Thursday, 6 January 2011

Without predictions of Nostradamus World War 3 starts in 2012


Looking for the real treath
Lets just think realistically. We will forget all the prophecies and pretend that Nostradamus never existed. There were no prophets in the past. We will forget all the threats from skies as well. 11. planet X called Nibiru is unknown and not even one asteroid is coming to destroy this civilization. No comets, no earthquakes, no pole shifting, tsunamis and so on. Just imagine, there is no danger. Even, if everything will be working fine, I can tell you, end of the world or at least of this "civilization" is very, very near. We will destroy our world in world war 3
Are we living in civilized world?
No, I'm not correct. The world civilization is from civilized. But people are not civilized!!! Or do you think, that developing more and more sophisticated weapons and using them against people with no or weak defense? Why don't we help in Africa, where people really need help? Is this really the sign of intelligence? Are we truly civilized? I don't think so... I believe, there is a lot of you out there having same opinion, but do you think, that things in are going to change? Each of us is a part, tiny part of this huge mechanism. This mechanism called "civilization" cannot run without us and we rely on it as well. We are so close attached to it. We couldn't survive without it. Its all based on the business and money.
Who makes profit from wars?
The question is who runs it, who control this crazy world? Don't use google search or Nostradamus' quatrain finder. Just think about it. It could be politics, but i think there are still small fishes. Did you ever see somebody powerful without money? The more money - the more power. If we will apply this rule, we will find the "people" who ruled us all for centuries. I worked for a while with shares. I was told, there are two types of shares. One of them are gaining in time of war and another in time of peace. I was shocked. The teacher explained me totally calm: "When you will have full storage of old weapons, you have to make room for the newest models. And how to get the customers? Think about it. The scheme is always the same. And will lead to another conflict - world war 3.
The Money beast will like world war 3
Before World War 2 it was still kind of fun, but the Money Beast didn't stop even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki where 240 000 people died in few seconds after Nuclear explosions. The total armament race began all over the world after this blood bath. It was called Cold War. It's just the question of time before global arsenal will be used to wipe out this "civilization" out of the earth. If countries like Iran or South Korea will hold this powerful devices, the world won't be safe place to live.
The end of the world is near says science - Doomsday clock
Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clockface maintained since 1947. It uses the analogy of the human race being at a time that is minutes to midnight where midnight represents catastrophic destruction. The analogy originally represented the threat of global nuclear war (world war 3), but has since evolved to include nuclear weapons, climate-changing technologies and new developments in the life sciences and nanotechnology that could inflict irrevocable harm.
The clock is currently set to five minutes to midnight, having been advanced by two minutes on January 17, 2007. See the jump in 1998? 5 minutes forward. I am afraid the clocks will be in 2012 on 12:00.
Nuclear family - stuff for total holocaust
Here is the list of nations with nuclear weapons
United States
Soviet Union (Some former states of the Soviet Union such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine)
United Kingdom
North Korea
Nations able to assemble and use nuclear weapons:
South Africa
Nations thought to be capable but stoped nuclear programes:
South Africa
Nations currently thought to be actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program:

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