Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mankind: Return to your Father

Mankind: Return to your Father
Message to the Littlest of Servants
July 11th, 2010
The Eternal Father Speaks To His Little Children
For Thousands Of Years I AM Have Been Calling Mankind To Return To
Their Father'S Arms.
Most Have Ignored My Calls And Have Gone On As Though I Do Not Exist.
The Time Is Now !!!
The Time Is Now !!!
The Father Who Has Loved You And Who Has Cared For You.
Will You Say: I LOVE YOU DADDY, And Come Running Into My Arms, Or Will You Turn Away In Fear And Disgust NOT RECOGNIZING The One Who Has Loved And Cared For You.
Mankind I AM Is Coming.
Your Father In Heaven Has Set Aside His Crown And Is Now Reaching Down To His Children.
You Will SOON See Your Father FACE TO FACE !!!
It Will Be Then That YOU WILL KNOW That I AM Formed You And With My Breath Gave You A Soul !!!
Mankind Come To Me Now !!!
Do Not Wait !!!
Come To My Daughter [Holy Mary] And She Will Lead You To My Son !!!
Come To My Son [Jesus] And You Will Discover Your Father !!!
Come To My Son !!!
You CANNOT Reach Me By Any Other Means !!!
It Is Only Through My Son That You Will Know And Recognize Me !!!
All Who Have Come To My Son Will Rejoice On THE GREAT DAY That Is RAPIDLY APPROACHING And Is So Near, When I AM Will REVEAL HIMSELF To All Mankind As You Will Recognize The Father !!!
All Who Recognize The Son Will Recognize The Father Because The Father And The Son Are One !!!
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