankind, I find it amiss that citations list does not mention the eminent scientist Enki, whose major work, Enuma elish in English translation is titled The Babylonian Epic of Creation. Its central premise is that Earth is the cast-off forepart of a watery planet that had once existed between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed in a celestial collision with an invader-planet; the other half, broken into bits and pieces, became the Asteroid Belt and comets. The first chapter of Genesis, which is an abbreviated version of Enuma elish, states that Dry Land (=the continents) emerged after the Water Above and the Water Below were separated by the Hammered Bracelet.”

I have read the majority of these books. Sitchin’s research involves translating various cuneiform tablets of the Sumer, many found in the Berlin Museum. It is not the work of some channeler.

Official Sitchin Website

Now let me say first of all it is simply my opinion that various entities which consist of the governments of the world and the Roman church do not particularly like any discussion of this subject because it gives the lie to much of western religious and cultural theory. Much of it hammered out by the Anglo Saxon warlord, Constantine at the council of Nicea. The fact that a planet with an irregular orbit could once again cause the ice cap to slide of it’s hinges and result in another pole shift resembling the deluge of Noah is a subject well not meant for the unwashed masses to contemplate. It draws too much attention to the fact that various governments of the world are indeed preparing for just such an event.

Norway’s Doomsday Seed Vault

Yamantau Mountain Russia

That having been said, we see wild hysterical interpretations on the internet as to what the Sumerians/Annunaki actually were. Some of the more comical involve reptilians who came to harvest man eternally and forever, the dragon bloodline. They do exist but have little to do with the Nefilim, those whom from heaven came to earth in fiery rockets. They created man in their own image using genetic manipulation. In other words they used invitro- fertilization in the womb of sasquatch as described by the native American prophet Red Elk. Descriptions of how the Annunaki/Neflim wanted to destroy man are not reflected in the tablets of the Enuma Elish.

Red Elk Speaks

This is what they say:

Page 414 The Sumerian texts state that Enlil first spread cereals in the hill country_in the mountains, not the plains and he made cultivation possible by keeping the floodwaters away. The name of the mountainous land east Sumer Elam meant house where vegetation germinated.

Page 415 Agriculture and the domestication of animals were gifts given to mankind by Enlil and Enki respectively. Page 377 The spirit of the Gods-their genetic perfection of Mankind was beginning to deteriorate. Mankind had strayed, thereby reverting to being “but flesh” closer to it’s animal simian origins. There is some personal explanations in Sitchin’s book like any other and it is true that Enki’s brother Enlil did not think too much of the earthlings. There was a council revealed by Utnapishtim and the Nephilim and the annunaki agreed not to tell the earthlings the southern ice cap was going to slip off it’s base. They simply planned to make a quick exit in the “fiery rockets” and let things play out. Parts of these books are Sitchin’s opinions but the majority of them are what the tablets actually say. Discretion is advised in all things.

Page 381 Adopting clandestine methods Enki spoke to Utnapishtim from behind a reed screen. At first his disclosures were cryptic. Then his warning and advice were clearly stated. Man of Shuruppak, son of Ubar-Tutu: Tear down the house and build a ship! Give up possessions, seek thou life! Forswear belongings, keep soul alive! Aboard ship take thou seed of all living things that ship thou shall build- Her dimensions shall be to measure.

Page 382 The parallels with the biblical tale-even go down to seven day for the construction-are clear. Going a step beyond Noah, Utnapishtim also sneaked aboard the craftsman who helped him build the ship. They were told to batten down the ship when they saw Shamash fire up the fiery rocket. Here is a description of the deluge.

Gathering speed as it blew,

Submerging the mountains,

Overtaking the people like a battle,

When the seventh day arrived the flood-carrying south storm subsided in the battle which it had fought like an army,

the sea grew quiet the tempest was still,

the flood ceased, I looked to the weather stillness had set in and all of mankind had returned to clay.

Page 383 The will of Enlil and the assembly of the Gods was done. But unknown to them the scheme of Enki had also worked Floating in the stormy waters was a vessel carrying men, women, children and other living creatures.”

Does this sound anything at all like the story painted by internet jockeys of reptilians creating man so they could sneak through his bedroom window and eat them at night and use them as slaves for eternity? Oh please! We certainly do have a faction of neanderthals with a reptilian mindset seemingly bent on destroying man but they have little to do with his initial creation.

