Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Another Full Moon Earthquake, And The Tarot’s Message.

Moon Struck Tower
We have another full moon earthquake. This is starting to become a regular event. Nobody seems to notice these full and new moon quakes, but I do. There was a full moon on June 26, 2010 at 11:31 GMT. In addition there was a partial lunar eclipse beginning from 1017 GMT and lasting for 3 hours.  54% of the moon was covered by the earth�s shadow at its peak at 1138 GMT.   And on June 26 at 05:30 GMT there was an earthquake which struck off the Solomon Islands. It was a powerful 6.7 magnitude quake.
Strong earthquake strikes off the Solomon Islands, no tsunami threat
The idea the moon has an influence over the earth is an old one.  One example is in a tarot card, The Moon.  The moon card shows the moon hovering above, and below are baying hounds and a crayfish crawling out of a pool of water.  In the background is a pair of towers.  The tarot�s moon card shows the moon having an esoteric impact on the world below.
Outside the spiritual symbolism is also a curious symbolism suggesting the moon�s ability to cause earthquakes.  The towers in the background seem very similar to the destroyed tower in the tarot card titled the Tower, or the Lightning Struck Tower.
The Lightning Struck Tower appears to be struck down by lightning, but it is actually impacted by a force from the heavens.  Notice the only partly cloudy sky.  This mysterious force may be construed as the influence of the moon over its towers.  Observe the flame-like energies in both cards.  Did the tarot recognize a connection between the moon and the power of the moon to destroy towers?  Lightning would never topple a stone tower.  But an earthquake could, prodded by a power from the heavens�the moon!
Partial lunar eclipse to dominate sky June 26
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