Friday, 17 December 2010

Sin of Unbelief


We live in a day of tolerance.
But our problem is we tolerate the wrong things. The last virtue of the ungodly is tolerance. When the ungodly have abandoned all other moral standards, the cry of the ungodly is for more tolerance of their immorality and ungodliness.
One pastor remarked recently, “People do not want anybody to pass judgment while they are engaged in the most vile perversions and immoral ungodliness imaginable.”
One recent study in the United States demonstrated that almost all high school graduates are convinced there are no absolutes.
The truth still stands; there is one sin for which Christ never made atonement. The person who dies in unbelief can never be saved, no matter how religious he may be. There is no atonement for the person who does not believe on Jesus Christ as his Savior.
Yes, there is an atonement made for the unbelief of the Christian, because it is temporary. However, the unbelief with which men die never was atoned for by Christ. There is no atonement for the person who died in unbelief. If he had been guilty of every other sin, if he had but believed, he would have been pardoned. The one exception is to die without Christ. The Bible clearly says, “He that believes not shall be damned.”

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