Thursday, 14 October 2010

Empathic Prophecy



We are nearly halfway through this ominous October with just a few weeks left before the trick-or-treat of US mid-term elections that seem set to further polarize Americans. It may be time to talk about the mystery of empathy. Geri left this comment a while back (April 2009). I’ve been saving it for the right moment.

Thank You John Hogue for your understanding of human and prophetic nature. I have seen you periodically on T.V. and have only read a few of your written works. You do have a gift. I am aware that there is an ITCH in the air. I have for awhile felt a sense of a coming of something beyond what human nature as it is now, can touch. I just found your computer site. I was amazed that there are other people out in cyber space and the world that feel the same or similar.

Thank you Geri. There is indeed a massive collective energy running through the world. It is an energy of evolutionary crisis. People do not quite understand yet that the world’s climate and natural balance is starting to tip and slide. The world will survive it, but will the civilization of human ego adapt and survive? This is the question hidden in the deep heebie-jeebies people feel, but can’t quite explain in words or actions.

When I was working in my profession as a Nurse, I often felt through my patients. Is this being empathetic, I don’t know. That’s just a word. But there is a connection to other people’s pain and fear, just as I believe there is a connection to other peoples joy and love.

This is empathy. We are connected. This is not just said to cuddle and comfort our intellectual satiation. One has to feel this empathy from head to toe, body-mind-spirit. It has to be like the silence that great musical harmony frames. Empathy comes from the gap of thought and feeling, from the gap of glorious classical music. It is easy to exult and wax ecstatic from the harmonies, but if one but look deeper, it is not the harmonies that still the mind and bring the bliss within the scintillating waves of endorphins flooding through the breakwater of the body-mind. It is living silence, not the music framing the silence. The music sends us deep inside to recover the silence. In that space is the experience of empathy, love, compassion born. Out of that silence they come.

Humanity challenges itself everyday by the individuals such as yourself. People who want to go beyond the restraints of normal, programmed and conditioned. I do think that although some people can see this there are many still who have only evil intentions for self-centeredness.

Perhaps it is not that they have evil intent but that they, and we, are under the shadow illusion of ego-intent and do not know it. There is perhaps only one evil in the world, living unconsciously. Even the word “sin” comes from the root word “to forget.”

We have forgotten or have yet to discover our true selves. People as such are not evil, not even the Hitlers of the world. They are lost in different degrees of darkness. The darkness is the evil.

Prophecy gives us as humans a chance to change. But I also think that we have a destiny as a race that will be corrected by a higher being (GOD-Creator), If we refuse or cannot manage to change things for the positive ourselves.

Higher consciousness is emerging in the human condition and it is imperative that planets and peoples evolve. If they keep being stuck, they will be crowded out by new growth, new worlds.

I am not religious but I do believe in the God of the bible. I also believe that Love, a true love of the spirit and soul, is what can change the world of war. If only people would give themselves a chance to see that. Sincerely GT

When the “belief” becomes 100-percent the true experience, then as a byproduct the world may be saved. As long as one believes, one doesn’t know. It may happen that humanity will become truly religious when all beliefs in God, the Bible, Allah, the Qu’ran, the Bhagavad-Gita, Buddha, atheism, theism, animism and anything-ism else we borrow as a belief fade away and men and women can simply be religious without distraction. Enjoy the beautiful music of different religions, but remember always the immortal silence they frame. That’s where the true religiousness reigns.

Thank you for sharing your comments and empathy.

John Hogue

(13 October 2010)

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