Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Is North Korea Mentioned in Prophecy?


Jack Kelley

By Jack Kelley
Q. A recent news headline has reported that “In secret and with remarkable speed, North Korea has built a new, highly sophisticated facility to enrich uranium, raising fears that the North is ramping up its atomic program.” Since they are not in the list of nations specifically mentioned in either Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38-39, how does North Korea fit into end times prophecy (as an individual nation) or do they?
A. Neither North nor South Korea is mentioned by name in the Bible. The same is true of most other nations of the world. Some believe the concept of nation-states will soon disappear and under the reign of the anti-Christ the world will be divided into 10 regions each under the supervision of a “King”. If this is the case, Korea might by included with Japan, China, and others in the reference to the “Kings of the East” in Rev. 16:12.

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