Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Earthquake-Solar Activity Relation


Sun Induced Earthquake Activity

There has been a clear correlation proven between Sun Induced Earthquake Activity and Daily Total Earthquake Energy Released. Patrick Geryl’s prediction of the 87 days intervals of solar storms (so far he’s been dead on each time - read previous posts here below) have independently been linked. reported this recently and analyzed George Ure’s findings.

The graph below shows you the correlation between the two remarkable elements that may explain why we are getting more and more intense weather and earth behavior. This week I visited the earthquake-struck Christchurch in New Zealand, which was hit by a 7.2 on the schale of Richter in September 2010 and has since had multiple thousands of aftershocks, causing more than $6 billion in damage thus far. Interestingly enough it has been more than 16,000 years since the previous earthquake struck New Zealand’s third largest city.

All of this activity and Geryl’s predictions to lead up to what he calls Armageddon day on December 21, 2012.

Sun Induced Earthquake Activity

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