Monday, 13 December 2010

This is the Way: Frame This One!


Hi friends,
Sometimes we can’t believe our eyes…

United Church of God

Frame This One!

If you were visiting friends and looked out their window in the dusk expecting to see their dog, what might you see? A dog, of course. Even if it really turned out to be a rototiller! Often we “see” just what we expect to see.

Isn’t that how we live life? A lot depends on our frame of mind—how we have been taught to think and how we approach problems determines the solutions we come up with.

We can see the problems; but if our perspective is distorted, our “solutions” just won’t work. The decisions we make today determine how we will live tomorrow.

Satan (and this world) is all about problems; God is about solutions. The challenge is seeing things from God’s point of view. How does God look at the situation?

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