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Friday, 27 August 2010

Drawing a Bead on 2012…August 1, 2010 Woke Us All Up


I’ve been spending a fair amount of time this week trying to reconcile three or four major viewpoints on what lays ahead using a variety of inputs. curiously, all of them seem to be pointing toward a really terrible next couple of years with the only major difference being the rate of decline and the ultimate answer to the question “How far is down?

The first thing I’ve come to terms with is how Clif’s expectation of a major ‘earthquake” around the first of August was off. Well, except it wasn’t really. You see, what we experienced on August 1 was what can only be described as as “Sunquake”…which, since it’s not a common word - or concept (yet) takes a little explaining.

The basic idea is that the Sun’s equator material spins around at a different speed than the sun’s polar material. As this stuff swirls around at however many million degrees, it has the potential to twist up the Sun’s plasma in such a way as to cause major filaments (Hyder flares) to develop. And then push ejecta out toward whatever is in the way.

Now, since we know Earth is going to be crossing the Galactic Ecliptic, shortly, we might look for other linked oddities in the “space goat farts’ part of language shift to see what else lurks…. Normally, this would not be a ‘big deal’ except there’s this interesting document floating around the ‘net titled “The coming: A Boeing Whistleblower’s Warning: Will a Massive Celectial System Change Our Solar System“.

The gist of the (97 pages worth of PDF) document is that not only has NASA already preannounced that there’s been a “Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Filed Found” (this was in late 2008) but more recently a “Giant Ribbon Discovered at the end of the Solar System” (October 2009).

But the really scary stuff is that attending this “giant ribbon” thingy is this material referred to as ‘local fluff’ has now been explained…at least sort of.

This whole region of space we’re into (and getting deeper if I follow it), has the name “Local Interstellar Cloud” (and a Wikipedia entry here) seems not to be too big a threat until….

You start to line up the rest of what’s going on which includes the August 1 Sunquake and all the research that folks like Patrick Geryl have done.

Geryl, you’ll recall, has written several books about what could happen in late 2012 including How To Survive 2012 .

A while back, an email from Geryl included this interesting note:
On August 1st, the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupted in a tumult of activity. There was a C3-class solar flare, a solar tsunami, multiple filaments of magnetism lifting off the stellar surface, large-scale shaking of the solar corona, radio bursts, a coronal mass ejection and more. Three days later, our planet Earth was hit with magnetic storms, yet not strong enough to dramatically disrupt life, yet strong enough to disturb certain GPS systems. Researchers had predicted the eruptions to take place around July 31st yet didn’t publish the prediction.” Now, they want to make it a point about their next calculated prediction: October 27, 2010.

Patrick Geryl wrote in his book The World Cataclysm in 2012: The Maya Countdown to the End of Our World about his discovery that the Mayas used the sunspot theory to count down to December 21, 2012. According to their calculations, the magnetic field of the sun would start changing at 10 bits of 87.45 days before the end. When subtracting 874.5 (10 times 87.45) days from December 21, 2012 we end up at July 31, 2010. On August 1st, 2010 the above mentioned complex eruption took place on the sun, indicating changes to the magnetic field of the sun. Patrick had shared this calculated prediction with few people yet not published it on his website.” (quoted with Patrick’s permission)
“So what does this lead to?” you’re wondering…

Looking at the odd language in Clif’s data from the latest forward looking (long term data sets) report, reading over the development of the Local Interstellar Cloud, eyeing the August 1st Sunquake, the problems with the Earth’s magnetosphere, and all those ‘angry sun’ images which have been passed down to us from ancient times, one can come up with a postulate to table and begin to watch that might work out something like this:

September 3-4, 2010: The next round of earthquake data from Tony Ring, who’s been kind enough to share his work with us, MAY show another monthly increase in earthquake activity, continuing bothersome trends that seem to indicate a gradual (years long) increase in quakes.

October 25-28, 2010: If Clif’s data and the work Patrick has put together mesh at all with the purported “Boeing Whistleblower” data, we should see another “Sunquake” in this period. Excerpt, that it should be stronger than the last one since if the 2012 fears are real, we could see some build up of magnitudes of impacts as we get closer.

Concurrent Event: Remember our recent discussions “Down at the Wujo” where woo-woo and science come together to duke it out on the mat of reality? Well, this could mark a period when we will have another round of ‘high strangeness’ happening leading into the event. Working theory: As the Sun winds up huge energies in plasma, it can bend or twist space-time in unexpected ways which may be perceptible to humans as anomalous phenomena such as keys showing up in strange places, time jumps, and hyperchronism events.

IF we get a noticeable Sunquake in this period, then things get really, really serious for the whole of this here rock because if you add the 87.45 days of that Solar equatorial/pole difference up, and then throw out the numbers, you can see where it’s possible that we will have only nine of the 87.45 day cycles left before hitting 2012 which - by Patrick’s work, but not contradicted by the long term values in Clif’s work) be some kind of crescendo or Earth changer event. Here’s how the date would line up if the 87.45 day cycle is applied, although how accurate this is doesn’t really matter; if there’s another “Sunquake” within 4-5 days either side of the October 25 window, Mr. Ure will be quickly making plans to head “North of 40″ which is persistent in Clif’s work.

Here’s how the dates could line up:

Cycles Left Sunquake Dates
10 Sunday, August 01, 2010
9 Monday, October 25, 2010
8 Tuesday, January 18, 2011
7 Thursday, April 14, 2011
6 Friday, July 08, 2011
5 Sunday, October 02, 2011
4 Monday, December 26, 2011
3 Wednesday, March 21, 2012
2 Thursday, June 14, 2012
1 Saturday, September 08, 2012
0 Sunday, December 02, 2012

All of which might answer an interesting problem that Clif and I have kicked around: Why all the “North of 40º” references in Clif’s work? Well, if you look at the date line ups here, what you’ll notice is that many of them happen very close to the Winter Solstice. At that time, the Sun is 23.5º south of the equator, which means that the local angle to the sun at 40º north would be around 63.5º (January 21st each year) which would make the arrival of any energy from the sun have to transit a much thicker layer of atmosphere to get to the north climes.

If there’s any tie-in between the ancient stories of Atlantic or Lemuria sinking, and the periodic passing through whatever part of space we’re in, then might it be possible that the ‘angry sun’ getting twisted up and ultra-long filaments developing be part of the picture? An unqualified “Who knows for sure?”

Moreover, are there logical checks or experiments we could design? Simple task: Wait to see what happens around October 20-Nov. 1-ish. If we get a ’sunquake” in that window, then we have to proceed to the next level of planning which would be to envision what kind of energy might be released, and if it’s big and electromagnetic then we will ramp up the most aggressive EMP protection around us we can imagine.

Or, if the energy from collapsing filament(s) activity on the Sun were to send visible energy (heat) then perhaps the ‘angry sun’ might be setting up for some kind of energetic arcing to the planets, as has been postulated elsewhere. Worse: A pulse of energy great enough to touch of spontaneous fires. Although, if you live the life electric, having a huge sun-driven EMP event might be the functional equivalent…

Remember on all this stuff that just because it hasn’t happened in the written memory of humans, doesn’t me that it hasn’t happened before. So we patiently wait for the end of October to see if the speculation carries any weight.

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