Thursday, 14 October 2010

Blessed Chiara Badano


[Venerable Chiara Badano]


Also known as

  • Luce Badano


Young lay woman in the Diocese of Aqui Terme, Italy. Daughter of Ruggero Badano, a truck driver, and Maria Teresa Caviglia. A kind, happy and pious girl, she enjoyed tennis, swimming, hiking, singing, dancing and initially wanted to be a flight attendant. Member of the Focolare Movement at age nine. At age 16 she began to feel drawn to religious life; soon afterward she was diagnosed with cancer in her shoulder. Chiara insisted that she could become a missionary, but the cancer spread quickly, affecting her spine, and she lost the use of her legs. She finally accepted that she wasn’t going anywhere and spent her remaining time praying and being supportive of her family and friends.






  • if you have information relevant to the canonization of Venerable Chiara, contact
    Fra Florio Tessari, OFMCAP
    Associazione Chiara Badano
    c/o Curia Vescovile P.zza Duomo, 9
    15011 Acqui Terme, ITALY

Additional Information


“Don’t cry for me. I am going to Jesus. At my funeral I don’t want people to cry, but rather to sing with all their voices.” - Blessed Chiara during a medical crisis near the end of her life

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