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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

More Earthquake Preparations

Date:  Tue, 2010-07-13 Prophet:  Carol Ameche


More alleged Heavenly Words of Preparation,
at adoration, July 13th, 2010 to Carol Ameche:

God, the Father: "Please follow My instructions for a kit for each one, who arrives at your doorsteps; NOT a hundred kits, but SOME, a FEW that I might multiply them for all who arrive.
Daughter, CONTINUE TO PRINT MY WORDS to encourage Our people, TO PREPARE in this way I have described;
and, yes, have plenty of Holy Water (take several gallons to your priest to be blessed) on hand to use for HEALING AND CLEANSING of serious wounds.
Continue to work hard at your faithfulness and obedience, and pray for your children. EVERYTHING WILL HAPPEN SO QUICKLY NOW, and ALL WILL BE PREPARED as it needs to be.
You are prepared for all that now unfolds and filled with grace.
Amen, dear one."

July 14th, 2010 at Adoration:

"Dearest one, I am your Jesus.
Rest today, little one.
The earthquakes RUMBLE DEEP WITHIN the earth on their way to an EXPLOSIVE ENTRANCE AT THE SURFACE.
The Father had mentioned several times that the EARTH WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE, and SO IT BEGINS.
Please, remind all Our faithful in the two areas: the NEW MADRID IN THE CENTER of the country

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