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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wiki-Leaks is Israel, Like We All Didn't Know-Lame 'Leak" Site Nothing More Than Thin Cover For "The Tel Aviv Tango"


Now "Wiki-Leaks" is busy selling phony bin Laden stories, having the long dead Osama humiliating the CIA by running around villages in Afghanistan selling vacuum cleaners. What is our "leak" site really about? This is a dead news cycle. The World Cup is over, lots of people on holiday and no major stories. Only in a dead news period like this, as Oliver Stone pointed out, could the Israeli controlled media dump a pile of lame rumors mixed in with box loads of chickenfeed, passing it off as the story of the century. Even the cover story, the mysterious Assange fleeing the murderous CIA, working to save the world is lame. WikiLeaks is lame. Please, everyone, go to the site and read everything there. I have seen more confidential information on a weather report. Assange is hardly a James Bond figure. Woody Allen is masculine in comparison. Journalists all get leaks, and frankly, we don't print most of them. Some we can't trust. Some are just too dangerous. Some are simply illegal. Some are blatantly self serving Israeli propaganda coated with a veneer of anti-Americanism. This is "Wiki-leaks" material. What is important is what they don't print. The only things that come out about Israel, the country most vulnerable to leaks, the country always up to the most skulduggery, is an occasional harmless story like their major leak on East Jerusalem settlements. It hit the New York Times first.

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