Sunday, 25 July 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

My people, when you pray and come to Mass, you must be sincere in truly coming to Me for forgiveness of your sins as a sinner, and not just a self-righteous person whose actions are just for show. Isaiah was critical of the people who made their offerings to God and then went out and lived a life of sin. I know My people are weak to sin, but do not act as hypocrites when you preach one thing, but your actions are contrary to My laws. You need to be sincere and contrite as you ask Me to forgive your sins. Then you need to strive to imitate Me in a holy life of prayer and good deeds. Every day you need to struggle in carrying your cross of life’s trials. Give good example to your family and others because you can evangelize souls by your good actions which speak louder than your words. Your preaching must match your lifestyle, or you may be just going through the motions without meaning to your life. Call on My help to lead you on the narrow path to your goal in heaven.

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