Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Pastor’s Premonition



A friend told me a story about her pastor and a premonition he had.  She is a regular churchgoer at a Pentecostal church.  A couple of weeks ago her pastor, an older man, told her and a few of her congregation about his vision.  He called it a vision, but she said it could have been a dream.  Regardless, the pastor said he was he was lying in bed, still awake when he had his vision.

In his vision he stands at a hospital bed along with other people.  His wife was there, and perhaps some of his grown children, and a number of other people he did not recall.  They all stood around the hospital bed deeply concerned about the person lying in the bed.  In his vision he did not know who was in this bed, how or why.  That was as far as his vision revealed.

He said soon afterwards he told all his family (he had a large one) to get their act together, and if anyone was doing anything amiss to mind themselves and be careful.  He did not know what this vision meant, but it was not good.  He gave out a warning for what it was worth.  Mind your ways and stay out of harm’s way.

Only a week and a half later after this prediction, my friend’s pastor told her that his vision came true.  One of his sons had a brain aneurysm and was in the hospital.  He was at the hospital and many of his friends and family were surrounding his son’s hospital bed.  Exactly as in his vision.

Pentecostals believe in spiritual gifts.  So the pastor’s revelation, his premonition, could be called prophecy.  They recognize other spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues, words of knowledge and faith healing.  They say these gifts come from the Holy Spirit.  I wouldn’t argue with that, except to say people who don’t follow certain beliefs also have premonitions.  Check my “premonitions” tag for some examples.

I’d suggest spiritual gifts are a part of human existence in the same way we possess other personal gifts such as being born smart, beautiful, savvy or athletic.  We are all born with mental or physical gifts to some extent.  And perhaps spiritual gifts as well that usually go unrecognized.  Nearly nobody realizes their God given spiritual gifts.  We don’t believe in them; we don’t accept them; we don’t use them.  Pentecostals differ, and exercise these spiritual gifts.  A good thing to my way of thinking.

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