I have been fortunate enough to discuss this subject with many native Americans as well as some who have actually been in the Potala and a Shaolin temple and Stitchin’s work squares up well with what is taught there. Some corrections needed to be made however and with all things we must use discretion. Sitchin’s work squares up nicely with the native American story of creation called the Popul Vuh and with the Irish Kolbrin Bible.

Any native American familiar with their history will tell you they are not the descendants of monkeys, but of beings who came from the stars in fiery rockets. This is a fact. They were shown how to live off the natural world without despoiling it and they adored the people they refer to as the Gods and long for their return. They will also go so far as to tell you that these beings have reincarnated among them periodically. Some of the names mentioned are Tecumseh known as panther across the sky, Crazy Horse who emphatically stated he was the son of the Thunder God, Sitting Bull who performed the ghost dance and carved 49 cuts upon himself in honor of the Sumerian Antu’s 49 sons in order to receive the vision of when Custer would arrive. He was correct and Custer was slaughtered.

Tecumseh Panther Across The Sky

Sitting Bull Champion Of The Sioux

Popol Vuh, The Native American Story Of Creation

Kolbrin Bible

Let us point out something here when discussing the origin of man it might be wise to take into account Gary Zeitlin, a retired American scientist/engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, SETI program, follower of Taoism, enthusiast of the amazing and mysterious behaviour of the most elemental particles in physics, Gerry Zeitlin talks about extraterrestrial life, the SETI, the Myths and the ancients Gods, about Reptilians and the Disclosure Project. In essence let’s play with the big boys!

Did you ever hear about the twelfth planet hypothesis from Sitchin? The fact that a planet that can sustain life doesn’t need to be close to the Sun and that a planet with light elements (not heavy like metals etc…) with water and a capacity to self produce her own energy (radioactive, some kind of inner light) can sustain life. The so called twelfth planet is in this case and brings the elements of life on earth. Earth at the beginning was not a good candidate to produce life because to much heavy elements. Do you think that this conception is scientifically possible even if it is unorthodox?

“I have read most of Sitchin’s books. They provide much information that has been neglected by modern society. But they do not provide all of the essential aspects of the picture he paints, and they have other “downsides” which we could address if you wish. One of the gaps relates to your question: How did the “Anunnaki” happen to be living on this planet “Nibiru”? Did they “evolve” there (assuming humans and humanoids “evolve”, which is an assumption I do not make), or did they arrive from somewhere else?” If they arrived from somewhere else, and did not simply originate and evolve on Nibiru, then the characteristics of Nibiru are not so important, are they? This comes under the general heading of what I call “colonization”, a consideration that has been utterly missed by the SETI community because they have been persuaded that interstellar colonization by living beings is utterly impossible. Thus they go on in a tiresome way about “good candidates for producing life” and “bad candidates”. Aside from colonization by living beings, there is the interesting possibility of colonization and even environmental engineering by DNA itself. You will have to refer to my pages for more details about that.”

This hopefully brings us to a certain point of reckoning. There are various factions we see around the internet who will go above and beyond the call of duty to obfuscate the points made in the tablets. Some point out that Sitchin is a Jew, which is true. Many will point to the works of Michael Heisner. Breaking news he is also a Jew, to refute various points of Sitchin’s vast works.

Sorry not enough fluoride and GMO yet!

“Let us just say Mike’s main research interests are Israelite religion (especially Israel’s divine council), biblical theology, ancient Near Eastern religion, biblical & ancient Semitic languages, and ancient Jewish binitarian monotheism. His dissertation was entitled, “The Divine Council in Late Canonical and Non-Canonical Second Temple Jewish Literature.” The dissertation sought to discern the ancient Israelite background to Judaism’s “Two Powers in Heaven” godhead teaching.”

This “professor” says SITCHINISWRONG.COM has been online since 2001. “Shortly after I wrote my novel.” (funding Michael, funding?)

Yes and it turned to mush everything you ever tried to force down the throats of academics who didn’t listen to you in the first place. This “professor” believes the Israelis and their Godhead are divine. Little else needs to be said on this subject.

He also appears on Art Bell. Do we need to really delve into this? I mean this is a refutation of the Enuma Elish and what we have available of the Sumerian cuneiform Tablets. Hopefully this small addition will help clear up some of the confusion.

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