Friday, 23 July 2010

Beyond Today Program: The Rapture: Fact or Fiction?

You Can Understand Bible Prophecy

Have you seen the bumper sticker, in case of rapture this car will be unmanned? Or perhaps after the rapture, can I have your car? Many believe that in the near future Christians who are going about their daily business, working, shopping at school or driving will suddenly disappear, they're gone, raptured away. Now is this what your Bible teaches? On Beyond Today we'll explore the origins of the rapture theory, we'll discover what information Jesus Christ left behind. And most importantly determine how this should change your life today. Stay tuned with us as we discuss the rapture, fact or fiction?

Millions have read novels about the rapture. They say families will be shocked by the strange disappearance of a father, mother or child. Planes will crash since pilots have vanished. Driverless cars will collide in the streets and only clothing an unworthy loved ones are left behind. Now is this what your Bible teaches? Is this idea of the rapture fact or fiction?

Now many popular books and movies are based on this disputed doctrine that essentially teaches that Jesus Christ will come initially to snatch believers away to heaven leaving the rest behind. Now stop right there. That says something very interesting doesn't it?

We live in a time when many people are comfortable getting their knowledge of religion second hand. Now what do I mean? Many allow a movie or a novel or a video to define what they believe. Now okay, stay with me for just a minute and let me explain what I mean. The problem is they don't go to the source. Should a popular novel or a movie be the foundation for what you believe? No, you can't afford to neglect your personal responsibility to look into it and prove the truth.
Now if you're willing to go beyond entertainment and take a careful look to the right starting point you'll see that the rapture theory doesn't really stand up to the scrutiny of the Word of God.
Example, fact or fiction the rapture is recorded in the book of Revelation, right? Wrong, that's fiction. Did you know that there's no mention of the rapture anywhere in the book of Revelation?

Now you may believe that Bible prophecy teaches the rapture but fact or fiction? The word rapture can't even be found in the Bible. That's a fact. Did you know that the word rapture isn't even in the Bible? You see just because millions of books have been sold about it doesn't make it true.

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