Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Three Days Of Darkness, A Mayan Story As Told by Ms. Juana Cowo


“My Granny was scolding we children when we was very young… she told us we knew nothing of the challenge of the darkness. She said when she was very young, she and all the people woke up to no sun. She said she was so frightened for it was very dark without the sun and also too cold. She told me and my brothers and my sisters and my cousins that we take too much for granted, that we take for granted the sunshine and the moonshine, but that we would never do this again when we had lived through the three days of darkness.

Granny said that the elders knew right away what to do in this time of no sun and no light. That this time had always been prophesied by the elders and had happened many, many times before. The wise people always prepared for this darkness by saving the old tortillas (corn tortilla chips). And so the elders began to build the fires, for the fires must be lit or the darkness can drive some to madness. And the people began to pray together and sing together and burn the tortillas together for this is the sacred food that the Gods desire. Granny says that the smoke of the tortilla carries the message to the Gods to please bring back the sun.

My Granny said that when the people become too wicked, when we forget to worship the Gods and have respect for all life, that the Gods block out the sun to remind us of the sacred ways and the importance of worship and of gratitude for life. She said that for three long days, the villagers prayed and prayed and prayed together and to cease their hunger, they not only burnt the tortilla but also ate it. She said that the h’men (the shamans) would begin to get excited and happy as they felt their prayers being received and then the darkness would lift. She said in her time it took three long days but that she had heard stories of the darkness taking longer to leave. She said the Gods only return the light when enough people were praying in earnest.

My Granny said the darkness would come again because it always comes, because the people always stray far from their Creator and must be reminded time and time and time again… My Granny told us to behave well with good intentions. She told us this story to keep alive the memories and the knowledge of what to expect and of what to do. And so right now I save my old tortillas and I gather my firewood and I prepare my children and grandchildren with the stories because my body tells me that the time is almost here.

Daily I hear of stories of the crime in my country, the violence, the murder, brother against brother. I hear stories of war and violence and hunger in our world and I know the time has come for the Gods to humble us people once again. I go to church each week to worship my Gods and the church sits empty. All the people are not at church but everyday they have money for the bars, for the drink. This is bad medicine. And so I know the darkness must come and I can only pray that enough people will pray through that darkness that it may be over in three days or less. This is my prayer, let the people remember their Creator and humble themselves to live in peace once again.

Afterthoughts: My Granny also said that before the event occurs, one or a few of the villagers will dream the event and that even though the darkness is overwhelming, it is also beautiful. She says all the forest animals come to sit with the people, none are hunting each other down, they are simply sitting, bidding their time in the darkness with the humans. She says to witness everyone in prayer is a moment of magic and grace and beauty.”

Ms. Juana Cowo is a Mopan Maya of Belize. She was my midwife for the birth of my fifth child. She is my family herbalist through sickness. She is a bone setter. She has grown up in the Maya village of San Pedro de Columbia in Belize on tribunal land but now resides on the island of Caye Caulker where she works as a massage therapist at my Spa and the village midwife for those few women who choose this method. She is a very special, simple and pure woman and the above story is a true story as told to her from her long departed grandmother. I believe this is a story told to children so that they will grow up to behave with integrity. I understand this to be an oral story passed from one generation to another. Ms. Juana does believe that this truly happened to her grandmother.

Recently two urgent messages have been released from the indigenous elders. One was from Little Grandmother, Keisha Crowther saying to all lightworkers to “wear a quartz crystal”. She gave no explanation as to why, she only stressed that it is of utmost importance. A second urgent message came from Golden Light Eagle saying that we must prepare ourselves now. “Things will be difficult in the very near future, but we can do something about it…start drying foods and saving water and so on. We should not wait for anyone. Don’t wait for anyone. He also said that the Spirit mentioned ‘the darkness’ is a place of ceremony for them, a place of healing. We are to stay in Love & Compassion.”

And as I complete this article a third urgent message comes to my mind. The Maya High Council said to watch for the missing magnetosphere. Well, a certain site that tracks the magnetosphere says it has been going crazy in the last month, doing things it has never seen and the scientists fear it may collapse soon.
The Maya High Council also said to watch for the magnetic polarity shift into Russia. This has actually been reported on yahoo news, one of the most mainstream venues for reporting news.(

And so be it. The prophesied 3rd shaking is imminent! This earth birth, our labor, which was destined to start in March 2011, has actually begun early. May the Gods be with all of us through this challenging part of the journey to the new world.

In La’kesh,

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