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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Tuesday, December 28, 2010: (Holy Innocents)
Jesus said: “My people, you saw Moses in the vision today as the parallels with Me are many. We were both threatened with death in our infancies. Moses was protected from death by the Pharaoh’s daughter, and I was taken to Egypt with My parents so Herod could not kill Me. Herod killed all the boys up to two years old in Bethlehem, which is the reason for today’s feast honoring these holy, innocent babies. Even today many innocent babies are still being killed by abortion. Moses had a mission to save his people from the Egyptians as he brought them to the Promised Land. I had a mission to save all of humanity from their sins by My death on the cross. Moses celebrated the Passover meal with unleavened bread and the wine. At the Last Supper I also celebrated the Passover meal, but I consecrated the bread and wine into My very Body and Blood. This is a new spiritual manna that gives eternal life at every Mass. When Moses was in the desert, there was miraculous food and water that were multiplied. During My ministry I performed many miracles as well in multiplying the bread and fish for the multitudes of people on two occasions. Moses raised up the bronze serpent to heal the people from their snake bites. I was raised up on a cross and many were healed by the sacrifice of My Blood. There are many such parallels of the Old Testament accounts with the New Testament. As you read the Scripture accounts, you can learn how to be a good Christian by loving Me and your neighbor as yourself.”

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