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Little Horn Bible Prophecy Essay Study Relating to Great Tribulation


The depths of biblical prophecy and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ go deep and into many layers, but at the same time understandable with the Spirit of God as our teacher. The three and one-half years which can begin at anytime according to the book of Daniel and other bible studies and resources on this, The Great Tribulation website.  Studies of

  • the ‘mark of the beast’ and ‘image of the beast’
  • Babylon the Great
  • the abomination of desolation,
  • the Antichrist
  • the seven trumpets
  • the revealing of the four horsemen
  • the two witnesses
  • the most often misunderstood ‘rapture’
  • Israel’s role
  • broken Seals

The below is a short article on the tribulation, or pertaining to the tribulation for sure on the Little Horn

The Apocalypse Chronicles


The unprovoked, and seemingly illogical attack by North Korea this week of a South Korean island may not be at all what it appears to be. In view of the fact that North Korea enjoys close relations with the nations of Iran and Syria, and has been commercially active in arming the Islamic states with North Korean missile and nuclear technology for some time, it is a distinct possibility the recent North Korean attack was actually a military ruse designed to pull US military assets away from the Persian Gulf. This would be a further indicator the Middle Eastern theater, as opposed to the Pacific, is about see an all out military clash.

Those following the Christian Media perspective on the Middle East already know we see the region as very close to an all out conflict — a war which will have devastating repercussions — as we believe the Israeli state has already been placed in the position that they must virtually destroy Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. This will be yet another layer of fulfillment of the Little Horn prophecies, in which a smaller horn of power uproots 3 adjacent nations.

For those unfamiliar with the problem, in Daniel 8 we see a picture of the 3rd kingdom of the ancient timeline – Greece. This chapter plainly tells us the “king of Grecia” (who was undoubtedly Alexander the Great), will crush his predecessor, which was the Persian Empire. This sequence is consistent with Daniel’s 2nd chapter (the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar) where the four ancient kingdoms of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome are prophesied to sequentially come to power.

The problem is, in Daniel 8 the Little Horn arrives after Alexander, but well before the Roman power — which has the 10 horns that arrive before the Little Horn in Daniel 7. Thus, in one passage the Little Horn arrives after the fourth and final kingdom, but in another chapter he arrives before the fourth kingdom. I believe I now have the answer to that perplexing question.

The reader will remember when Alexander dies he is succeeded by four generals (seen as “four notable ones” in Daniel 8), and the Scripture tells us “out of one of them came forth a little horn…” (Daniel 8:9).

When we place this prophecy in its proper context, we can see there is a previously unseen dimension to these prophecies that applies to our time – and it is the reason why the prophet Daniel sees two versions of the “Little Horn.” The ancient Jewish people were told, through Daniel, there would be three powerful military powers that would successively dominate the nations. These were seen in Daniel’s 2nd chapter with the head of gold (Babylon), the arms of silver (the Persian Union), and the brass belly (the Grecian Empire).

When each of these three sequential kingdoms has conquered everyone and everything around them, the greatest enemy the Jewish people ever see will arrive in the form of the Little Horn. After the third kingdom of Greece loses its great leader, his kingdom will be divided among four clusters of power, and we know those were Syria in the North, Egypt in the South, India and Asia to the East, and Greece/Macedonia to the West.

The prophecy tells the Jews this Antichrist figure, this “Little Horn,” will come out of one of the four power centers that succeeded Alexander’s kingdom. It’s not difficult to identify Antiochus Epiphanes as the Syrian king that brutalized Judaea, as his evil persecutions of the Jewish people are legendary. Antiochus is the famous despot that slaughtered a pig on the altar in Jerusalem in 167 BC – an event that many have closely associated with the Abomination of Desolation.

What is fascinating to realize is the simple fact that the arrival of Israel’s true Messiah, Jesus Christ, is plainly predicted to occur after that hideous dictator is thrust into power. To put it another way, Daniel has told the Jews there will be three huge military powers and conflicts (think three world wars), which will be followed by the counterfeit messiah, and murderous king that seeks to usurp the role of the Saviour. His reign will be “tribulational,” but then the true Saviour will arrive!

For more on the Little Horn prophecies and the rest of the article on tribulation, see the essay The Little Horn Revisited.

As we study the Book of Revelation and see more signs of the end, there is Salvation in Jesus Christ as end of the world is approaching.

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