Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Baba Vanga

Very interesting prophetess,  I don’t believe everything people are saying she said but there are some comments quite good to read about her. p.i.:
"Predictions of baba Vanga have always been extremely accurate. I am Bulgarian so I could speak from first hand experience about this woman's ability.
Back in 1990 when the Communism fall and the media and TV opened for recently closed topics such as paranormal activities I remember there was a TV movie about her. One of the famous Bulgarian journalists interviewed baba Vanga and recorded in on a tape.
Vanga was speaking and because of her dialect there were subtitles below. I remember only few of the things she said -
First they asked her about USSR - this was 1990 and the USSR was practically falling apart but no one believed that this Empire will seized to exist. She said that USSR will be over but Russia will emerge soon after more powerful and with much more economical and cultural influence over the world thanks to the quote 'Glory of Vladimir'. By this time - 1990 - Vladimir Putin was not known, he has been just a KGB officer in Eastern Germany and with no prospect to become Russia's leader.
Then they asked questions about Bulgaria and she said that now we are in bad shape but after a decade things will change and we will become one with Western Europe. I have to admit that the last statement sounded back then like some lunacy. Bulgaria was tottaly bankrupt with enormous foreign debt, destroyed economy, population that wanted to go out of the country, muslim minority that was in a state of mutiny and the average salary was 10-15 dollars.
But everyone of her words came true - we backed up and paid he debt with huge sacrifices, the economy shapened, and now the average salary is 50 times bigger then 1990, the muslim minority was pushed down and we became member of European Union and soon - 2011 we will join the Eurozone with acceptance of the Euro.
These two were only the examples of what she said back then in 1990 and what came true.
In the movie the journalists after asking her about Russia and Bulgaria then asked her about USA. And what Vanga said left us speechless. She said quote as I remembered it 'America is now on top of her glory and pride but after 20 years things will turned for worse for her. The Blacks will come to live as the Whites - she meant that the sandart of living and the rights of the black population will become equal to the white popluation - and then their 44th President will be black. Then a huge economic crisis will come for them and the crisis will be severe. This black president will be the last president of America'
I remember that when she said that everyone around me - this was Saturday or Sunday evening and we had guests - bursted in laugh and called Vanga old woman who has lost her mind, crazy and so on. Back then USA was at its prime and it was impossible to go the same path of destruction as Soviet Union. And frankly speaking we didn't believe that a Black President was even imaginable.
I personally knew many people who have gone to Vanga in Petrich - this is a small town where she lived and people went there to ask and to recieve answers to their questions - and no one has said a bad word for her. Everything or at least 99 % always came true.
I pray for USA that her words about 44th President will be in this 1 %. "
I will research further on the subject.

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